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How I have it hooked-up at the moment, because Tech Support wanted to make sure it was the modem/router.
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I got my sites backed-up and I backed-up "RPG Laughs" on WebArchive aswell as triple saving it. I also got what I could of "The Chen & Chip Project" by my oldest online mate [ profile] chipcaramel .

I thought of doing a "NetHack" death to send it off.

Holy shit.

Oct. 10th, 2009 08:49 pm
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My external 1TB just crapped on me. It was working fine, and I went to save something to it and it wasn't showing-up in "My Computer" so I restarted everything and when it showed-up it was just showing-up as "F:/" instead of "SexBeast McHotBox F:/". I have some short-cuts to files on it so I clicked on them and it couldn't find them at all. I am in a right panic. All my pictures/chatlogs from August 2008 are on it [some of the stuff I burnt to disk when I backed-up in April]. It's my main back-up, like I try to have stuff I can't replace on my comp+2 externals, butwith the way I've been ghosting through crap the last few months, SexBeast McHotBox was the main thing. It's still under warrenty, but it's the files I give a shit about.

I am in such a distraught mood right now.

I can hopefully have it recovered [even just a few of the irreplacable things], but it's going to cost $85/hr...That's a major thing. Then it will cost me about $80 to travel to Halifax which is the nearest data recovery centre. [I'm hoping Douchette can lend me a bit, but I'm still so upset.] It's about 500GB of data in limbo, will they copy it off and put it on something new and I have to pay for that too? It is so frustrating!

I just don't know what to do.
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My comp' forgot it's DNS files again so after fiddling with it repeatedly, I just decided to reinstall Windows.

It will take me awhile to get things how I like it again (if I can), but yep I'm back ^^;

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I'm going MIA from my comp' for tomorrow. My scans have all come-out good ('cept this scan which is at 45%, it says it has found a problem...nothing I can do about it though.) so I'm just doing this as a precaution. I'll be on Facebook, Twitter, & MSN/Y!M/AIM with my cellular-phone ^_^ So I'll catch you peeps if you want! Also you can LJ-TXT me 24/7 ;P

So Yep I've burnt-off my chat-logs and I'm going to be turning everything off in about 20mins [giving the scan a smidge more to finish & so I can hear who wins tonight's Canucks @ Wild game]...I hope to post for you on Thursday with everything safe-and-sound.

Take-care, and have fun for April Fools' Day tomorrow,


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I for some reason have the "Mouse" theme stuck in my head D: [I also now have a sudden urge to watch some of it again, man I wish I was a legendary theif :O]


Yeah I was going to go for x-rays today, but it didn't work out so I tried to sleep in. I got woken-up by Sears at like 7:15 to ask if I wanted to get medical insurance for hospital stays. D: I was like "No thank-you......I like um am only interested in of this thing in a....a insurance for...a dental.....?" I then fell back to sleep and then Wendy came in and woke me up to ask repeatedly if sweet potatoes would be alright in a soup. I thus tried to stay awake by watching a bit of "Journey to the Centre of The Earth". I got up to the part just after they see the glowing birds, then June had to take it back to the rental place :( I did get to watch all of "Wall-E" last night before I fell asleep. I actually fell asleep while watching the deleted scenes...


Minnow tried to kill me tonight! I was coming down the stairs and she ran ahead of me and laid stretched-out on the step I was about to step on and grabed at my foot. Then she started rolling around wildly and latched onto the step and started kicking it with her hind feet. I then tried to walk over her and she bit my foot D: The wind is blowing hard though & it is supossed to snow tomorrow, so I can forgive her batshit behavior. She is also now running up-and-down the stairs and around the house. She sounds liek a horse when she does this...


I think I will have to replace my monitor soon -___- it has been going all shakey tonight and degausing doesn't work for long. It is about 7 years old though so I guess it is time anyway...

