lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Lady Nor RS)

lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Lady Nor RS)

70 Agility~!

full screenshot here~ )
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Lady Nor RS)

68 Agility! )

60 Magic! )

50 Range! )

lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Lady Nor RS)
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Demyx)
I bought a box of L'Oréal Féria 'Light Coppery Crown' hoping to go a colour similiar to the shade I had Lady_Noremon ["RuneScape"~] set to because I am really fond of it. I was getting sick of haveing maybe 3 inches of blond left and it making the rest of my hair look dark/mousie.

a few PICTURES )

So yeah, I hope to get some outside pictures of it, but if I forget, these will have to do ^^ *flees*
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I don't know what is up but I just feel so blah when I go to reply to comments/entries, and post an entry...So I'm doing this in rambling point-form: 

on 'Second Life' )
on apathy & 'Plenty of Fish' )

on my mother ) 

on yardwork, a flower, & job interviews )

on games & RAM ) 

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now, I'll hopefully get into the habit of posting again...


If the images aren't working, just click on them and it will take you to them on my TwitPic.
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I feel so sexy/1337 right now!~♥ [I may try for level 70 in the next 2 weeks...]

big ass screenshot, this way )
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This took me about 4 hours, but HERE!:

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This is from March 1st 2009-April 25th 2009. [from newest-oldest ('cept in the case of related tweets): :[THE THINGS IN ITALICS ARE NOT ENTIRELY MINE/CHAT SNIPPETS WITH PEOPLE]

He wasn't sure what caused him the gnawing horror in his guts. The Beast, the blood drinking, or the knowledge that he was a moving corpse.

He had saw in a movie how lightning will turn sand into glass. No fear of dying by electrocution anymore, the primal urge to flee remained.

Alex looked at himself in the mirror. He dislikes how scrawny he looks. That campus gym membership card in his wallet would do no good now.

Snazzles: Well you don't like mining :P |me: yes I do :P I don;t like smelting |Snazzles: You don't smelt ess :P |me: :P YOU DO NOW |Snazzles: o.o |me: in my pants ;P |Snazzles: O.O |me: all night long :D |Snazzles: Wtf? D: |me: ;)


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61%/level 99




I also beat this guy 3 times today in Clan Wars. He was a higher level than me, but he kept wanting to 1vs1, well I kicked his ass. Not just with my granite maul (which is so slow, but really strong), but with my rune dagger too :O He wanted me to join him though and kept saying I must have 60 Defense >.> I have 52 Defense ;P I just plain rock! The game even told me so :D

'You rock, Robertbemer clearly does not.' )

So overall a pretty good RuneScape day :D NOW I'M OFF TO WATCH VANCOUVER PLAY PHOENIX!!!~

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I need to start makign actual posts agains omeday >..>


Jan. 17th, 2009 01:31 am
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Okay I made a list tonight of the quests I apparently have the levels for. There are 56 on this list including 7 parts of 'Recipe For Disaster' (which I remember when it came out :O)! I have started some of these quests, and should finish them...and there are 3 F2P ones on it :-|

I will be doing 'Tears of Guthix' tomorrow. I. Must. Do. That. Quest. I should also try to finish 'Ghosts Ahoy' as I am almost done it...I just need to finish fixing the toy ship and do the stuff to defeat Necrovarus(sp?)...I actually only stopped because I was too lazy to go get dye...but now there is The Grande Exchange! I also have 4 Hard quests that I might be able to do. I reeeeally should finish the 1st part of 'Rag and Bone Man' (another quest I remember when it was released!), as I almost have all the bones [I think I just need the bear bone(s?)], and just need to clean them; then I can have my bank space back! Yeah, Lady needs to be more 1337!

EDIT---Finished 'Tears of Guthix' and I had miscounted last night and there was only 55 quests I can do.

lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Lady Nor RS)

Yeah finally did it! :D I am soooo 1337 ^___________^ I didn't need as much as I did bring infact o_o; And ripping off her head at the end was "hardcore" according to Matt O: Yeah I owe a lot to Matt for his help with this! I also slew a Lesser Demon :O

I must mention that Melzar is one of my favorite characters in the game now :O "custard!"

