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Before I doze-off-which I am close to doing, and thus will allow myself to do-I decided to post that I have canceled & got my refunds for the PortCon trip. I am holding-on-to the money though, as I am still planning-on going to America this Summer. I am sending my online!application off tomorrow[need to ask what my father's name and birthplace is/was--yes I dont know if he is even alive...]. That will take about 10 business days to get processed. Then I can cross the border. I am still depressed over my original certificate `disapearing. Also about no PortCon2008. Talking to Armadei last night helped a whole lot though. So now the tentative plan is around July 17th, I will take the ferry to Portland, then stay the night with either Armadei's relatives or in a motel/hotel, then take the Amtrak(sp?) to Boston. Now depending on where Armie is, I would then either go to upstate New York or to New Hampshire. I still have the money (minus $34 as I bought groceries today, since I am not leaving in a week now) :3
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Damn; Kristen Holden-Reid is hot...I still dig Jesse Moss though. I think it is my thing for 'Greek noses' and messy hair...

I called Universal Costumes today. They only do rentals...I have no idea what to do for Leorio's wig! I would have asked more on their policies but my mother was bitching in the background so I had to go. I will ask tomorrow. I think we should take gel & hair-cement and plaster my hair to my head? Im out of ideas!

I made a Dr.Oetker cake&sauce 1 dish pudding(dessert) tonight. It was like 11:45pm :-D June even came downstairs to have some. Now I need cream-cheese so I can make icing for my lovely lemon-blueberry cake!~ To go with the cake we are getting haddock-bits! Cake, deep-fried fish, & James Bond for mah burthdai! So full of win ^_^ I wish I could get a screwdriver or some Malibu-with-pineapple juice...I cant afford to fritter my cash on booze though. I also tried to buy my ticket tonight but eventhough the cash is showing on my balance, I need to wait another business day.

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I made the rest of the cards today so I will drop them off at Endless Shores on my way to Dr.Sloma's office tomorrow. I also need to see my seamstress in the morning to get my Shun pants hemmed & a clasp on another pair fixed(if it was a button Id be alright. I can sew easy things like seams, but not much else...). Back to the cards though; I made 2 lupins, a boat, a kinda ugly moth butterfly, and a strawberry. I love the purple lupin card! If you dont know; purple is my favourite colour. I didnt have any patterns, I kinda just made-things-up as I went along. I like the results from when I do that the best. As I was told in college; I am a organic artist. My stuff is never perfect and thus has more life to it :-P

The wig that was for Leorio failed. I checked, and there is a costume shop up-the-line,so I will try to call tomorrow to inquire about a wig.

Im Craving California rolls like whoa! I wish I didnt live so rurally...I cant even make my own sushi as no place near-by has nori...

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I'm on the Endless Shores Bookstore for 1 hour @ $2.

Here are the pictures from my wonderful Waya photoshoot.

Here are the pictures of my mini Leorio trial.

Once again Happy Birthday Kun [[profile] projecturzu2] , here is a better copy of the sketch I coloured for j00~

Congradulations again [profile] hisensei808on level 99 Mage!!!!!!~~~~ *hearts*

Lastly I miss typing with my hands and not just my thumbs ;__; *mock cries*

I now am adding a few more user-pictures and then need to bike home to get ready for the Farmers' Market!
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I joked with Arm-Arm about yodeling for The Masquerade. Well I probabley would if asked. Im tempted to make a voice-post of my terrible Leorio yodeling with winged lyrics sometime. The only other idea I semi-have is me & Kelsey go to mock!fight and Kun & Armadei run-by yelling & fighting-over the Coco-Ball-Kuns...I am not good at this either...

I made 2 cards today before getting side-tracked. I have the pieces cut&measured for the rest, but I think I will just make 1or2 more hummingbird cards & then just make flower ones. I want to finish early tomorrow so I can study again. I dont know if I'll get to write this week now though. Dr.Yafai wants to see me about my test-results. I can only write 1-4pm Wednesdays. My Dr.Sloma appointment is at 11:50am,&my other appointment is at 2pm. Valley Chiropractic is near the Dept'ofMotorVehicles but not to the doctor's.

