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Jul. 11th, 2008 05:01 am
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I am sick of being single. I am damn well sick of it. I am roaring & flailing becaure of it. What can I do about it though? I live in a small town in a rural area;with no place to go looking. I also prefer to have common interest and I like "geekier"!types. So along with that I-believe it or not-am rather shy around people. Im not that confident--though when we know each other, I am rather not shy. I want to kiss & cuddle with someone. I am not even sure if I could do something with more staying-power, I just want to show myself I am not crap all-together. Im showing somewhat bitternes at times...Im a romance wank it seems D: [it will settle hn tge morning]
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (RoxasSora)
HAPPY CANADA DAAAY!!!~ We are 144 as a whole, though Quebec is turning 400 on Thursday...I love my country :D

Yeah I am "working" today & have made 16.70$ as of typing this! I need to get 61.85$ though now to pay for Traveler's Insurance if my mother backs-out of paying for it -_- other than that I am fine for food and such money~ I am sooo excited! *wooooo~!* Fireworks tonight!!!

I am kinda happy that I dont have PortCon this weekend as I have started my "monthly cycle"...It is rather heavy & the cramps are kinda bad because I havent had it for so long. Im scared to have a 'accident' as I didnt know until I was over here and thus wore my white skirt with a red top for Canada Day...I did have a sanitary napkin on me but I am avoiding walking around just in case. I am glad I am not cosplaying Shun today. It is ass though. *makes blarg face*


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