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I haven't read your e-mail yet, as I have to keep myself calm so I can pass my re-write tomorrow [and I am scared (I will get to it eventually)]. But I want to apologise. Also the Tracking Number is: "CX 278 716 451 CA" [it was sent on the 20th]


And I guess I should make a post about what I have been doing lately, since I haven't posted a real entry in over 6 weeks.

on Twitter ) 

So I haven't been checking/active on LiveJournal much at all in the past few months, but I want people to know it is not about not wanting to talk to any of you! I just don't know how to go about it. I am going to start being more active around here again though, just as soon as things get a little less busy.

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on my phone or how I do not recommend Bell-Aliant )
on breathing problems )

I also had a very good Christmas. I didn't over-eat this year~ Last year I ate way too much, and gained a lot of my weight back. My pants are a bit snug now, but I don't feel as bloated as I did in 2008. I ate so much because I missed most of Chistmas the year I was in college, and most of the good food that is avalible over the holidays. I got a graphics tablet, and a bunch of games [2 plus 6 months of RuneScape membership], and A LOT of Vancouver Canucks stuff. Avon had a set of NHL team glasses & bowls, so my mom got me a set of Canucks' ones. I think they are right cool~ I also got Christmas crackers this year. Last year I didn't get any, and finally got a box of party ones at Easter-time. They have become a kind of tradition with June, me, & Wendy. We open a box on Christmas Eve and on New Years' Eve :3 I like the popping sound the best, but I also love getting a real-life party hat [party hats are old, rare, and expensive items in RuneScape]

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But I should be getting to bed now, as it is later than I planned-on, and I need to go to a doctor's appointment and then rewrite my license test. And THEN hopefully I can get back with TELUS and be settled finally.

Ciao, and I hope not to disappear for another 6 weeks loves,

Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon

**what I imagive Google Wave must be like, though I have yet to activate my invite for it, as I heard it is really laggy, and I don't have a lot of RAM :(
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Well I'm trying to get this: down to 40kb so I can use it as a user-picture. I can get it down to 47kb. I'm probably going to have to use The Gimp to edit the frames to contain less detail in the background. I just love little dancing Godot :3 [it's from 2 screenshots from the following video. I'd also looooooove to know if there is a "Devil May Cry" version of the meme & what the original anime is :3
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The two characters I play at [ profile] justiceforsome :3
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'A little <u>lower</u> Godot~' )

The board is located at

I made Kristoph into a pimp, and added bows to Apollo XD


Malkavian Maya became Atmey D: )

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Finally cleared "Trials and Tribulations" today! I felt really bad over finding the real killer, but I think he wanted to be caught...atleast there is the argument that it was to protect life, so I don't think he would get too long...Don't you just love how I've stopped posting massive spoilers, and instead am posting vague ones? XD

I got "Justice for All" & need to pay for PW1 so I'll have all but "Apollo Justice" :3 Atleast I don't have to worry about going months without playing my DS again because it makes me upset :P

Well I am 10k from lvl 58 Agility :D [I have failed at my goal, so I guess I'll have to postpone it for a long time], I'm guessing maybe Saint Valentine's Day now...WILDY AGILITY IS SOOOO GREAT :D [been doing in PK worlds]

I got the horn-thing and the emote from killing turkeys, but is it the same as if I had gone and found all the hidden ones? [also got it on Edwardochan :3]

I organized and cleaned my bank!~ I have like 21 free spaces now (I'll have more once I finish cooking and Prayer training...I'd have a FUCK LOAD more if I actually trained Farming XD)! I wish I had 200k more so I could buy a Regeneration Bracelette >.> (Lady never has a lot of gp...)...

I need to finish my shopping so bad and get my parcels sent-out -___-; I fail at it...Like I even failed at getting my thank-you cards sent-out from when I went to America...I think I'll send them with the parcels so to save shipping...I also need to wrap what I have bought D:

Oh and we got like 4 feet of snow this past weekend, and I just wish it would finish melting so I could go bicycling ;__;


Happy Thanksgiving!~

I'm not American, but still hope you had a good one and got to do what you enjoy and spend time with those you are thankful for ^_^ *wooo*
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Well I was in the middle of trying to make a entry for [ profile] justiceforsome/getting caught-up at [ profile] justiceforsome, when I see a ADVERTISMENT for [ profile] cpslk_drssngrm. After pressure from yet another Edgeworth, I decided to try it out...

