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Yep! I had a massive amount of fun at Matt's [last time I will be saying 'Matthew Doucet' to clarify]~ I ate too much junk food though and ended-up bloated and queasy feeling afterwards. If I had known his mom was bringing home Wendy's [the fastfood place] I would not have had mashed potatoes & eggs for breakie. So I had that, my tea, and a cup of hot chocolate [what has become almist like crack to me as of late...not that I do cocaine, I am just stating that it is addicting...I am addicted to Crack though :D ('specially the kind with Lestat *hint hint*)] before I went. I must say again; without graval, busrides make me sick :C [I also can't ride in backseats 'cept in vans without feeling ill]. So I was feeling rather off when I got there (I had also not slept well the night before and my blood pressure was low-feeling). So after I got owned in DMC4 (partly because I haven't played a PS3 since early June, and partly because I didn't have Automatic on), I had 1/2 a chicken pizza & 1/2 a Spicy Chicken Sandwich™ from Wendy's along with some Dr.Pepper ^^ Then for supper it was sweet&sour sauce on rice with pork (I think they were porkchops, but not too sure...), and mixed vegitables. Then when I got home I had some sweets & tea with my too much junk food for me I think (same thing happened to me in America and when [ profile] xiuuxiu & [ profile] fox_avenger were visiting). Anyway I wasn't feeling good so after I chatted online a smidge and picked the turkey (a task that used to gross me out when I had to handle the skeleton that doesn't now) I went to bed. It wasn't even 1am before I was asleep :O I slept in late too...

BUT YES! I fucking heart Dante! O: He is just soooooooooooooooooooo cool! *mauls* "Oh look it has wings!"

Matt & I were joking about the massive amount of belts he is wearing in DMC4 XD Then he teased me about how I want 'crazy Dante babies' *snort*

Dante's little song thing when he gets Lucifer [my favorite weapon btw, unless I learn to control Pandora's Box better ;P] is HILARIOUS!

Dante sings about sex... )

So yes "Devil May Cry" is win~!

I also played a bit of the MGS4 demo. I gave-up after getting spotted so much though D: [also Snake looks like he is humping the ground when he crouches O:]

I also bought Matt 2 months of Members for RuneScape the condition being he had to come to [ profile] clan_p_n_w  and do Dragon Slayer with me :P [he used to have Members and such and is my only real-life RS friend :3] :D If I has more dough to toss-around I'd have bought him more time...oh well, maybe I'll buy him some for the Summer :P

So we chatted about RS a whoooooole crapload :P If I hadn't been feeling crappy last night we were going to do some Hunter & play Stealing Creation :( So maybe later this week...


I am going for x-rays tomorrow morning for my knee finally :O And then it is Valley Chiropractic time *heeee~* [I LOVE my massage before the adjusting ^^ (who doesn't like a massage with almond lotion?)] I then hope to finish my shopping in Greenwood! ONLY 7 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS D: [I have to mail things too *flails and runs around*]

I must go to bed now D: I need to get-up soon...*FAILS*
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I first must talk about "Yakitate!! Japan" :O

Basically this anime is full of crack, well the last few episodes I saw really crossed a line I never have with my Crack. Pot. Specifically a pot doughnut was made that caused time travel...yes read that sentence again.




I have almost got my shopping done 100% :D I just need to find something for the animals, & 2 people :( I don't know what to buy and don't want to seem cheap by only buying $5 giftcards and a ornament...

I did a lot of wrapping Friday night O: So I just need to find some boxes and ship what needs shipping! I apologize to my away-peeps ahead of time if it doesn't arrive by Christmas ^^;


I'm going to go visit Matt [Matthew Doucett, the only Matt I know now] Tuesday! :D Going to play some DMC4, MGS4 demo, and Twin Snakes~!♥ All on a new 40inch HD television :D  *weeeee~*


Now I'm going to either make some peanut butter balls or have a bath~


Oct. 24th, 2008 10:18 pm
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Well, I messaged [ profile] just_picture_me today. It will be a year since I've heard from her soon, and I'm always reminded of her around Halloween. I don't really expect to hear from her again, but I do often dwell on her. I wonder if something happened to her, or if she is alright. She is who got me into vampires in the first place, and the reason I first read "Interview With The Vampire". I remember her saying something like "Lestat is so gay for Louis". So yes, I messaged her. She used to send me txts and talk on AIM. She is also named Sarah too ;_;
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So Amanda-pants & Trev-poo just left [[ profile] fox_avenger  & [ profile] xiuuxiu ]. I was getting rather mad at his sister&friends, because they kept bailing on them/wating a ridiculas ammount to drive like 11/2 hours. So now they are all gone to Bridgewater, and I am again alone.

Yeah I am happy to have been promised contact, and excitedly told to come visit in BC [which I might do in 2010, as 2009 is mah PortCon-sexy trip]; because it eased my mind a bit. I am not as uncertain about shit now.

When I pretty much lost contact with Trev, I thought I had been dropped. I at first used to try Amanda's number, but after a few months I didn't know if he was still staying with her so I started trying his cell-phone. I e-mailed, I sent MSN offline messages, I txted, and I Skyped. I got 1 MSN message asking for my phone number/address & 2 txts in over 7 months. I was really worried/upset and it caused a few panic attacks [usually they happen (and I've only been having them as of late last year) when I have a dream or remember something, which causes everything to come-back and the whole fear and shit kicks in. I can't breath, and everything goes tight. I cry a lot too. When I first started having them I was scared because I didn't know what to do. Now I usually maul Minnow then go play RuneScape >.>]. I didn't know if he was alright or what. Or if he even wanted to talk to me. Now I feel hearted :3

So I hope that we can work-on mending things more when he gets back, and stay in contact more/better. I am very happy to have met awesome Amanda too~♥

I am hoping to get a job soon and see about what the hell I'm going to do for school next semester/term. I will need to start paying-off my ass student loan too. First I need to pay Telus fully, and get my Lestat outfit commission/get like $120 for my passport.

