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*baaaaaaaaaah* I am so shy D:
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Okay, I am making myself post for a change.

Things...have been...hectic and yet stagnate.

on June )


slightly on Twitter )

I want to also voice that I am an awful friend, and I just keep failing people still. I am too tired to put to words how guilty and like shit I feel for it. I just keep withdrawing more now, because I don't know how to talk.


But anyway:

on WOLFVILLE ADVENTURE, 'Being Human', and sick )


BUT is is FAR TOO LATE to be up for me, and thus I will have to try to remember to post about my garden and such in the morning.

Ciao loves,

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Vote LAWRENCETOWN, NOVA SCOTIA for Kraft Hockeyville 2010!!!~

There are only 3 official ways to vote.:
♦-On this site ( ) from the voting modules
on the Kraft Hockeyville homepage and on the Top 5 Community pages.
♦-By SMS (text message). Text* the word ...“Vote” and the Community
name to 111888.
♦-Call our toll free number at 1-866-533-8066 and follow the
automated voice prompts

[Lawrencetown is where Douchette lives, and the next community over freom Bridgetown]
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I just watched the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies on CTV, and I just wanted to say:


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Well I went in today to rewrite, and I was A LOT less stressed, and I got 39/40~ I got an answer wrong on the written having to do with Yield signs in place of Stop signs, but I was quite happy that I did so well. And yes, there are mayflowers on Nova Scotia's licenses to prevent forgery. Also it is very rainbowed :3


I also had my doctor's appointment in the morning and got the paper for my chest x-rays, and got a referral to see a specialist in Halifax (the nearest city to me). He also confirmed my breathing test request, and gave me a capsule-type inhaler to help with the shortness of breath a bit. I found after the first dose, that I could breath a bit better, but I find mostly it has helped with the fuzzy feeling, at least until about an hour ago.

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While I eat my pizza with donair sauce, I shall prattle a bit about my day ;P

I went down to Annapolis Royal right early this morning so that I could see the 3 torch-bearers do their little run & witness the burning passion of The Olympic Flame~! Here are the pictures I took today! I love Fort Anne, by the way. I used to go there a lot when I was in elementary school. I have always wanted to go9 sledding there ;)

I also took a few videos, though my 'cell crapped just when the runner was 10 feet infront of me, and my batteries for my camera died too :(

After this my mom took me to Greenwood to see about getting a new cellular-telephone from Bell-Aliant. I have 8 months left on my Telus contract, and it would cost $180 to pay myself out of that. Recently my battery cannot hold much of a charge, and my warrenty on it expired in October :( $60 for a new battery vs. $180 is looking more than tempting, 'specially since Motorola no longer even has RAZR batteries for sale from them directly anymore. Read more... )

It is 2:32am though D: so I finish by mentioning that I went to the local Home Hardware's Ladies' Night. Wherein women get atleast 5% off their purchase determined by scratch-cards, and they also have free gifts & drawings for prizes. I got a free tin cookie-tray & a glass candle holder-thing with my purchase. I bought $0.85 cuphooks for June, a key-wind alarmclock for Kenny for Christmas, and a $1.49 sink plug to replace the one in our bathroom. I was a big shopper XD I did get to say hullo to Jeremy's sister-Kim-who works there though. She told me I should tell him that the free girly gifts I got were his present :P To which he responded something about wanting chocolate pudding. I really wish he was closer so we could have a "Doctor Who" marathon in the same room. Currently we talk by phone/txts while satching episodes. It is fun though. I don't think I mentioned that Bridgetown's Home Hardware moved to where NSLC used to be. I still find it right odd to go there instead of the building they were in since before I was born.

Now it is 1/4 3am though, so Sarah is off to crash into her blanket latibule D: I am planning-on going to see the Torch run through Middleton tomorrow at 3:10pm~ I find this so exciting! I am too patriotic to protest them, but I am right pissed about no women's ski jumping, when they are having men's. Not Canada's fault though, the courts could do nothing to change the Olympic Comittee's planning. I still love every Canadian team though!


I might aswell also add that the Olympic crew guy that presented reminded me of Vince with Sham-Wow! XD

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Today was the lovely day for this lovely country. For people who know me, they know that I am very proud of the fact that I am Canadian, and I love my country very much. I didn't do much today besides from cook pasta, play "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" & eat strawberry shortcake :3 [I got really down in the afternoon because some prick deleted the journal entries he had about me being awesome, and it really hurt]





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Yep, I felt like doodling in OC, and it turned into Canada, so yep I thought I might as well post it ;P

My mouse is dying I'm sure :( Also this is different from my usual style and I lazily used the smudge tool to highlight this time [and I missed smudging a few parts].
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Canucks) feels like that game was me eating air. All 'where did it go?'-ness

5-1 Phoenix Coyotes ^^;

BUT Luongo was on "After Hours" so it wasn't so bad. Vancouver is 4th in the Western Conference too ;P

Here (I love this commercial, it always makes me laugh-out-loud :D):

Luongo has some great hair by-the-way ;) [I still think he looks like Adrian Paul too, in a way...]
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A Major-General Sir Issac Brock comic :3 SERIOUSLY he is by far my favorite Canadian History figure. He died because he refused to send his troops into a place where he himself wouldn't go, so he thus led the charge and was shot. He also began the use of Guerrilla warfare/tactics :O Seriously go read-up on the Canadian version of The War of 1812 :3 It contains a lot if adventure~!

"Seriously! Need I remind you who is in command here?"



Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry is badass. Seriously. [will I use that word anymore today?] Seriously, Seriously, Seriously! [there it's out of my system ;P] His flagship went down and he rowed with a flag-stitched with his friend's dying words-a half-mile in heavy naval gunfire to transfer ship's command. "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP" ["Fight her till she sinks."]___James Lawrence

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SERIOUSLY, this** has got to be one of the funniest & more awesoem things I've seen in a loooooong time!

It really is so true of what Canada stereotypes itself as XD

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Presidents and PMs: The long-term relationship

Poor Pearson D:

Also the menu for the food being served during Obama's visit today is like a group of people decided to list every Canadian food and cram it together...


I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but I think I did on Twitter; Bonhomme is awesome.
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I just watched the last 2 episodes of series 4 of "Doctor Who"...I am shaking from my excitement and the release from being on-the-edge-of-my-seat (actually I was sitting-up in bed and biting my knuckles, but close enough. I think I worried Minnow from my bouncing around >: ) until the end!

I just want to say, I await the new begining! [I am also HOPEING CBC WILL SHOW THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL IN THE COMING MONTH D: (I had to dowload "Voyage of The Damned" YAH WANKS D:<)]

But yes, I must. go. to. bed.


Also in the next week I am going to be dying my hair red, because of Donna XD [I used to be a natural red head anyway, until I started dying my hair light-brown...] So I guess no more blondy-ness :(


I heart the Seventh Doctor! Damn he is awesome :3 [and I love how he rolls his worlds/letters XD]

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We have like 3-feet already and it is STILL snowing D: *will never get her pre-Winter bike ride*


Oct. 10th, 2008 01:06 am
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3-to-0 Canucks at 11mins left in the 2nd Period!!!!~






Fuck yes! 6! Rypien you rock!♥



6-to-0 FINAL for Vancouver Canucks :D

I want one of those whale-shaped-zepplin-things that has been flying around the ceiling of GM Place~
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Who could this be?

Playing With Uranium -- Duran Duran

Today I saw what I am calling "that Malkavian-like house"/The Innocent Rose, creatures made of glass, and a windmill.


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