I want to get a refurbished Wacom Bamboo tablet, but they only ship to America! I wonder if anyone would let me ship it to them, and then they ship it to me? It is free shipping to the US from Wacom, so I would be very happy to pay whoever would for me :D $120 new from Staples in New Minas vs. $50+shipping from as you can see I'd say a lot of money!

My right wrist has been cramping & sore all evening D: It feels like it did last year when I had to start wearing the brace and rest it for 2 weeks...but I haven't been doing much 'cept using my computer -____-; Atleast last time I had been drawing a whole crap load for school & writting!

I had to quit playing RuneScape tonight because of it and I had planned to go do some 'Shades of Mort'ton' mini-game ;____; I had made all these Serums and I even recharged my Sacred Clay armour/weapon ;_____; So yeah I'll have to do some Prayer training later this week as tomorrow is 'Pest Control' with Matt, & Friday is *dun dun dun* 'Dragon Slayer' :O [for those who don't know, 'Dragon Slayer' is the hardest F2P quest and kinda-like a 'right-of-passage' for level 60 players (yes it can be done at around lvl 40-ish, but I wanted to wait)]!~

I also need to work on Runecrafting, and do 'Tears of Guthix' and work on Constuction so I can do 'Cold War' with Matt too...

Yeah, I'm off to bed now D: But I also want to say that I am mailing Amanda's & Trevor's parcel tomorrow! *rawr*

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'Jet-Star 9' is the name of my mostly-new MP3 player :D

It sounds like a band XD [also Jetstar is apparently a airline in Australia :O]

I kinda just combined the suggestions of 'Gang Star' & 'Jetana', and I added the '9' from the temporary name I haed given it; 'Nine'.
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Well I got a new MP3 player today, and it needs a name!


It has a cap that goes over the USB plug, that is curved-up like the other end, giving the device the look of a small silver banana >.> And while it may look like the top is silver too, it is actually this white stripe along the device & cap.

So any ideas? In the past I've had Jan-Ken & Nicki, so what shall this one be called?



Maybe it looks like a sports-boat more than a banana?

Also this was the first time I posted something in almost 5 days o_o;

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Well it seems to be fixed!~♥ [and you can see my snazzy Shagohod background too :P]

Seriously 'what the hell Kapersky?' You blocked my wireless adaptor once, yet you couldn't find 46 other things? D,:

it was something called 'Virtumonde' ) EDIT--- Going to be posting on Bleeping Computer just incase. [suggested by Mix]
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So Yeah I haven't made a "what is going on in life for me" post in awhile...this isn't really that good of one, but I can't think of anything to say ^^;

Role Play Ramble )

Sarah Jane & New Doctor )
Shaglehod Tidy-ing )
Sleep-ness )
My right ear has been plugged all weekend and I can't hear well out of it. I am on something for it, but it really is annoying.
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I slept in today. I was then asked to do a errand for June. I went on ebuddy and messaged Sensei to let him know I would be a little late for Clan Wars. Well I finished and turned on my computer to be greeted with the following;


UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME )I thought it was no big deal and restarted. I got the "Windows did not start properly" black screen and so I selected start with the most recent settings that worked.

I got "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" again. I got it over and over, I tried starting in Safe Mode, and nothing worked. I figured I would have to reinstal Windows again.

I REALLY do not want to do that, eventhough I reguarly back-up my music & such. I was scared of losing my Skype & Gizmo conversation logs. Especially my Gizmo ones, because of all the Conversations with Armadei.

Well I Googled that error on my cell-phone and; OH MY THANK-YOU TECH-RECIPES**!!!!!!!

I thought it wouldn't work after it had been at 25% for over a hour... )

It took like 2 hours for CHKDSK to complete, but it found and repaired a error and Windows started up just fine :D


Apparently my Internet/Wireless Adaptor was no longer able to be found. So I turned my comp off, opened-up the side and took out my adaptor. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, turned power off, and put the adaptor back.

It still could not find it.

So I tried several times and apparently The adaptor wasn't snapping-in very well. I FINALLY got it in and the light wasn't coming on.