This is a picture Trev drew me of D20 Lylat Zinnian :3

 <------he likes to always draw Zinn wearing fishnet!arm-warmers with belt-things...

So I am content, and I didn't cry 'till after they left ^^ now I am going to play a tad of RuneScape, then probably go to bed as I am tired :O

I am glad I have a appointment at Valley Chiropractic Services tomaro D: I am still stiff from Laser Tag.
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Yeah, I am soooooo tired D:

We [[ profile] xiuuxiu & [ profile] fox_avenger] went to Greenwood on a whim yesterday and played Laser Tag. My legs are killing me (actually, I haven't had my thighs this sore since October ;P) from all the crouching/running/rolling/hiding/ducking/sliding/etc.!

Seriously, if I had known it was only $5 per person to play, I would have been played a whole lot more. I think I thought it was expensive, because when they built the place, $5 was a lot of money to me. So Amanda & me were on one team, and Trevor was by himself. We ended-up losing by like 70pts...I don't know why I didn't get more points because I kept following Trev around and shooting him in the back -__-; "you are hit" Amanda had never played before, so she just hide and Trevor hit me in the head with his gun D,: [by accident; I decided to crouch&hide, and he came around the corner and I scared him and he flailed and hit me with the gun ;__;]


Today we went to Hampton Beach, and The Morse Road. I heart the beach; seriously :3 I took lots of pictures, and hope to upload them some-time-relatively-soon. Trevor's old house has really been let, let-go T_T* I wish I had a whole fuck-load of money, so I could buy it...and pay my Telus bill...and buy a XBox360 >.>


So yeah I think they are back with food (they took our bikes and biked to D's Chicken Place, while I stayed home. My legs are sooo sore D:), so I am going to go. I HOPE to be able to make Clan Wars tomorrow though!

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Trevor and his friend Amanda, decided to come to Nova Scotia kinda spurr of the moment. They tried my house early in the morning today, but I was not up [I was up late because of a panic attack, and was planning-on sleeping-in till noon-ish], so they asked around town if I still lived at June's. Well June met this woman who asked if Sarah was still in town, and June was like tell him to come back. So June & Wendy ran in, made me get-up and get dressed because some people were coming to visit. Now they were REALLLLLLLY excited, and I was like "who the hell could it be?" When Wendy mentioned a "good friend" I was like "It could be ether Trevor or Armie, because I think I'd have to actually be dead before Matt bothered. Armie has no reason to visit, so it must be Trev. He told me he was sending a parcel, and it should arrive 'around the 19th."

So Trevor & his awesome friend Amanda hung-out today, and a bit with Shannon Maidens. We went to the pub, and even went and sat on the old train bridge. I had fun but now I'm pretty tired with a headache.

They are staying in our trailer for awhile-either a few days to a week-before they leave for Bridgewater and then Halifax. I feel kind of bad I have nothing much to offer them, but it was a suprise and I was not prepared D:

I missed the wank. I missed him so damn much. I wish Matt wasn't such a bastard though [memories about the times we spent together as a group still upset me, and thus I can't seem to enjoy this visit as much as I would like. (Actually that was the reason for my panic attack last night...)].
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I logged-into Facebook just now and see: "Jessica Berry and Trevor Lavoie ended their relationship"...I had to re-read that a few times for it to sink-in. I know that Trevor was leaving-on his misson[not in the military, his Mormon missonary tour. Jess & him are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint...actually most of the people I knew in Grande Prairie were/are...], I had a feeling that they would stay together though. I thought that they should get married...I am in disbelief! I just checked a few weeks ago to see if they were still together...*squeezes her nose-bridge*


Aug. 22nd, 2008 08:33 pm
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In March I wrote a cheque for $15 out to Matthew James Sprague. I put it in a prepaid envelope, and with my best penmanship, adressed it. I debated sending it to him for his Birthday. I didnt. I brought it home & stuck it in a drawer. This evening I burned it. I watched it burn until it was just a lump of poofy ashes.

That part of my life is gone. I dont know if it all was just a lie or not, but it feels like it was for nothing. Ive gotten better with the pain, but it still hurts sometimes. I cant stop myself from thinking about him or Trevor though. But Im doing a lot better.

Jul. 31st, 2008 12:07 am
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I realized today that I am truely happy for the first time in a very long time. I don't have the feelings of emptiness or sorrow that I have had lingering for months. I don't feel lonely!~ I know that I'll be a mess around when I leave, but I'm not scared for the long-run. I will definatly be going to PortConMaine2009 :3 and if I get my passport ASAP & depending-on what everyone else is doing I might be able to make the awesome New Year's stuff in New England.

Things are feeling better and better.


Tomorrow the lovely Armadei & I are going to see "The Dark Knight"; which I'm giddy about :D We were going to to a "Hikaru no Go" photo-shoot & sushi picnic today, but we slept late and there was a 30% chance of showers for the afternoon. We bought sushi for it tonight when we went with her mother, and are planning on walking to Collins Park on Friday for it. We still need to play "Vampire: The Masquerade" & have our "Vampire Chronicles" marathon[watch "Interview With The Vampire", "The Queen of The Damned"(which has 'Nicki!Lestat'--Lestat that looks like Nicolas), & "Lestat: The Musical"...I wAnt to also watch the 5th episode of "Kindred: The Embraced"(the Toreador one), but I dont know if I could get her to watch anymore Kindred as it is cheesy ^^; "Pure Toreador~". We made a list of the stuff we plan to watch...we have 4 things done on it. I leave Wednesday morning...*flails*


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