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Damn; Kristen Holden-Reid is hot...I still dig Jesse Moss though. I think it is my thing for 'Greek noses' and messy hair...

I called Universal Costumes today. They only do rentals...I have no idea what to do for Leorio's wig! I would have asked more on their policies but my mother was bitching in the background so I had to go. I will ask tomorrow. I think we should take gel & hair-cement and plaster my hair to my head? Im out of ideas!

I made a Dr.Oetker cake&sauce 1 dish pudding(dessert) tonight. It was like 11:45pm :-D June even came downstairs to have some. Now I need cream-cheese so I can make icing for my lovely lemon-blueberry cake!~ To go with the cake we are getting haddock-bits! Cake, deep-fried fish, & James Bond for mah burthdai! So full of win ^_^ I wish I could get a screwdriver or some Malibu-with-pineapple juice...I cant afford to fritter my cash on booze though. I also tried to buy my ticket tonight but eventhough the cash is showing on my balance, I need to wait another business day.

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I suppose we could temporarily dye your hair black and spike it, though I have fears that it might be too long. Unfortunately, I don't have any other black wigs (and like Kun said, the one I had to give her was pretty low quality) and there aren't any high-quality wig shops around here. It's up to you (I'll help if I can, of course), but Killua might be easier. (Although I would hate for you to have bought Leorio's clothes and not be able to use them, though I suppose there's next year.)

A Dr. Oetker cake?

Mmm, lemon-blueberry cake and haddock. ^^ *hug*

Cake, deep-fried fish, & James Bond for mah burthdai!

As long as you're not eating James Bond. :p
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I have a old blond wig that I may be able to style, but no idea how to get it a dark black...I will try, but first Kio needs me.

I could 'eat' James Bond if I wanted too~ But really though Im having just cake, fish, and maybe icecream and coldslaw(sp?). *flails*

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You could use a method of dying by using Sharpies to dye your blond wig. There are actually a few methods. Here's the ones I found on