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Tonight one of my few Twitter friend-friends made me a PhotoShop-ped picture, so I have been compelled to share :P

I went as The Eighth Doctor for Hallowe'en this year. A costume I decided on basicall the day before and bought a suit vest & jacket from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I went to the Dracula's Castle Haunted Tour at Family Adventures/Roo's Playhouse in the Greenwood Mall. It was FANTASTIC :D I had sooo much fun, and wish I hadn't taken the last tour of the day, because I would have liked to have gone on it again. Apparently Dracula has a 5 room house, and shares it with 4 other 'people'--a ghost, 2 wolfmen, & his girlfriend. This does not include his various experiments. SEE ARMIE I TOLD YOU HE WAS TZIMISCE ;P I kinda went through it 'in character', but I would have been all curious & big-grins anyway :3 The only problem I had was that they had waaaay too much fake smoke/fog & it make me cough a lot/filled-me-up, and it smelled like dust & burnt treacle [not the good kind of 'burnt' though :( ] I also carved a Seal of Rassilon jack-o-lantern/Pumpkin of Rassilon. Pictures I took on Halloween can be found in this album. I wish we had, had more kids though. We only had 7, and 5 of them were neighbours'. I like doing 'door duty' because it gives me something to do, besides mope-about and long to go Trick-or-Treating. I really wish I had a friend or two to go out with :(

I've been listening to a lot of Big Finish audioplays lately. Mostly Eighth Doctor ones, because I am so enjoying Paul McGann's character. But maaaaaaan The Divergence arc I'm on is kinda trippy/difficult. "Scherzo" was a big huge pile of mind-fuckery!!! I listened to it on the transit bus on my way to view Kentville's Pumpkin People, and my face was mostly in odd expressions the whole way. That trip didn't go as planned I shall add. It was going fine until the 2nd bus was late and didn't arrive at Wal*Mart until the sun was down :( I only managed to get a few blurred pictures as we were driving by. The Photobucket Album of the pictures can be found here as soon as the pictures finish uploading, but if you would like to see the pictures from that day here is my Facebook album of them.

Yeah I am totally around, just not very active online lately/the last few months :( I am also waaaaay behind in commenting/replying to things. I haven't even replied to very awesoem e-mails yet! I DO READ THOUGH! I read my Friends' Page atleast once a day, and have only missed a few days back when I was mostly bedridden with that high-fever in August. So I do mostly know what is going on with my peeps ^^ I don't know if I will get caught-up, but I want everyone to know that I do care! If you want me just try my cellular-telephone [New Scotland+BAO-ETTA] or hit-me-up on MSN ^_^ [ladynoremon at]

But it is like 1/4-to-1:00am, so I should get to bed, so I DO NOT end-up falling asleep on Douchette's chesterfield again when I visit him tomorrow. I AM GOING TO ROCK AS RIOS! [we are on the last level of "Army of Two", and I am playing Tyson Rios :3] I actually am really sucking at shooters again :(

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The few other pics I took can be found here, and you can see the nice belt/strap thigh-thigns I made...

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Got everything needed to finish Train. I even bought stuff to make his thigh ammo thing. The haunted house lazer tag is only open for fun tomorrow. I am sad.


Oct. 30th, 2008 12:49 am
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I am going to look for some red ribbon tomorrow and pull together a cheap-ass Train Heartnet cosplay for when I hand out candy. I have a long black jacket, black pants, and a black button-up shirt (though Train's has no buttons). I just need red ribbon and a bell to wear with my Waya wig :D
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Well I was planning on buying this costume, but it had apparently been mis-racked and cost $50 instead of $15 ;___; I was hoping to be Gabriel :(

so here are the 2 pictures I took with my cell-phone )
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Can you read my Subject? XD


I finally finished my updated Resumé! So now I must drop-it-off at places in town -___-; The End of The Line Pub, Home Hardware, and Tim Horton's are hiring, and the woman at Cinnamon Creek told me to leave a resumé there too. Tim's might be out though, unless I can get a ride there, since I've tried biking there before and it is too far to do daily.


I've had "I'm Too Sexy" stuck in my head for almost a week ;___; The original & the Spanish cover by Latino...

I think "♪I'm to sexy for my love, too sexy for my love, love, love's going to leave me♪" is a good Lestat lyric >.>


I have decided I don't have time to make my Lady_Noremon RuneScape costume for Haloween. I have since decided to make Void Knight robes. Now I don't have them in-game just yet (takes a crap-load of Pest Control points to aquire), but after I get Mage & Range up I plan to cash-in my points...I need 125 good games per piece...3 pieces to the robes + mace + Melee helm...It is going to take me a loooooooog time...

I love the Void Knights though~♥ I guess my best comparison would be to Keepers from "Theif". The Void Knights are a secret order that works in the name of Guthix to try and perserve order/balance. They are super skilled in like EVERYTHING o_o;

 <---ripped-off-of RS Wiki

For my costume I am just making the main outfit, and maybe the mace if I have time. I went to look at rope today for the dangely-bits, but all Home Hardware had was nylon, and that doesn't knot well & needs to have the ends melted with a lighter to prevent fraying. I need 3-meters of cloth rope ;--; I did find the spray paint I will need to buy though $5.63 at the Hardware :3 I hope I can find a grey skirt, or dress & a black tank to 'enhance' for cheap.


