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#EBz For my fellow Fallen Londoners, here is the old front pa... on Twitpic


The old main page of, I think it provided a good beginning tone for those who have not played "Echo Bazaar". So I am sharing it to everyone [I planned on showing it to Armadei, but they changed their main page so I had to upload it]

A drawing I made of my character: L.S. Cassius. Blocked on colour over a ArtRage pencil sketch.
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Made lovingly from a screencap from the website and MS Paint. It looks very slammin' on my RAZR :3


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This is based off of the picture I drew last year, but never got scanned and now I can't find it :( I wanted to try a new colouring style as it has been a long time since I've drawn anything on the computer. I drew this in OpenCanvas 1.1, and did the cop-out background in OpenCanvas 3.03 :3 I tried to draw your character Jack, but I'm not sure if I got it right. I remember saying you liked ducks once, so I wanted to have him riding an orange duck XD The duck is angry because of his rider's recklessness :P


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Yesterday I beat up to Fortitudo in "Bayonetta" :D [BEAUTIFUL!] I love how polished that game is~ Fortitudo was a diiiiick to beat though D:

Today was an 'ex'-'friend''s birthday so I was happy that I had things to keep my mind off it. [As bad as I feel, I didn't even bother sending an e-mail this year or a card. I have tried sending messages and what-not, but I just have no importance. It often seems to be the case with people...]

I have started playing Echo Bazaar because of [ profile] telophase . It is a very lovely premise and I am enjoying it immensely! :D I will have to make a separate post on it and my L.S. Cassius character ["a charming and keen-eyed individual of mysterious and indistinct gender"] sometime in the near future [if I remember D:]

My mom took me to Pearls in Paradise for food because she got paid today. and I have been sick to my stomach the last few days and haven't felt much like eating and I had a craving for onion rings. I loooove their food D:

I drew a little doodle with ARTRAGE this FABULOUS art program I found via the artist for Echo Bazaar. It is the best pencil-mimicker I have used so far, and I just love how well it works with my tablet :3 I hope to save enough for the Studio version :3

Anyway, I be off to bed; ciao♥

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This is an MMS message. Please go to to view the message.

This is a fuzzy RAZR picture of the bedrail/footboard I sanded Sunday, and painted yesterday. I also installed it back where it was last night at dusk [I wanted to get it in before it rained and filled the holes it came from with rain...which sounds somewhat 'dirty' D:]. The holes and grove [it was the whole footboard, including one of the wheels still] were over a foot deep, and I had to cart over even more dirt to fill them back up enough. I basically painted the gold bits in the dark, because I didn't want to leave them until after it rained, and I would have to clean it off again. I think I'll wait awhile before re-doing the 2nd one though! :P


Here you can see the one I still need to dig-up and re-paint:

not many plants because I had to move them out of the way... )
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[strike]I don't start for about 1 1/2 hours, but I am antsy, so creating my topic now ^^[/strike]

12:00AM-02:00AM )

01:00AM-sometime after 5:00AM + 10:20ishAM-12:00PM )

12:00PM-05:00PM )

05:00PM-08:00PM )

more to come...
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I drew this for Douchette :P It is me riding an orca. Because today is the first day of the 2009 Play-Offs and the Vancouver Canucks totally rocked it :D I coloured it kinda half-assedly in Gimp while trying the kill the last 30mins before game time. As you can see I just blurred the outline 'cause I paint-bucketed most of it :P

doing flips and shit♪ )

I also took a picture of what I was decked-out-in [hat, jersey, and blankie] to make a new Twitter user-picture;

sup'? )

Night mates!~
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Yep, I felt like doodling in OC, and it turned into Canada, so yep I thought I might as well post it ;P

My mouse is dying I'm sure :( Also this is different from my usual style and I lazily used the smudge tool to highlight this time [and I missed smudging a few parts].
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chipcaramel & me were being random about how our phone-number read in 1337-speak. I had previously talked to Douchette about it and how mine is Bao Etta. Somehow my head has decided Bao Etta is a alien space pirate with pink hair. Leading a Tattage invasion? Ended-up larger than the paper so I had to tap another piece to the bottom. Also I can not outline when I'n sleepy D:


Yarrr? )

So there yah go, I'm too lazy to type anymore on it atm D:

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This is my try at drawing her character Styr for a trade.