Oh my fuck the crack!

I also need to catch-up at [ profile] tastydelicious >.> *flails*


[ profile] ghostmia from JFS is there too :D *lots of hearts*~ I wonder if anyone else from JFS will join/is there? :D

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Here is my finished Godot pumpkin...;

'Of course, being extradited from Hell is a tedious affair.' )

I wonder if any of the Trick-orTreaters will know who he is? ;3

Also my Void Knight costume will not be finished because it had rained for about the last 2 weeks and that meant I could not spray-paint or dye anything -___-; So while it will be completed at a later date (as I bought everything for it already), I will most likely be wearing my Leorio suit and my Waya wig when I hand out candy.


I want to say that those are both quotes from Godot ^^; I could have said something about coffee too...
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I will post the bits of the Canadian judge, salt in your coffee?, and other Diego quotes later-on...

1337aZnPrInceSz! )

things about angels, because angels remind me of Armand... )

'Are you for real?' )

So yes;

Oct. 19th, 2008 04:02 am
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I've been RPing at [ profile] justiceforsome , and went on the [ profile] boobjection  pchat tonight, to be greeted with a mass of JFS characters...

I drew what is circled in red, but I'm wondering who drew [ profile] dark_gumshoe , [ profile] phoneix_wright , and coloured the big [ profile] princess_gavin  :O I play Phonenix, and I certainly didn't draw qui?!
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Guuuuuummmmmmmmssshooooooooooooooooooooooeeee~!!!! You are sooooooo awesome! *flails*


spoilers follow )

Art Deco?

Oct. 14th, 2008 11:06 pm
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"! People are like coffee; the darker it is, the stronger it becomes. The hardest part is the bitterness. The question is; are you a man that can stomach a bitter brew? *points* You don't look like one to me!"**



So Yeah I'm Cross-Examining Armstrong. I'm glad the partitions are finally coming into play, because I noticed them when I first went to Trés Bien...I AM STILL upset that the list of blackmail amounts didn't get brought-up in Stolen Turnabout ;___; I WANTED TO PUSH ATMEY FURTHER!

So yes, and that chick was not a ghost afterall. Though I am now calling her "Giovanni-Girl", since she be Italian and named 'Viola Cadaverinni'...She is just a creppy girl who likes to burn things...

**something I typed for RP >.>
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Well it is after 5 D: I am still awake. I have been playing T&T because there was this ghosty chick at the resterant that only Phoenix saw. I was scared I would have a bad dream from it so I decided to play a tad furthur to get it off my immediate mind. I have a thing where I need to avoid ghost-things before bed/when Im so tired. It makes me have bad dreams lol. Then I got caught-up in the case and was all "you are cool Gumshoe!" The I was so tired I kept reading "Byrde" as Bride instead of Bird, thus amusing myself. Then Godot said something that sounded really terrible and I was all "what the hell man?" O: it was something about Gumshoe driving the nails into Maggey's coffin. It seemed really harse! So now I am tryhng to sleep but Minn is being a ass so I am typing till she settles down -_-* Also my hand hurts and my arm is sore[stitches and needle].

Role Play

Oct. 12th, 2008 11:19 pm
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Well I started RPing somewhat again. Not too sure I do the character well, but it's practice :P

I might as well come clean;

*clears throat*

My RP journals are; [ profile] narukami_tenshi , [ profile] piece_from_dark , [ profile] chupa_chup_man , [ profile] eleganszi , and [ profile] cup_number_17 [I'm debating making a Crack!Lestat one...]

And I rarely use any of them [actually I doubt my ability so much]. The one that has gotten the most use has been chupa_chup_man...I really should try joining some other communities, but I am so AMATURISH I am afraid to. Maybe I should ask [ profile] gargantsurprise  to show me the ropes (since I won't hear from [personal profile] unite /[personal profile] skyseer apparently)? :P


Oct. 11th, 2008 09:16 pm
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Yep FINALLY figured-out that part of Atmey's testimony I was stuck with in the 2nd part of Stolen Turnabout :3


Now I need to figure-out the vital piece with this one as I only have 1 chance...Damn I like Godot~ [and I made that image with a sprite from Court Records]


Now I'm on "Recipe for Turnabout" :D


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