I got-sidetracked by cleaning mah Desktop & watching anime. I watched some Nuku Nuku,DNAngel,Yakitate!![<3] Japan,KKJ,&Witch Hunter Robin[:-P]


Jun. 7th, 2008 12:30 pm
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$160 in my margarine container rattling-around has relaxed me. I hope to make atleast $20 [maximum of $50] this Tuesday and Wendy said she will just give me the $50 that she had to take me out for food on my birthday, and we can make a pizza instead. So excluding the crafts[the cards are so lovely] that is $210 :3 I also forgot about the vest for Kio so I need to look for that too. Im sure I can get enough most likely now. Just to avoid my mom today as to avoid stress right now.
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I want to say first that yes I was expecting PortCon to be expensive.Im not all "hey let me freeload!", nor am I mad about no more suite.Im just getting stressed about money in general.I want to help with rooming.Im glad for every thing I dont have to pay for though.I read the reply as a snark that I was being kinda made me feel worst.I think it is better that Kun's parents dont have to pay that much, and that they are letting me stay without having even talked to me, & they arent asking for payment.Im just upset at how plans got changed so close to the wire.I atleast have a nice $150 right now~ Im really getting to the breaking-point with dealing with my mom with it now though.It is a big headache. Now she isnt going to give me any money back.She said she was to calm me down after my uncontrolable sobbing.It isnt dire and it is "her money" anyway...I get my hopes up again.Things look ok then go to nearly impossible like a yo-yo.Im looking for a job for the next 3 weeks now.I also have a fund box.


Jun. 6th, 2008 06:08 pm
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Well I did do some whoring. I whored-out my Sears' Card. Wendy gave me $105CAD and I am putting the sneakers she had the money for on my card...$12 a month on the card sounds ok. So now I need to make $250 more...I also got into it again when I got back with my mom. She is going to give me $300 if she can...I wont hold my breath, but Im not in a "I am numb" state with it.
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Im on my way back from Greenwood. I once again spent more than I planned-on. I did get the new MP3 player. I think I shall keep Jan-Ken for audiobooks, since I doubt it could be sold. Anyone want to buy it? I want to ask for 1/2 the original price but that is $70 :C The new one needs a name. I also got bags & a new exact-o knife, and fancy blank cards to stick the quilled items to. I got my mom a birthday present(as unhappy as I am with her. She is now saying that the reason I was/am depressed is because I had a miscarriage! Seriously if I didnt require her support payments, I would drop her). I got a necktie for Leorio, with no idea how to tie it...Armadeeii!~ I just need Leorio pants now, to wash/redye my Kio wig & locate my Shun shirt and I am dooone! I need to make atleast $300 in less than a month, without whoring or anything illegal...I just want money for my birthday now. Also DDR is hard in sandals...and I want a screwdriver, damn it!
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I did a Waya photoshoot today. I decided to save money & not buy a camo shirt and just go with the oufit from the "Spring Up to Spring"(did I get that right?) picture from the Hikaru no Go artbook. I know the top I have is kinda too light...I sent 16 of the pictures to my Isumi, I love how they came-out & Im sad I cant post them for awhile.

Im going to Greenwood again tomaro~ Im picking-up the MP3 player I laid-away. I shall look for Leorio pants[&tie];if Frenchy's is open/still in the mall. I DID buy a jacket today~I sent photos to Kun&Armie to see if it is okay. I need size36 pants for it. I think I'll use the white dress-shirt I have for Kio instead of the bleu one I used today. I need feedback babes! Also do you have a cell Kelsey? Since you are das Kurapika & my possible seeing-eye Kelsey :-P

I reread vol3 of Loveless today. I forgot how I love chapter 10~ Yes dear Kio you are a cow >_> & you lied in the vol8 special in regards to not liking those kinds of jokes. Is nabe all Kio can cook? Moo~!

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Well my Leorio hunt didnt go that well. I tried on a lot of navy suits but the best bet's jacket was a bit big & the pants were a bit small. I will try to order the wig this weekend & that Waya shirt. Im still worried [but not as terrified] about my mom paying me back! I was expecting her to do so tomorrow but she would rather not. I even suggested part now & part next pay-day but she doesnt care...I am SUCH a idiot for believing her. Im all booked save for the ticket & shuttle though. I am going to try so damn hard to get atleast $300 in the remaining time! My birthday is soon though so I'll be staying optimistic till after that. I was hoping to have like $700 for this x_x; now I just hope to have enough for travel...*roar*

I didnt rewrite my beginner's today as all my studying seemed to leave my head when I left the house. I will study all this week and try again next week? I was scared Id fail and waste $50. I did complete Shun today though! I bought better pants[down to size 16 now].Im not making chain.