Now I'm going to practive Summoning for a smidge and go to bed ^^;

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I washed my Kio wig last night while watching "Batman:Mr.Freeze Subzero". It went very well, though now I definatly need to redye it. If I ever cosplay Raiden, I think I would order another wig of this style from Perihair(I need to order a wig for Leorio today or ASAP because of going to Kun's now). I will dye my Kio wig most likely tonight after I get back from minding the yard sale at Mary's.

I have a dentist appointment on Thursday for a overdue cleaning! I have a Dr.Sloma appointment Friday. I am down to ever 10 days-or-so now instead of Weekly. I need to findout when my Dr.Yafai appointment is about my stomach, and change it if it is on Thursday.

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So I sent my application off to the Service Nova Scotia's Vital Statistics Department tonight~ It cost me $34.85 though ;_; I had to use Charles' office computer though, as the library's wasnt letting me pay with my MasterCard for a odd reason. I have my card#&such memorized now!~ So I am very proud of myself ;3

I need to decide by 1pm if I should do a public Waya photoshoot~So far I gotten a 'go for it' from [ profile] hisensei808 :-P Anyone else agree?

I bought the portaculas I wanted today...AND C.J. Nob's had a 2for1 sale on plants so I ended-up borrowing $8 from June to buy a GORGEOUS purple waffle plant (dark purple-almost black-leaves that look like they were made with a waffle iron & tiny white flowers), a impatian x hybred, and June a tray of portacula to put in her wheelbarrel!planter. I think the purple waffle plant may be a perennial...I hope it is...I wish I could send pieces of my bleeding heart in the mail, as I would offer them since it wont stop spreading D:


Jun. 27th, 2008 02:34 am
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Should I do a Waya photoshoot at the Greenwood Mall on Saturday? T'would be in public XD Matt D already agreed to be my camera-man someday, so he most likely would :3

So should I? *bwahaha*I would say Kio, but Im too shy, and I havent redyed it yet ^^;

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Damn; Kristen Holden-Reid is hot...I still dig Jesse Moss though. I think it is my thing for 'Greek noses' and messy hair...

I called Universal Costumes today. They only do rentals...I have no idea what to do for Leorio's wig! I would have asked more on their policies but my mother was bitching in the background so I had to go. I will ask tomorrow. I think we should take gel & hair-cement and plaster my hair to my head? Im out of ideas!

I made a Dr.Oetker cake&sauce 1 dish pudding(dessert) tonight. It was like 11:45pm :-D June even came downstairs to have some. Now I need cream-cheese so I can make icing for my lovely lemon-blueberry cake!~ To go with the cake we are getting haddock-bits! Cake, deep-fried fish, & James Bond for mah burthdai! So full of win ^_^ I wish I could get a screwdriver or some Malibu-with-pineapple juice...I cant afford to fritter my cash on booze though. I also tried to buy my ticket tonight but eventhough the cash is showing on my balance, I need to wait another business day.

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Pictures from my first Andromeda Shun photo-shoot are HERE [must explain that the picture without a top is based on a scene from the anime, but that I sadly made it flirtier than it should be. I am also fat with 'junk in mah trunk' >.>]

The pictures of 'Gangsta'!Waya in my Leorio suit are HERE [and button-up shirts make my neck disappear...]

Pictures from my bike ride a few days ago are HERE [and various out-and-about that day pictures too]. Cemetary ones are HERE.

Goldfish Fountain/Pond at the Greenwood Mall are HERE~ *♫fishy, fish, fish~♪*


The LJ 'Publish to web' thing didn't work for some, so I will fix later
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At the begining of this month I wanted to try-on the new pinstripe dress pants I bought for Kio. After deciding that the were damn awesome, I put on my regular Kio outfit and went to look at myself in the mirror. That was when Wendy decided she needed pictures ^^;


The rest of the pictures from the mini-shoot can be found HERE.

I played some Bloodlines since being home, but haven't played on my main game yet (I fear addiction when I have other things to do). I also played Redemption, but I am stuck in Perin(sp?) Hill with Mercurio (that WEASEL!). Armie helped me with ho to revive Wilhim though, so I should have some more luck using her stragety(bah no spelling for me todayz), when I start playing itgain.

Bloodlines screenshots;

And here are a few Redemption ones;

Scenery,  )


Now back to using a cellphone after I finish resumé template finding D:

Meme#4: via Facebook

Comment and I will; 
-Tell you what I find attractive about you.
-Tell you where I would want to go on a date with you to.

In trade, write a note make a post, and I'll comment!

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Got some Leorio pants. They are a smidge tight and a slightly different shade than the jacket; but they will do.

Now I am off to my Dr.Yafai appointment.