I gained a Combat level from the quest and now have 51 Attack & Strength, and 50 Defense!~

I slayed Elvarg! )

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I for some reason have the "Mouse" theme stuck in my head D: [I also now have a sudden urge to watch some of it again, man I wish I was a legendary theif :O]


Yeah I was going to go for x-rays today, but it didn't work out so I tried to sleep in. I got woken-up by Sears at like 7:15 to ask if I wanted to get medical insurance for hospital stays. D: I was like "No thank-you......I like um am only interested in of this thing in a....a insurance for...a dental.....?" I then fell back to sleep and then Wendy came in and woke me up to ask repeatedly if sweet potatoes would be alright in a soup. I thus tried to stay awake by watching a bit of "Journey to the Centre of The Earth". I got up to the part just after they see the glowing birds, then June had to take it back to the rental place :( I did get to watch all of "Wall-E" last night before I fell asleep. I actually fell asleep while watching the deleted scenes...


Minnow tried to kill me tonight! I was coming down the stairs and she ran ahead of me and laid stretched-out on the step I was about to step on and grabed at my foot. Then she started rolling around wildly and latched onto the step and started kicking it with her hind feet. I then tried to walk over her and she bit my foot D: The wind is blowing hard though & it is supossed to snow tomorrow, so I can forgive her batshit behavior. She is also now running up-and-down the stairs and around the house. She sounds liek a horse when she does this...


I think I will have to replace my monitor soon -___- it has been going all shakey tonight and degausing doesn't work for long. It is about 7 years old though so I guess it is time anyway...

I want to get a refurbished Wacom Bamboo tablet, but they only ship to America! I wonder if anyone would let me ship it to them, and then they ship it to me? It is free shipping to the US from Wacom, so I would be very happy to pay whoever would for me :D $120 new from Staples in New Minas vs. $50+shipping from as you can see I'd say a lot of money!

My right wrist has been cramping & sore all evening D: It feels like it did last year when I had to start wearing the brace and rest it for 2 weeks...but I haven't been doing much 'cept using my computer -____-; Atleast last time I had been drawing a whole crap load for school & writting!

I had to quit playing RuneScape tonight because of it and I had planned to go do some 'Shades of Mort'ton' mini-game ;____; I had made all these Serums and I even recharged my Sacred Clay armour/weapon ;_____; So yeah I'll have to do some Prayer training later this week as tomorrow is 'Pest Control' with Matt, & Friday is *dun dun dun* 'Dragon Slayer' :O [for those who don't know, 'Dragon Slayer' is the hardest F2P quest and kinda-like a 'right-of-passage' for level 60 players (yes it can be done at around lvl 40-ish, but I wanted to wait)]!~

I also need to work on Runecrafting, and do 'Tears of Guthix' and work on Constuction so I can do 'Cold War' with Matt too...

Yeah, I'm off to bed now D: But I also want to say that I am mailing Amanda's & Trevor's parcel tomorrow! *rawr*

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Matt & I did "Shades of Mort'ton" tonight :O I used to think it was a quest that higher-leveled players did. Still when 20-30 Lore Shades are chasing after you and attacking it is pretty hard to escape [I ran into a house and shut the door so I could finish making the Serums].

I will defiantly be going back as I want to get a better hang of it.

I also finally finished "Nature Spirit". I was all "rawr" because I found it so weird that he wanted to build a temple to Nature when he supported Saradomin...he reminded me more of a Druid. I'll just pretend that it is a altar to Guthix XD


Now I'm off to go watch "Wall-E" [which would be something I'd want to tell Trev, but I haven't hear from him in over a month...and I haven't gotten to talk to Armie much either...], and eat popcorn. I am achey though and fear I may be getting sick ;__; *flail* [oh and btw Al is wiiiiiiiin!~]


Knee x-rays tomorrow D:


Didn't get to go so I slept in after being woken-up by 2 phone calls...
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Yeah I didn't get to go to Greenwood today because of the weather :( I have the urge to say "January 8th die in a fire" but I shant because today was pretty snazzy :3 [last year was so terrible for me, and most reading should know why] I talked with [ profile] mixed__up & [ profile] keledron most of today and not much else besides 'Scaping tonight...but I had lots of fun :3

