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Aug. 7th, 2008 06:21 pm
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Got-in awhile ago.
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I fell asleep on the Greyhound bus and my hand also fell asleep. I had been using it to prop my head up with and when I woke-up in Boston I had no feeling in it & it wouldnt move was very odd.

Well the train leaves from Boston North Station instead of South Station. So I either could have taken a bus at 4:15pm OR go to North Station. I decided to take the subway($10 less than a taxi & I have never been on a subway before!~) & take the Amtrak at 5pm. So I asked the desk what route&such. Well I bought a CharlieTicket,but I got on the outbound Ashmont/Alewife instead of the inbound.I then missed the Downtown Crossing stop because the doors closed before I got off...So I went to Park Street&got to North that way. While in the 'underground'[a lot of it was aboveground though...&most stations were under-constuction] I bought a shot glass,3 postcards,& a pair of awesome shutter-shades. They had contact-lenses for sale,but I didnt buy a pair because it seemed kinda sketchy.They had"Lestat"colour though, and a "Louis" one :P AND those 2 colours come can be bought with "Custom RX" so maybe I will look-them-up as a company for contacts if I get my awesome-possum outfit made :3 [I AM STUCK SAYING THAT D:]



What is wrong with some of this? --->[]

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I just left Scotia. Im going to miss having someone to chill with. I had a really super awesome time though (I all-togther only cried about 6 times too; which is less than I thought it would be.). I didnt cry when I left, and I think it is because I am so tired. I forgot some stuff too...Shot glasses from The Cat & Albany & my USB camera cable.

<----for assistance in locating if possible...


Jul. 31st, 2008 09:58 pm
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I went to see "The Dark Knight" today. I found it good, but I'm not going to review it or anything...I suck at reviews...I did think that they could have done more with Harvey's descent. Also poor Scarecrow :( I bought a medium popcorn & Mountain Dew and THEY WERE HUGE =O like $10USD though...the popcorn-I found-wasn't that good, and the pop was watered-down, but t'was s'lgood.

After the movie we went to the library, and Armadei took-out "Blood and Gold". I might look-into it myself, but it would be a audiobook, since I like to 'read' while gardening&such. I read a snippet from "The Vampire Armand" and started giggling as it was like 'let us have sex on the 3rd page' >.>;

"Your hair's like something spun from amber, as if the amber would melt and could be drawn from candle flames in long airy threads and let to dry that way to make all these shining tresses"___Marius

Also my Lestat!Muse found "You're sweet, boylike and pretty as a girl." hilarious aswell...*snerks*

After we went to Chez Daisie for supper. I got this delicious crêpe called-something-like-'Péline' (it had chicken, stuffing, a cranberry mousse, and a pumpkin sauce & a slice of sweet potato) & a too-rich-and-not-that-good éclair.

After we went to Wal*Mart :3 I originally just planned-on buying Kylie Minogue's "X" album (which I didn't get in GP as the price hadn't gone-down, and then the whole 'Matt thing' made me forget about a lot of things I liked). I ended-up buying "The Batman Movie" [1960's version], "Batman & Robin" [1940's version], "Fight Club" (which I have planned to buy for years, but the price hasn't seemed to drop much at Zellers. I love that movie. I wonder if I can get Armie to watch it with me? :3), and the 1st 4 volumes of "Vampire Knight"! I love VK, and the 'good' scanlations have been taken-down due to the licensing. I plan to have a VK marathon/binge when I get back to NS :D I HEART ZERO!♥ The manga was only $8each, where it would have been like $15each if I ordered them from The Inside Story Bookstore in Greenwood when I got back...I downloaded the 1st season from Shoku-Dan too :D

Now I really should go to bed soon, as we want to go on our picnic earlier in the day to avoid rain...*flails*

I had "1040's version" typed, and that has now been edited...though I'M SURE Batman was around in the 11th century >.>;

Jul. 31st, 2008 12:07 am
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I realized today that I am truely happy for the first time in a very long time. I don't have the feelings of emptiness or sorrow that I have had lingering for months. I don't feel lonely!~ I know that I'll be a mess around when I leave, but I'm not scared for the long-run. I will definatly be going to PortConMaine2009 :3 and if I get my passport ASAP & depending-on what everyone else is doing I might be able to make the awesome New Year's stuff in New England.