I've been addicted to colouring with my new Crayola markers lately so I went and coloured it ^^ I need to remind myself though that printers remove blue-blue...I went and re-added the blue in OC 3.03 and I also had to add more yellow-flesh-tone to it because for some reason my scanner scanned it so it looked like he was covered in bruises o_o; I also tried a more 'wter-colour' way of blending, which I fail at...the paper I was using also caused the marker to remove the outlining ink so I had to go back over with a Sharpie :( I will keep in mind though that it does that so I can try cellshading someday :O I think I've gotten better at drawing legs lately, and I really need to post the picture I drew for keledron soon D: Oh and he seemed kinda punky/emo from your reference ^^; Also sorry if this is more effort than you were thinking for a "simple art trade" ^^; I was just enjoying myself with it...

The larger size and actual colour one is behind the cut ^____^ [I just liked the colours with blue!Exclusion...];

Word, Nen. )
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I haven't mentioned it before, but I am now; I am going to do 'Hourly Comic Day 2009'. I was going to do last year's but I forgot about it until about noon the day of...I do have a forum account though!

So yep! If you talk to me on February 1st kindly ask me if I have done my comic for that hour ^^ [I'm almost sure I will forget...]

I need to remember to buy a little notebook at the V&S tomorrow, because I completely forgot to the other day...if I forget though atleast I have lots of room in my smaller sketchbook :P [which I need to either scan stuff from or take pictures from of the newest stuff I've drawn someday soon...] I ALSO NEED TO HOOK-UP MY SCANNER AGAIN D:

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I downloaded the first episode of "Bartender' because the name seemed interesting. Well I'm only seen 3 episodes of it and already I love it! Each episode is basically one story. It's about people that have problems and they find this hidden bar called Eden Hall and the young bartender instead of just giving them booze and forgetting about them tries to help them. Often it's by making a cocktail that has a flavour to it that makes the person remember good times or that makes them happy and they can then confront their problems.

Because it reminded me of "Gallery Fake" I decided to see if any more episodes of than had been released/subbed. Two years ago I had watched the first 5 episodes of it but the group that was doing it dropped it. Then just before I left for AB a very small group took it on and I managed to see another episode. I completely forgot about checking for more when I got out West. When I saw "Bartender" I really had to see if there was anymore. Well the group has gotten up to #21 and that was released in November. But their site was down when I tried going to it so I'm afraid that they might not sub anymore. Apparently most people don't like it because of all the technical art terms and all the history about artists and such. Also because it doesn't really have a continuing plot, each episode is it's own compact story. These are both reasons why I loooove it O: I also love the characters; 'specially Sara. She is just so optimistic and silly (dispite her tragic past which you can see when she gets so upset when people fight/there is violence). Fujita reminds me of a character from a old movie. He is like a anti-hero (film noir style). He does good things but he uses dark methods (like the black market and theft) to do so. Also it is sometimes just for his own gain.

"Gallery Fake", "Bartender", and "REC" all remind me of the types of movies I love. Like "Roman Holiday", "Arsenic & Old Lace", "The Bells of Saint Mary's", etc. I really doubt that they will get licensed because there doesn't seem to be a high demand for shows like that.


Yes on to the episodes of "Gallery Fake" I've seen in the past 3 days.

cut for spoilers for episodes 2, & 8-10...and because I'm rambling... )
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Yeah late last night Matt asked me to "be uber bosses of the mall" with him, so I am going to Greenwood today~! I hope to get my manga, "House of Many Ways", DS game cases, and some fast food. I need to look at shoes & a watch. Ciao!


