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Made lovingly from a screencap from the website and MS Paint. It looks very slammin' on my RAZR :3


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I'll try to respond to my e-mails and such sometime this weekend, but just a short post to say "*weeeeeee* Layton for Sarah~"


Also; I apparently weigh as much as Michael Phelps** and I am 162cm tall.

**I used my phone to convert my weigh using Google, and the first search result was on his weigh :\
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I don't know what is up but I just feel so blah when I go to reply to comments/entries, and post an entry...So I'm doing this in rambling point-form: 

on 'Second Life' )
on apathy & 'Plenty of Fish' )

on my mother ) 

on yardwork, a flower, & job interviews )

on games & RAM ) 

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now, I'll hopefully get into the habit of posting again...


If the images aren't working, just click on them and it will take you to them on my TwitPic.
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3 pictures of what I've drawn in the past week... )


*gah*WTF LiveJournal D:

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I havent been on my computer since Christmas Day D: Im actually on my phone again...I've been playing Professor Layton >_>

Ive gotten to puzzle 64 not including the higher number hidden ones. Im at the talking to Matthew part on the 2nd day. Also I dont trust Chelmy at all! How could he get into the village...? I really like Lucy & her puzzles. My favorite puzzle so far was the one with cutting stamps. But I like the matchstick ones too :3 Oh and I built the gizmo! I named it Jigsaw, because he was like a jigsaw puzzle XD; Oh and Im worried for Deke O: Also what is up with the general store? I know they have a market in the Northern section, but why was the store abandoned!? Where is Flora too? Shouldnt she have been at the meeting over her father's inheritance? I have a feeling something is up with that tower, & Lady Dahlia is connected with it...What is up with this place in general D:

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Luuuuuuke :D He is just so bright-eyed and awesome! Also Professor Layton is very awesome~

I am stuck with the Digital Digits puzzle D,: I figured-out 33 times there are 3 or more of the same # on the clock at the same time, so that would be 66 in a day? Because 01:00-09:00 is 9 times, 01:11-05:55 is 5 times, 10:00&10:11 is 2 times, 11:01-11-51 is 6 times, 11:10&(excluding 11:11 because it is counted prior)11:12-11:19 is 9 times, and 12:11&12:22 is 2 times--so 9+5+2+6+9+2=33 & 33x2=66 times in a day. But that apparently is incorrect >_<* *flail* I guess I will have to use a walkthrough :,-( My brain hurts!


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