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I am a idiot. I was in a hurry and didnt put sunscreen on--eventhough I considered it. I now have a sunburn. My right arm got the worst of it. My right knee has this round burn on it; like a 3inch circle o_o; It is my own fault.

I watched like 5 episodes of YJ last night...I meant to only watch 1. I love that anime!~ I have 31 episodes left ;_; I planned-on cosplaying Azuma next year, but I think Kanmuri would be easier to get the outfit for...though I would need a pink wig...Though Azuma does have other outfits besides the purple Pantasia one. Armadei, please bring Yakitate!! Japan ;3 Man, I rewatched the episode where we find-out about Meister Kirasaki's scoring-system. "Crow; caw, caw"! I love this anime! Kawachi is Kansai-ben love♥~

There is a unicycle race/marathon going though Nova Scotia soon! It is called "Ride the Lobster"! I think that is a damn awesome name! I think Im going to miss the stage that goes through Bridgetown however. I think the whole idea is great fun! Wooo~!

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I'm on the Endless Shores Bookstore for 1 hour @ $2.

Here are the pictures from my wonderful Waya photoshoot.

Here are the pictures of my mini Leorio trial.

Once again Happy Birthday Kun [[profile] projecturzu2] , here is a better copy of the sketch I coloured for j00~

Congradulations again [profile] hisensei808on level 99 Mage!!!!!!~~~~ *hearts*

Lastly I miss typing with my hands and not just my thumbs ;__; *mock cries*

I now am adding a few more user-pictures and then need to bike home to get ready for the Farmers' Market!
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Im on my way back from Greenwood. I once again spent more than I planned-on. I did get the new MP3 player. I think I shall keep Jan-Ken for audiobooks, since I doubt it could be sold. Anyone want to buy it? I want to ask for 1/2 the original price but that is $70 :C The new one needs a name. I also got bags & a new exact-o knife, and fancy blank cards to stick the quilled items to. I got my mom a birthday present(as unhappy as I am with her. She is now saying that the reason I was/am depressed is because I had a miscarriage! Seriously if I didnt require her support payments, I would drop her). I got a necktie for Leorio, with no idea how to tie it...Armadeeii!~ I just need Leorio pants now, to wash/redye my Kio wig & locate my Shun shirt and I am dooone! I need to make atleast $300 in less than a month, without whoring or anything illegal...I just want money for my birthday now. Also DDR is hard in sandals...and I want a screwdriver, damn it!
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I did a Waya photoshoot today. I decided to save money & not buy a camo shirt and just go with the oufit from the "Spring Up to Spring"(did I get that right?) picture from the Hikaru no Go artbook. I know the top I have is kinda too light...I sent 16 of the pictures to my Isumi, I love how they came-out & Im sad I cant post them for awhile.

Im going to Greenwood again tomaro~ Im picking-up the MP3 player I laid-away. I shall look for Leorio pants[&tie];if Frenchy's is open/still in the mall. I DID buy a jacket today~I sent photos to Kun&Armie to see if it is okay. I need size36 pants for it. I think I'll use the white dress-shirt I have for Kio instead of the bleu one I used today. I need feedback babes! Also do you have a cell Kelsey? Since you are das Kurapika & my possible seeing-eye Kelsey :-P

I reread vol3 of Loveless today. I forgot how I love chapter 10~ Yes dear Kio you are a cow >_> & you lied in the vol8 special in regards to not liking those kinds of jokes. Is nabe all Kio can cook? Moo~!

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Well my Leorio hunt didnt go that well. I tried on a lot of navy suits but the best bet's jacket was a bit big & the pants were a bit small. I will try to order the wig this weekend & that Waya shirt. Im still worried [but not as terrified] about my mom paying me back! I was expecting her to do so tomorrow but she would rather not. I even suggested part now & part next pay-day but she doesnt care...I am SUCH a idiot for believing her. Im all booked save for the ticket & shuttle though. I am going to try so damn hard to get atleast $300 in the remaining time! My birthday is soon though so I'll be staying optimistic till after that. I was hoping to have like $700 for this x_x; now I just hope to have enough for travel...*roar*

I didnt rewrite my beginner's today as all my studying seemed to leave my head when I left the house. I will study all this week and try again next week? I was scared Id fail and waste $50. I did complete Shun today though! I bought better pants[down to size 16 now].Im not making chain.

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Minnow was so good last night, then when the Sun started to rise she started acting-up. She batted stuff off my bed-side table into my garbage bin. She got on the shelf. She knocked my TV antenna around. She attacked my feet. Like she would wait till I would doze-off after getting-after her before she would start something else. Wank.

Sears has the shirt for Waya on back-order -_-* So I'll have to try and get one online now. Since the one I wanted wont arrive till September. I want a blue camo one now, and in L [or XL]. I need to wait till Thursday though, since I want to use my money to go to Greenwood this Saturday. I want that MP3 player & some watercolours. I also need to pay-on my Telus bill...

I did a mini Kio photoshoot yesterday evening. I wish I could post the pictures! Kio & lilacs is lovely~ I love the umbrella tree picture! Kio also drinks Tim's...


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