Had a awesome time but failed to buy "House of Many Ways", a pillow, a watch, shoes, or pajama pants. Or Party Crackers D,: Had a awesome Subway sub though! *mmmmmmm*

After we got done Matt asked me over so I went to his place to play "Little Big Planet" :D I made a AWESOME little sackchick :3 She was white burlap, with pink clump/braided/long hair, PVC pants, wellington boots, ringmaster jacket, fangs, girly!eyes, glowy-fairy-wand and a pirate hat ^__^ Matt kept backhanding me though D: and it didn't want to work for me in return, so I would just grab onto him and make a EXTREMLY happy face (tongue out with MASSIVE grin). He even backhanded me while we were on jetpacks into a pile of explosives D,: It was epic, but it was s'not cool :C

There! I drew that in MS Paint ^_^

But yeah I had a awesome time, and am now 'bout ready to flop in bed (I have been like falling asleep right away the past few nights o_o AND going to bed before 1am!)~ Ciao!
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3 pictures of what I've drawn in the past week... )


*gah*WTF LiveJournal D:

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The two characters I play at [ profile] justiceforsome :3
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'A little <u>lower</u> Godot~' )

The board is located at

I made Kristoph into a pimp, and added bows to Apollo XD


Malkavian Maya became Atmey D: )

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Yes, I am going to start taking commissions for $5.
Something has come-up and I need $300 by October 24th, 2008 -___-; I am working at it in other ways, but I still have heard nothing from my resumés, and am planning on applying elsewheres once my visitors leave. All paid-off, but I'm still taking commissions ^^
So yes, I only do traditional work and do not colour on the computer [I also mostly draw anime!style, or cute little things]. I use watercolours, coloured pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, pencil, and ink.
So if you would like to get me to draw something, send a e-mail to "ladynoremon at gmail dot com", and I'll see if what you want would be possible. Examples of my work can be found at "".
I prefer PayPal, but I also will accept cheques, money orders, and concealed cash. I would hope to receive the payment before I complete the commission, but if you are interested please don't pay till I agree to draw what you want. My PayPal is "dumphyse at gmail dot com" if you want to check me out though.
---Lady Nor


Jul. 16th, 2008 09:32 pm
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I didnt write my driver's test today. I called Service NS again because my birth certificate hadnt arrived this morning either *angry flails* They told me 3-5 business last Monday! So now I will have to write it Monday in Digby if someone will drive me there or take the bus if the Digby DMV is near the bus-stop. I am displeased with Vital Statistics...

In good news; I GOT MY PRINTER BACK! [and made 2 bookmarks :P] So hopefully I will have my scanner back on the weekend~ Then I can scan the birthday art for [ profile] ignoreddude & [ profile] ahnjehleehn! I did send Monster a picture with my cellphone of his, but I dont know if he got it or not. I havent coloured Anjeey-baby's yet, but I would rather colour it on the comp' anyway. I will just say that it does contain Mr.Coffee!Lawyer :-P I hope I can scan stuff before I leave...IF I leave now -_-; *shakes her fist at Service NS* I have a few Armand doodles for Armie too *snort*

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I'm on the Endless Shores Bookstore for 1 hour @ $2.

Here are the pictures from my wonderful Waya photoshoot.

Here are the pictures of my mini Leorio trial.

Once again Happy Birthday Kun [[profile] projecturzu2] , here is a better copy of the sketch I coloured for j00~

Congradulations again [profile] hisensei808on level 99 Mage!!!!!!~~~~ *hearts*

Lastly I miss typing with my hands and not just my thumbs ;__; *mock cries*

I now am adding a few more user-pictures and then need to bike home to get ready for the Farmers' Market!


Apr. 20th, 2008 05:16 pm
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Scanned some art today, you can view it on my DeviantART: <---watercolour <---from when I had to draw the flower each day as it died. <---the final day.


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