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Well my bloodwork went...ok...The woman had trouble finding my veins so the needle didnt go in right, and it really hurt so I on reflex pulled away and thus it bruised and she couldnt get much blood, so the other arm had to be used. We just got enough from it. So I have a big bruise on my left arm and it hurts to bend or move it x_x 6 vials...I made my mom go to the hospital caf' instead of Tim's, as I was feeling sick to my stomach and lightheaded. I had some lovely hot chocolate & a lemon-cranberry muffin with a yummy icing-drizzle(like the kind on hot-cross-buns) on it.

After I got to go to The Salvation Army Trift Store finally. Waya is done, once the camo top from Sears arrives. I looked at the suits, but there wasnt a pin-stripe one that would fit my curvy!hips. I did buy one pair of pants that will work I guess, though they are darker than I wanted, and they show my hips. I need to know if I should buy a blue suit and be Leorio, if I can get a cheap wig. The suits are $5; $6 with a vest.

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Feeling worst today...allergies and this cold has my sinuses clogged. It feels like there is pressure behind&under my eyes [woke-up this morning from a dream that my cheek bones were being fleshcrafted...]. I also had a massive headache earlier from the fever (only 100.7), the sinuses, and my blood-pressure was really low today [almost blacked-out from sitting-down on the floor this morning]. Im doing better now, but I feel so drained. I am finishing watching CSI Miami and then I shall crash~ [phone-hacks are sexy!]

I did venture to town though to buy the lovely wallet I-had-my-eye-on ['cat'+'lime-green'+'city-skyline'='win'!] at Cinnamon Creek. The RBC ATM also allows me to send money to my payees (I only have one --Much), so I put enough on my prepaid Mastercard to procure my ferry ticket (to Bar Harbour)! So I'll buy it either Sunday [trying to use a comp then to play RuneScape too] or before. I want to celebrate :D *dances & flails*

My Dorm-DamDep came today! [$117 due to my desk&such]
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Dug-out my older ShonenJUMPs today to find a picture of Eliza. She weilds a halbred not a giant needle! Ive had a long love of weapons like a naginata or a hyup-do~♥ Though none of my melee characters use them; I use sexy battle axes! She doesnt have heels ether~ I could even use the Lestat wig I will have by then ;3 I dont know if I would ask Kun-honey to cosplay Faust VIII. Batshit and full of morphine -_-; He cut-out his own tibia and replaced it o_o I wanted to finish that shaman fight but I cant find the December 2004 copy...I have no idea where it went. Tamao appears around chapter 50 though. Her and Lyserg were my favorite characters besides Yoh. I am more excited about the sexy Brat Prince though.

Im tempted to buy a wig and some sunglasses and go as Rockstar Lestat for The Rave instead of Kio this year. It would be the same outfit (tight black pants and black dress shirt) just with a blond wig XD "tell me how bad I am, it makes me hurtfeel so good." Or I could wear my fishnet hoodie!

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It is not letting me reply directly so this is the last time I will strain my thumbs trying!

Armadei: *badger, badger!* and a guy on TV just explained that a 'badger' can also mean a ugly woman in NFLD...and a 'beaver' is a vagina...o_O I want to and would love to be your Brat Prince! I just need a wig, a piratey/poet shirt, tights and maybe some faux-fur to be Fabulas(screw spelling!) enough. Im afraid I can only be Crack!Lestat however.

Will you be obsessive about me even if you are short? [and act like you want Black Cat's sex? >.> "TrAA-In!"]

Kun: I think I can maybe I can dye a regular nurse outfit. I need to look at pictures of her now. (Make-up is fun but dont decide to play with scalples and clamps!)

I want to cosplay regular Maron not her as Jeanne[too difficult! a bet awesome...]. Either her school uniform (the yellow&green outfit. I think I would just need to have the vest-thing and cuffs made.) or her pink&white jumper outfit.

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I am in damn high spirits for being stuck in bed~! My back of my nose is more sore than my throat. I have this faint smell/taste of blood that I get when I have a sore throat. But I have a sexy Tim Horton's c-o-f-f-e-e to tide that over for a smidge.