I slept in till 10ish and then watched "Live With Regis & Kelly". Had some AWESOME meatloaf for lunch that June made :3 I love June's cooking! I hope to try for Greenwood on Monday now. I need to pick-up "Yakitate!! Japan" volume#2 & "KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne" volume#3 because the order came it :3 I also need to buy some more pajama pants & a pack of DS game holders. I got 3 new games and I need a new case--7 games now! :D Yeah; "Phoenix Wright" 1-3, "Professor Layton and the Curious Village", Phantom Hourglass, "My French Coach", and "Starfox Command". I only have 30 Coins with Club Nintendo though ;_____; [I was really suprised Starfox wasn't worth any!]

Oh and [ profile] alchemy_hisoka's parcel finally got there! It had been about 14 business days so I was starting to get antsy about it...I hope [ profile] hisensei808's aets to him soon too ^^ [I still have 2 more to send to people D: and I hope I find that card I painted for my uncle soon has been missing for awhile and I wanted to send it to him way before this ;___;]

Damn I don't know how well this will be typed because I'm so sleepy D:


I got lvl 61 Combat tonight :D I also got 2 Magic levels from the circus and a Range! So I have; 47 atk, 48 str, 48 def, 48 hp, 39 Prayer, 33 Range, 42 Mage, and 15 Summoning :O

I FINALLY finished though damn crocodiles I had for Slayer! I hated them so much -___-; I have a slight real-life fear of crocodiles, aligators, and water snakes (the poisonous kind, 'specially the white&black-striped ones), and where I had to fight them in RS wasn't close to a bank and I had to use waterskins. The only fun was getting levels, using my clay armour, and beating something that has a higher level than me.

I have plans to play Stealing Creation with Matt this weekend :D I can't wait to try and get some more points~ My armour & weapon are at about 60% right now so I want to be able to replace them when they break. I loooove the extra exp I've been getting from using it :D


Wendy is taking our Christmas tree down tomorrow ;_____; i'll miss it...but I got lots of pictures :D

Atleast Ordon (my light-up outside deer ornament I repaired) can stay out for a bit longer ^^


I was going to type more but I am so tired I'm just going to flop into bed D: Ciao!
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Yep! I had a massive amount of fun at Matt's [last time I will be saying 'Matthew Doucet' to clarify]~ I ate too much junk food though and ended-up bloated and queasy feeling afterwards. If I had known his mom was bringing home Wendy's [the fastfood place] I would not have had mashed potatoes & eggs for breakie. So I had that, my tea, and a cup of hot chocolate [what has become almist like crack to me as of late...not that I do cocaine, I am just stating that it is addicting...I am addicted to Crack though :D ('specially the kind with Lestat *hint hint*)] before I went. I must say again; without graval, busrides make me sick :C [I also can't ride in backseats 'cept in vans without feeling ill]. So I was feeling rather off when I got there (I had also not slept well the night before and my blood pressure was low-feeling). So after I got owned in DMC4 (partly because I haven't played a PS3 since early June, and partly because I didn't have Automatic on), I had 1/2 a chicken pizza & 1/2 a Spicy Chicken Sandwich™ from Wendy's along with some Dr.Pepper ^^ Then for supper it was sweet&sour sauce on rice with pork (I think they were porkchops, but not too sure...), and mixed vegitables. Then when I got home I had some sweets & tea with my too much junk food for me I think (same thing happened to me in America and when [ profile] xiuuxiu & [ profile] fox_avenger were visiting). Anyway I wasn't feeling good so after I chatted online a smidge and picked the turkey (a task that used to gross me out when I had to handle the skeleton that doesn't now) I went to bed. It wasn't even 1am before I was asleep :O I slept in late too...

BUT YES! I fucking heart Dante! O: He is just soooooooooooooooooooo cool! *mauls* "Oh look it has wings!"

