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Major spoiler for the end of the 2005 season of "Doctor Who":


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CBC IS GOING TO START AIRING "DOCTOR WHO" AGAIN! I have missed most of the last 2 seasons because they havent been shown on regular CBC/the CBC we get. They showed some of 2006's really early in the morning on Saturdays, but it was mostly over by the time I found that out...SO, Friday, September 19th I can watch again! I will have to try and get caught-up since Ive seen 1episode from last season & the Children in Need special. "wibbly wobbly, timey whimey" :3
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I knew Zinnian shared birthday with the lovely Julia Child[I wonder if Veoh has the monkfish show she did?], but today I find-out that my character also shares it with Napoleon(if I could post a link,I would post a David artwork) o_O; August 15th bitches(I use that to seem Gangsta...). I have no idea...

I will be leaving the 24th now instead of the 23rd, as I have no ride from Weymouth to Yarmouth the day before(originally was going to spend the night) or the day of due to a ox pull in Shelbrune next Wednesday,so I wouldnt have a ride to the ferry terminal that day despite being in Yarmouth on Tuesday anyway. So now it is that I will take a morning bus to Weymouth, get a ride to Yarmouth, and take The Cat the same day. I e-mailed Kate and I can still stay with her and get driven to the terminal/station.

I watched the "Batman Beyond" movie last night & remembered how I used to love it. I loved "The Zeta Project" more though :3 I wish I had internet so I could download it ;_; I really want to watch it..


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