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I really should try and stop this posting every 4 days thing...

Yep! I had a massive amount of fun at Matt's [last time I will be saying 'Matthew Doucet' to clarify]~ I ate too much junk food though and ended-up bloated and queasy feeling afterwards. If I had known his mom was bringing home Wendy's [the fastfood place] I would not have had mashed potatoes & eggs for breakie. So I had that, my tea, and a cup of hot chocolate [what has become almist like crack to me as of late...not that I do cocaine, I am just stating that it is addicting...I am addicted to Crack though :D ('specially the kind with Lestat *hint hint*)] before I went. I must say again; without graval, busrides make me sick :C [I also can't ride in backseats 'cept in vans without feeling ill]. So I was feeling rather off when I got there (I had also not slept well the night before and my blood pressure was low-feeling). So after I got owned in DMC4 (partly because I haven't played a PS3 since early June, and partly because I didn't have Automatic on), I had 1/2 a chicken pizza & 1/2 a Spicy Chicken Sandwich™ from Wendy's along with some Dr.Pepper ^^ Then for supper it was sweet&sour sauce on rice with pork (I think they were porkchops, but not too sure...), and mixed vegitables. Then when I got home I had some sweets & tea with my too much junk food for me I think (same thing happened to me in America and when [ profile] xiuuxiu & [ profile] fox_avenger were visiting). Anyway I wasn't feeling good so after I chatted online a smidge and picked the turkey (a task that used to gross me out when I had to handle the skeleton that doesn't now) I went to bed. It wasn't even 1am before I was asleep :O I slept in late too...

BUT YES! I fucking heart Dante! O: He is just soooooooooooooooooooo cool! *mauls* "Oh look it has wings!"

Matt & I were joking about the massive amount of belts he is wearing in DMC4 XD Then he teased me about how I want 'crazy Dante babies' *snort*

Dante's little song thing when he gets Lucifer [my favorite weapon btw, unless I learn to control Pandora's Box better ;P] is HILARIOUS!

So yes "Devil May Cry" is win~!

I also played a bit of the MGS4 demo. I gave-up after getting spotted so much though D: [also Snake looks like he is humping the ground when he crouches O:]

I also bought Matt 2 months of Members for RuneScape the condition being he had to come to [ profile] clan_p_n_w  and do Dragon Slayer with me :P [he used to have Members and such and is my only real-life RS friend :3] :D If I has more dough to toss-around I'd have bought him more time...oh well, maybe I'll buy him some for the Summer :P

So we chatted about RS a whoooooole crapload :P If I hadn't been feeling crappy last night we were going to do some Hunter & play Stealing Creation :( So maybe later this week...


I am going for x-rays tomorrow morning for my knee finally :O And then it is Valley Chiropractic time *heeee~* [I LOVE my massage before the adjusting ^^ (who doesn't like a massage with almond lotion?)] I then hope to finish my shopping in Greenwood! ONLY 7 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS D: [I have to mail things too *flails and runs around*]

I must go to bed now D: I need to get-up soon...*FAILS*

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Glad you had so much fun! :) And yes, Devil May Cry is awesome, even though I've only played the first chapter of the first game. xD
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Yep, that it was!

I have 1-3, but I've only played 1&4 because I'm trying to get all the Secret Missions in 1 and it is hard D:

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Armand: *pokes Lestat*

I'm glad you had fun. ^^

I've never played - or watched anyone else play - any of the Devil May Cry series. Just based on that YouTube video, however, I'd say that Dante likes showing off and has more than a bit of Toreador in his blood especially with the fetish for randomly appearing red flowers. Also, is it just me, or can the lyrics of Dante's song be taken sexually very easily? (He's also very luck not to have any monsters/vampires/whatever Dante fights waiting on him in that room while he finished his 'I am cool and badass' moment. :p)

[also Snake looks like he is humping the ground when he crouches O:]

*laughs* Is all MGS in third person?
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Lestat: My, what do you want Armand.

Yep ^^

"especially with the fetish for randomly appearing red flowers"

It actually happens to be a rose :O

Another scene from DMC4 to go with the Toreador thing;

Dante fights devils/demons, and apparently they let him have his moments like this because of how badass he is *snerk*

Sometimes you can play it in first person, but most of it is in 3rd.

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Armand: I could go for some music. Bach? Tartini? Something with . . . violins. *smirk*

"You summon and kill!" -- favourite line

The confetti was a lovely touch. I always approve of confetti.

Everyone is so dramatic!

. . . have they done a musical? They should. :p Though at times, it looks like Dante might prefer ballet or modern dance instead.

Random insect warrior reminds me of the Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter.