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Here is my finished Godot pumpkin...;

'Of course, being extradited from Hell is a tedious affair.' )

I wonder if any of the Trick-orTreaters will know who he is? ;3

Also my Void Knight costume will not be finished because it had rained for about the last 2 weeks and that meant I could not spray-paint or dye anything -___-; So while it will be completed at a later date (as I bought everything for it already), I will most likely be wearing my Leorio suit and my Waya wig when I hand out candy.


I want to say that those are both quotes from Godot ^^; I could have said something about coffee too...
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Okay, here are my yearly pupmkin patterns that I design. This year I have Godot, Windwaker Link, and a Eye of Truth. I plan to put Link on one side & the Eye of Truth on the other or the pumpkin we have on our front steps. I will also be carving a bat if I can get 3 pumpkins ^_^

Godot )
Windwaker Link )
Eye of Truth )
The instuctions for 'professionally' carving a pumpkin can be found here**

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This year I made a Axel one :3 [I also made a Roxas but the quality is rougher]!

The ones from the past can be found here in my Pumpkin gallery :3 

Also I know they look kinda like Kirihito's style, but that is because I did not want to use how I carve anime eyes as it would make them more fragile]
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It's that time of year again...time to carve!

So I like do a custom design every year. Though I've only scanned the ones from the past 3 years.

This year I was all "I WANT TO CARVE MIKE!" since I'm dressing as Killua >.> so here is the pattern, though I haven't attempted to carve it yet. I'll relay if it doesn't turn out ^^;; Well it WOULD have carved better, but the pumpkin I used was kinda rotten, and rotten pumpkins are too soft to carve complex designs into. So I improvised in places.

Now for more patterns; 


Toma-chan )

Now here are 2 "Pumpkin Masters" patterns I happen to have scanned onto my comp.

I've done patterns of Gorn [(my own characters) the hardest pumpkin I ever made, due to the intricate/thin cuts], Charmander, and Biomon in the past ^_^ oh and a untested Mickey Mouse.


The offical "Pumpkin Masters" directions. Not included however is that if you can't see the pin holes, to spead a little bit of flour over the pumpkin design. Oh and to coat the edges of the cuts with petrolium jelly...;


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