I have decided I want to cosplay Kuro-sama [Train Harnette(sp?)] someday. I am in the process of rewatching "Black Cat" for a third time. I could use my Yoshitaka Waya wig for him. I also sooo want to cosplay Maron from "KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne". She like Andromeda Shun is a long-time want. I want to cosplay Azuma Kazuma from that bread anime/manga I love too...I wouldnt need a wig eventhough Kawachi is my fav' character from it. And if I can make it to PortCon2009 I plan to badger Armie into a Lestat&Armand Variety Hour event. And maybe a Faust&Eliza pair. I know everyone dreams of Nor-chan in a pink nurse outfit >;3 (with a giant needle no-less)! PortCon2009 is a VERY far-off-dream though.

I am also seriously considering being our Leorio...

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*sadly no love making tonight* Charles-honey is going to let me use his office comp' to procure my ticket next week!~

Waya wigs

Mar. 30th, 2008 11:10 am
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This morning I decided to search for a better Waya-type wig than this one (which would take a lot of styling).

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Since Armie & Kun posted their's today here is what I have for PortConMaine2008;

Kaido Kio from "Loveless" [for probably Thursday, but whatever day Armie wears Ritsuka],
Formal!Kio [for the formal if I can find something nice :3 I'm thinking pin-stripe pants & purple vest & bowtie and a dress-shirt],
Andromeda Shun from "Saint Seiya" [no idea what day for him. Maybe the Rave?],
Killua Zaoldyeck from "Hunter x Hunter" [for HxH day. I was going to try and get a Leorio together, but Armie really wants twin!Killuas, and I am to please :D],
Yoshitaka Waya [if I can find a wig & style it, then I'll have this to go with Armie's Isumi or Akira. I'm going to go for the outfit he had with the blue over shirt and muted forest camo t-shirt...I'll try and get a screenshot...]

I still wanted to cosplay Lestat, but we shall see ^^;

I'm thinking this wig for Waya. It's from Perihair the same as my Kio wig so it should be s'lright :D [I'd have to buy it from the Perihair site as that one ends in 10hours]!

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I am putting this here as a reminder and a further explaination of the way I would have to travel to get to Portland, ME on July 3rd earlier in the day than between 8:30pm-9pm.

Yarmouth NS ---> Bar Harbor ME via The Cat,
Bar Harbor for the night at The Robbins Motel,
Bar Harbor ---> Bangor via Bar Harbor Shuttle,
Bangor ---> Portland via Concord Trailways

Now as-for the Departure & Arrival times;

Canadian Atlantic = GMT-4

July 2nd;
Arrive in Yarmouth from Bridgetown at 3pmCanadian Atlantic,
Depart Yarmouth at 4:00pmCanadian Atlantic for Bar Harbor,
Arrive in Bar Harbor at between 7-7:30pmEST,
grab supper (or bring something with me :3) & something for breakfast the next day (the site I saw recommendations for had breakfast included but the owner says that now they only offer free coffee),
take taxi to Robbins Motel,
July 3rd;
Depart from Robbins Motel at 9:00am via Bar Harbor Shuttle for BangorEST,
Arrive in Bangor at the Concord Trailways Terminal around 10:30amEST,
Depart Bangor for Portland at ether 11:15amEST or 3:15:pmEST (depending what bus I catch),
Arrive in Portland at ether 1:30pmEST or 5:30pmEST

The prices;

ferry ticket = $80USD,
motel = $58USD,
taxi = $12 flate-rate,
shuttle = $27USD,
bus ticket = $25USD

And a note to myself --the websites & phone numbers;

The Cat; 902-566-3838,
Bar Harbor Shuttle; 207-479-5911,
Robbins Motel; 800-858-0769 [or 207-288-3918],
Concord Trailways; 800-639-3317,
At Your Service Taxi; 207-288-9222

I'm actually liking the sounds of this route as I could tourist-around a bit in Bar Harbor. However I need to ask Wendy's & June's thoughts on this, and see about booking things with my MasterCard (pre-paid MuchMusic MC)

I of course would be taking The Cat from Portland back to Yarmouth, whenever it is I would be leaving America --The Cat departs Thursday-Sunday at 8:00amEST so I'd like to be there at 7:00amEST. 


Seems ok with June, haven't talked to Wenni yet. [I'm actually thinking this would be fun] 


Wendy has declared I would get lost in Portland, and should still consider taping a sign with 'Maine" on it to my tent and going there >.> She is joking of course. Really this is the thing I have to look forward to :3 and I need to visit Lenny if possible for her.


My current cell-phone number: 780-830-6270
My Nova Scotia house number (I won't be there till April 25th): 902-665-4571

I'll post my new cell-number when I change it to a NS one :3


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