Finally I have it working and my connection is Very Good :D

I'm really sad I missed Clan Wars though ;_;

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So finally Kapersky can access it's update server. It hasn't been able to since February-ish -___-;

Now it is all:

renew key )

I just got you in Febuary!!!! YOU ARE NOT EXPIRED T_T* [it does say it is VALID in the updates/activation section though :P]
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My replacement Logitech headset should be here soooooooooooooooooooooon :D

DHL the shipping company kinda drove-in yesterday, stuck the notice on the door and drove away, before I could sign for my I have signed the notice and they will leave it on the step. I think they thought noone was home as there was no vehicles in the driveway ^^;

I'm glad because the left side of my Suicen pair has cut-out ;_____;
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yEAH i NOW HAVE iNTERNET & THE WIRELESS IS WORKING NOW. I have a bunch I need to get caught-up-on, but not right now, and yes now to move it back into my room ^^;

Yes & No.

Aug. 29th, 2008 05:54 pm
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The Internet package & SexBeast McHotBox came today. I had Internet for like 10mins. Then Linksys couldnt find the modem & Aliant Net Assistant couldnt ether. So I was told to call support. Now no idea after being on with Phi since 2pm. Told to wait and try at 8ish. Going to have a nap.
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Well I need to stop saying "ass" so much. After the 'Marius de Assface' thing, I started to apend it to everything. From Minnow to the band Rolling Thunder. "Ass-Cat" & "Ass Thunder"...Also Ive been tormenting everyone with "giraffes are Kosher" & "where would you buy giraffe?" & "we should go to Chigago!". Ass.

I went to order my new external & I was short $23.90 on my card. So I will have to order tomorrow. [ profile] chipcaramel & mostly me have decided to call it 'SexBeast McHotBox'. ISNT THAT A AWESOME NAME? Or I could call it Dageus McKeltar :-P

I now have a Twitter; lady_noremon

Bacon makes a good air-freshener! The pet pee smell we cant seem to get rid of,has been covered-overed by the smell of the back-bacon we fried yesterday.Eeew...and my hair smells like fried bacon too...Ass. June did stew/bottle some yummy tomato(e)s last night too! Need to stop eating poptarts for breakfast due to sugar-rush.

Im finished with my houseplant-honeys, so Im gonna have a nap, because I feel weak.

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It will be 5-7 business days, and it is a do-it-youself package as Aliant is heavily booked -_____- I really wanted to play Clan Wars this weekend! Hopefully it will come Friday...Labour Day weekend Clan Wars [CWs is still Castle Wars to me...]...maybe?
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Not COMPLETE yet, but it should be in 3-4 business days [excluding tomorrow]. I just installed my wireless adapter! Aliant is coming-in, around Thursday or Friday~ Fuck, yes, Internet on my lovely Shaglehod sooooon!
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I INSTALLED A DVD/MULTIDRIVE ON MY OWN! And changed my old CD drive to secondary & changed it to Slave [yes my Shaglehod is not only female & Latino, it now is into S&M >.>]. This is something I would have had Matt do in the past as I fail at computer-work-stuff...Im really proud of myself. Is it normal to be loud though? Compared to my other drive it is...

I bought a wireless-adapter, and will (hopefully) have Internet by the 31st--depending-on when Aliant comes!

Im ordering a new external-harddrive probably this weekend. I want one I can put everything on and thus wont need to divide my files on 2 & my computer. Then I can have more games installed and back-up jazz!

I called Logitech & they are sending me a replacement headset! Brand-new & free :D *dances* I miss my awesome headset!

I called Kingston about my SD-card of fail. They are going to replace it & try to recover my data for me. I hope I can figure-out how to mail & such with FedEX though! Our couriers are Purolator & CanPar.

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The parcel came today! *heeee* Thanks for the pictures! The are win and lack of legs on Lestat made me giggly. You are a coolio sexy-wexy, awesome possum, duck.

The camera cable also didnt help my camera read my card either so I need to call Kingsinton(probally spelled wrong...I know it is) later-on. Thank-you Armadei!~


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