Things are feeling better and better.


Tomorrow the lovely Armadei & I are going to see "The Dark Knight"; which I'm giddy about :D We were going to to a "Hikaru no Go" photo-shoot & sushi picnic today, but we slept late and there was a 30% chance of showers for the afternoon. We bought sushi for it tonight when we went with her mother, and are planning on walking to Collins Park on Friday for it. We still need to play "Vampire: The Masquerade" & have our "Vampire Chronicles" marathon[watch "Interview With The Vampire", "The Queen of The Damned"(which has 'Nicki!Lestat'--Lestat that looks like Nicolas), & "Lestat: The Musical"...I wAnt to also watch the 5th episode of "Kindred: The Embraced"(the Toreador one), but I dont know if I could get her to watch anymore Kindred as it is cheesy ^^; "Pure Toreador~". We made a list of the stuff we plan to watch...we have 4 things done on it. I leave Wednesday morning...*flails*
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I'm still in America. I'm at my final destination now of NY. So
Yeah I'll make a better post sometime in the future ^^; *flail*

On The Caj

Jul. 24th, 2008 03:51 pm
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I have boarded,*flail*.
Luggage stowed on the cart.

I am drinking pop.
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With Marie now about 30mins from The Cat. My stomach is queasy...the bus ride was rough. I hope to get a drink-skipping lunch-to settle my stomach before Im on the ferry. Shall phone Kun then before Im charged $1.95 a minute once Im in America...only 35cents before then...

Off We Go

Jul. 24th, 2008 10:21 am
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Im currently on the Weymouth bus. Im kinda nervous...What if Customs hates me? What if Kate isnt there to pick me up? What if Armie & Kun & their parents dont like me once Im down there? What if I get mugged? *flails* I hope all goes well.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:42 pm
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PASSED bitches...with a big stamp on my results saying "VALID ONLY IF LICENSE HOLDER IS WEARING VISON CORRECTION" *pish* Who needs depth-perception? Got the question about demerit-points wrong;you lose your license for 6 months not a year with 6 demerit-points.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 01:27 am
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I packed tonight. My suitcases are under in size, but my clothes-one may be too heavy. I need to go through it tomorrow again. Though it seems less than when I flew and that was 47lb...I know I have more than I need for 2 weeks...if I can do laundry 3 or 4 times and rewear pants & pajamas. I am only bringing 1 pair of pj pants & 2 sleep shirts(1 that can double as a everyday). I have 4 pairs of pants(Shun's,Waya's,Kio's,&thin dressy),3 pairs of boxers(I packed 5 but I dont need that many),2 pairs of shorts(my Waya pants are zip-off),7 t-shirts(I forgot about my cosplay ones I can use, so this will go down abunch),5 dress tops(Im counting my button-up ones in this),1 skirt,8 panties,4 pairs of socks,4 bras,2 bandanas(I wear them,& will want 1 for when I play V:tM anyway),2 tank-tops,my swimsuit&goggles,2 hoodies,1belt&1 pair of suspenders,sneakers(Im wearing sandals). I can definatly get that down more. My other suitcase doesnt have much in it. I just put some books/etc, & what I have for Kun & Armie. *flails*
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I cant believe I leave in 2 days =O (most likely)! The time flew.Im so excited to see Kun & Armadei on Friday.I got-ahold-of Marie tonight about a drive from Weymouth to Yarmouth.She said she should be home and just to call the night before if Im still coming.I take the 10am transit from the Dev' Center in town,&arrive at the Weymouth Foodland at 11:50am :D I will need to remember to bring a lunch to eat in Yarmouth since it is 'Tourist Season' and the prices would be higher at a food-place...I need to see how many gas!points I can redeem with my Aeroplan card...and get some money exchanged to USD...I will have my MuchCard for most things,but I need some pocket-money...I NEED TO PACK AND MORE JAZZ D:

I cleaned my room some today.I decided it was too messy to leave for 2 weeks. I swept&mopped around my bed & comp'.I had a lot of cat-hair! I also found 2 earwigs which I have no idea how they got in.I didnt do under my bed as I would have had to move everything out to move my bed and the containers under it...


