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HAPPY CANADA DAAAY!!!~ We are 144 as a whole, though Quebec is turning 400 on Thursday...I love my country :D

Yeah I am "working" today & have made 16.70$ as of typing this! I need to get 61.85$ though now to pay for Traveler's Insurance if my mother backs-out of paying for it -_- other than that I am fine for food and such money~ I am sooo excited! *wooooo~!* Fireworks tonight!!!

I am kinda happy that I dont have PortCon this weekend as I have started my "monthly cycle"...It is rather heavy & the cramps are kinda bad because I havent had it for so long. Im scared to have a 'accident' as I didnt know until I was over here and thus wore my white skirt with a red top for Canada Day...I did have a sanitary napkin on me but I am avoiding walking around just in case. I am glad I am not cosplaying Shun today. It is ass though. *makes blarg face*

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I didnt go to the Farmers' Market today as it rained. I am doing a yard sale Friday, and I plan to sell at Mary's again Sunday...not selling Saturday as it is my Birthday~! I find it hard to believe that I am already going to be 20 O_o; Damn. I took about $10 from my saved money to buy a bike lock yesterday. I feel bad, but I was glad I went to get one, as I didnt miss RIDE THE LOBSTER and got to park my bike in the town hall's bike rack. I think Friday night I will try to go and use the library computer.I want to upload my Shun(I am fat.) pictures&others. I neeeed[insert Creed impersonation] RuneScape aswell...I miss Potatos and Waffles! *cries*

Juney-baby made cookies today :3 I love her baking! I was planning-on bringing one of her banana breads with me next month, but now Im not as I forgot about Customs...

I am trying to study for my test tomorrow,but I feel so tired :-( I NEED to pass this test though! I need my license as photo-id...I hate that I just cant renew my license sans-test writting.

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Well I made about $10 today. I am also going to start selling cards in the bookstore for $4(Endless Shores takes $1 from every $5). So that was that for today~

I am apparently adorable though, as I was given $2 because their was nothing the lady wanted to buy, but I was just so cute. Now to procure Leorio pants tomorrow from the Salvation Army, and make more paper-quilling items...Coffee + bolony = heartburn


Jun. 10th, 2008 05:54 pm
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Ive made $5.50 and made a deal to start selling my paper-quilling in the bookstore. I am so hot & sweaty D: I want another sammich!
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I joked with Arm-Arm about yodeling for The Masquerade. Well I probabley would if asked. Im tempted to make a voice-post of my terrible Leorio yodeling with winged lyrics sometime. The only other idea I semi-have is me & Kelsey go to mock!fight and Kun & Armadei run-by yelling & fighting-over the Coco-Ball-Kuns...I am not good at this either...

I made 2 cards today before getting side-tracked. I have the pieces cut&measured for the rest, but I think I will just make 1or2 more hummingbird cards & then just make flower ones. I want to finish early tomorrow so I can study again. I dont know if I'll get to write this week now though. Dr.Yafai wants to see me about my test-results. I can only write 1-4pm Wednesdays. My Dr.Sloma appointment is at 11:50am,&my other appointment is at 2pm. Valley Chiropractic is near the Dept'ofMotorVehicles but not to the doctor's.

I got-sidetracked by cleaning mah Desktop & watching anime. I watched some Nuku Nuku,DNAngel,Yakitate!![<3] Japan,KKJ,&Witch Hunter Robin[:-P]


Jun. 7th, 2008 12:30 pm
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$160 in my margarine container rattling-around has relaxed me. I hope to make atleast $20 [maximum of $50] this Tuesday and Wendy said she will just give me the $50 that she had to take me out for food on my birthday, and we can make a pizza instead. So excluding the crafts[the cards are so lovely] that is $210 :3 I also forgot about the vest for Kio so I need to look for that too. Im sure I can get enough most likely now. Just to avoid my mom today as to avoid stress right now.
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Im on my way back from Greenwood. I once again spent more than I planned-on. I did get the new MP3 player. I think I shall keep Jan-Ken for audiobooks, since I doubt it could be sold. Anyone want to buy it? I want to ask for 1/2 the original price but that is $70 :C The new one needs a name. I also got bags & a new exact-o knife, and fancy blank cards to stick the quilled items to. I got my mom a birthday present(as unhappy as I am with her. She is now saying that the reason I was/am depressed is because I had a miscarriage! Seriously if I didnt require her support payments, I would drop her). I got a necktie for Leorio, with no idea how to tie it...Armadeeii!~ I just need Leorio pants now, to wash/redye my Kio wig & locate my Shun shirt and I am dooone! I need to make atleast $300 in less than a month, without whoring or anything illegal...I just want money for my birthday now. Also DDR is hard in sandals...and I want a screwdriver, damn it!


Jun. 3rd, 2008 11:35 pm
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I stayed in bed till after 4pm today...yeah I didnt want to do that again...Well I had 3 hotdogs then biked to the farmers' market at Endless Shores Bookstore. I bought a 25cent shot glass~ I did want to buy a book on wildflowers, but I cant till Thursday. I am going to start selling a few things there. I can make some paper-quilling things and such. Im going to make a few hummingbird ornaments for next Tuesday! If I sell them for $4 I might make some loot. I also made a Toreador t-shirt tonight with a stencil I made. Wendy thinks I should make 2 or 3 to sell too...she thinks it is just a rose XD Im tempted to, just to see who buys with no clue that it is a vampire RPG Clan symbol...imagine *snort*I may also try and sell fudge and later make my damn awesome peanut butter balls. What else could I sell? I could maybe make enough for my bus-fare wit' it~ I would try again for a job,but who would hire when I plan to leave in 4 weeks?I cant even go and take the call-center training then not apply. Im sad/broke D,;


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