Matt & I were joking about the massive amount of belts he is wearing in DMC4 XD Then he teased me about how I want 'crazy Dante babies' *snort*

Dante's little song thing when he gets Lucifer [my favorite weapon btw, unless I learn to control Pandora's Box better ;P] is HILARIOUS!

Dante sings about sex... )

So yes "Devil May Cry" is win~!

I also played a bit of the MGS4 demo. I gave-up after getting spotted so much though D: [also Snake looks like he is humping the ground when he crouches O:]

I also bought Matt 2 months of Members for RuneScape the condition being he had to come to [ profile] clan_p_n_w  and do Dragon Slayer with me :P [he used to have Members and such and is my only real-life RS friend :3] :D If I has more dough to toss-around I'd have bought him more time...oh well, maybe I'll buy him some for the Summer :P

So we chatted about RS a whoooooole crapload :P If I hadn't been feeling crappy last night we were going to do some Hunter & play Stealing Creation :( So maybe later this week...


I am going for x-rays tomorrow morning for my knee finally :O And then it is Valley Chiropractic time *heeee~* [I LOVE my massage before the adjusting ^^ (who doesn't like a massage with almond lotion?)] I then hope to finish my shopping in Greenwood! ONLY 7 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS D: [I have to mail things too *flails and runs around*]

I must go to bed now D: I need to get-up soon...*FAILS*
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Minnow is very healthy. Got 3 needles, her check-up, and a rabies tag/certificate. She also is on eardrops for 5 days. She weighs 11lb/5.72kg, and has very bright eyes and coat. She needs to be defleaed again, and have her teeth cleaned sometime. June & I had to get her off the pet-food shelves in the office >.>; Minnow is currently very dozy and smells bad, but is asleep on my chest. It cost me $111.32 :,( I hope the wank is happy I spent so much on her! Im laying-down due to my low!things -_-~

I dyed my hair today. It kinda went more pink than red, and didnt tint my roots. I used that 3washes stuff, because I like being blond atm.

I am now Combat lvl 59 on P2P! Im training Prayer atm in Port Phastmas. Giddy over more exp with Sacred Clay items soon!


Nov. 28th, 2008 12:48 am
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Would anyone want to join me for when I reach level 60?~


I may be the only one who cares [XD] but Zezima just logged into the new Fun Orb zombie game :P (I added 'him' because I was curious, and because I deleted a lot of my Buddy List) *hehehe* (I find this more amusing than I should XP)


IT IS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL :O I just met [ profile] crazie_kid134  in world 60 at Port Phasmatys!
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Finally cleared "Trials and Tribulations" today! I felt really bad over finding the real killer, but I think he wanted to be caught...atleast there is the argument that it was to protect life, so I don't think he would get too long...Don't you just love how I've stopped posting massive spoilers, and instead am posting vague ones? XD

I got "Justice for All" & need to pay for PW1 so I'll have all but "Apollo Justice" :3 Atleast I don't have to worry about going months without playing my DS again because it makes me upset :P

Well I am 10k from lvl 58 Agility :D [I have failed at my goal, so I guess I'll have to postpone it for a long time], I'm guessing maybe Saint Valentine's Day now...WILDY AGILITY IS SOOOO GREAT :D [been doing in PK worlds]

I got the horn-thing and the emote from killing turkeys, but is it the same as if I had gone and found all the hidden ones? [also got it on Edwardochan :3]

I organized and cleaned my bank!~ I have like 21 free spaces now (I'll have more once I finish cooking and Prayer training...I'd have a FUCK LOAD more if I actually trained Farming XD)! I wish I had 200k more so I could buy a Regeneration Bracelette >.> (Lady never has a lot of gp...)...

I need to finish my shopping so bad and get my parcels sent-out -___-; I fail at it...Like I even failed at getting my thank-you cards sent-out from when I went to America...I think I'll send them with the parcels so to save shipping...I also need to wrap what I have bought D:

Oh and we got like 4 feet of snow this past weekend, and I just wish it would finish melting so I could go bicycling ;__;


Happy Thanksgiving!~

I'm not American, but still hope you had a good one and got to do what you enjoy and spend time with those you are thankful for ^_^ *wooo*


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