Jul. 21st, 2008 11:45 am
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Not writting today. Mother backed-out of driving me to Digby 5mins ago. Too late to take transit to arrive by 1pm. Might have to leave Friday now. Need to phone Lin or Marie about a drive from Weymouth still. Fuck. Damn last-minute.


Jul. 21st, 2008 11:34 am
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It came! *goes off to review signs again*
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I didnt get hardly anything done today. The computer I was booked on was laggy & kept freezing. I was really disapointed. I wanted to play RuneScape so bad! I know exactly where Lady Noremon is though--The Games Room ^^; Im sorry Sensei!

I didnt order anything for Leorio, but Im just going to go with the cowboy hat idea if anyone wants a HxH photoshoot...Im nervous about going now I think. Im also worried about my birth certificate. If it doesnt arrive Tuesday morning-at the very latest-I wont be going to America this Thursday...Im not going to lose $100 for not showing-up at the ferry. Im pissed at Service NS! I paid $34.85 around June 27th to recieve it within 10 business days. They told me it was done processing on July 8th...that I should have it in 3-5 business days. It is now the 19th! Fuck!

Atleast I had anime to watch and "Goldfinger" in a bit...Dante is super-awesome! I also think Pierrot may be replacing Kawachi as my fav' Y!J character...I think I heard Hisoka's actor in DMC episode05...^^;


Jul. 16th, 2008 09:32 pm
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I didnt write my driver's test today. I called Service NS again because my birth certificate hadnt arrived this morning either *angry flails* They told me 3-5 business last Monday! So now I will have to write it Monday in Digby if someone will drive me there or take the bus if the Digby DMV is near the bus-stop. I am displeased with Vital Statistics...

In good news; I GOT MY PRINTER BACK! [and made 2 bookmarks :P] So hopefully I will have my scanner back on the weekend~ Then I can scan the birthday art for [ profile] ignoreddude & [ profile] ahnjehleehn! I did send Monster a picture with my cellphone of his, but I dont know if he got it or not. I havent coloured Anjeey-baby's yet, but I would rather colour it on the comp' anyway. I will just say that it does contain Mr.Coffee!Lawyer :-P I hope I can scan stuff before I leave...IF I leave now -_-; *shakes her fist at Service NS* I have a few Armand doodles for Armie too *snort*

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I knew Zinnian shared birthday with the lovely Julia Child[I wonder if Veoh has the monkfish show she did?], but today I find-out that my character also shares it with Napoleon(if I could post a link,I would post a David artwork) o_O; August 15th bitches(I use that to seem Gangsta...). I have no idea...

I will be leaving the 24th now instead of the 23rd, as I have no ride from Weymouth to Yarmouth the day before(originally was going to spend the night) or the day of due to a ox pull in Shelbrune next Wednesday,so I wouldnt have a ride to the ferry terminal that day despite being in Yarmouth on Tuesday anyway. So now it is that I will take a morning bus to Weymouth, get a ride to Yarmouth, and take The Cat the same day. I e-mailed Kate and I can still stay with her and get driven to the terminal/station.

I watched the "Batman Beyond" movie last night & remembered how I used to love it. I loved "The Zeta Project" more though :3 I wish I had internet so I could download it ;_; I really want to watch it..

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If I took the 2pm transit from Bridgetown[Dev' Center] on the 22, I would arrive in Weymouth at 3:50pm at the Foodland. Need to call Lin[occasionally I refer to her as 'Lyndis'(like the Fire Emblem character), when she calls me 'Lady Sarah'] today to let her know and to arrange transport for the next day to the ferry terminal.
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The Cat: 836035 [July 23rd, 3pm Yarmouth NS to Portland ME & August 7th, 7am Portland ME to Yarmouth NS]

Amtrak: 05B424 [July 24th, 8am from Portland ME to Haverhill MA]

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Armie, Armie!~ If we go see The Dark Knight, I want some Batman Reeses Pieces 'kay, 'kay? [and I kinda want to see "Mama Mia!"...]


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