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Tonight one of my few Twitter friend-friends made me a PhotoShop-ped picture, so I have been compelled to share :P

I went as The Eighth Doctor for Hallowe'en this year. A costume I decided on basicall the day before and bought a suit vest & jacket from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I went to the Dracula's Castle Haunted Tour at Family Adventures/Roo's Playhouse in the Greenwood Mall. It was FANTASTIC :D I had sooo much fun, and wish I hadn't taken the last tour of the day, because I would have liked to have gone on it again. Apparently Dracula has a 5 room house, and shares it with 4 other 'people'--a ghost, 2 wolfmen, & his girlfriend. This does not include his various experiments. SEE ARMIE I TOLD YOU HE WAS TZIMISCE ;P I kinda went through it 'in character', but I would have been all curious & big-grins anyway :3 The only problem I had was that they had waaaay too much fake smoke/fog & it make me cough a lot/filled-me-up, and it smelled like dust & burnt treacle [not the good kind of 'burnt' though :( ] I also carved a Seal of Rassilon jack-o-lantern/Pumpkin of Rassilon. Pictures I took on Halloween can be found in this album. I wish we had, had more kids though. We only had 7, and 5 of them were neighbours'. I like doing 'door duty' because it gives me something to do, besides mope-about and long to go Trick-or-Treating. I really wish I had a friend or two to go out with :(

I've been listening to a lot of Big Finish audioplays lately. Mostly Eighth Doctor ones, because I am so enjoying Paul McGann's character. But maaaaaaan The Divergence arc I'm on is kinda trippy/difficult. "Scherzo" was a big huge pile of mind-fuckery!!! I listened to it on the transit bus on my way to view Kentville's Pumpkin People, and my face was mostly in odd expressions the whole way. That trip didn't go as planned I shall add. It was going fine until the 2nd bus was late and didn't arrive at Wal*Mart until the sun was down :( I only managed to get a few blurred pictures as we were driving by. The Photobucket Album of the pictures can be found here as soon as the pictures finish uploading, but if you would like to see the pictures from that day here is my Facebook album of them.

Yeah I am totally around, just not very active online lately/the last few months :( I am also waaaaay behind in commenting/replying to things. I haven't even replied to very awesoem e-mails yet! I DO READ THOUGH! I read my Friends' Page atleast once a day, and have only missed a few days back when I was mostly bedridden with that high-fever in August. So I do mostly know what is going on with my peeps ^^ I don't know if I will get caught-up, but I want everyone to know that I do care! If you want me just try my cellular-telephone [New Scotland+BAO-ETTA] or hit-me-up on MSN ^_^ [ladynoremon at]

But it is like 1/4-to-1:00am, so I should get to bed, so I DO NOT end-up falling asleep on Douchette's chesterfield again when I visit him tomorrow. I AM GOING TO ROCK AS RIOS! [we are on the last level of "Army of Two", and I am playing Tyson Rios :3] I actually am really sucking at shooters again :(

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The few other pics I took can be found here, and you can see the nice belt/strap thigh-thigns I made...

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Got everything needed to finish Train. I even bought stuff to make his thigh ammo thing. The haunted house lazer tag is only open for fun tomorrow. I am sad.


Oct. 30th, 2008 12:49 am
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I am going to look for some red ribbon tomorrow and pull together a cheap-ass Train Heartnet cosplay for when I hand out candy. I have a long black jacket, black pants, and a black button-up shirt (though Train's has no buttons). I just need red ribbon and a bell to wear with my Waya wig :D
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Here is my finished Godot pumpkin...;

'Of course, being extradited from Hell is a tedious affair.' )

I wonder if any of the Trick-orTreaters will know who he is? ;3

Also my Void Knight costume will not be finished because it had rained for about the last 2 weeks and that meant I could not spray-paint or dye anything -___-; So while it will be completed at a later date (as I bought everything for it already), I will most likely be wearing my Leorio suit and my Waya wig when I hand out candy.


I want to say that those are both quotes from Godot ^^; I could have said something about coffee too...
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Okay, here are my yearly pupmkin patterns that I design. This year I have Godot, Windwaker Link, and a Eye of Truth. I plan to put Link on one side & the Eye of Truth on the other or the pumpkin we have on our front steps. I will also be carving a bat if I can get 3 pumpkins ^_^

Godot )
Windwaker Link )
Eye of Truth )
The instuctions for 'professionally' carving a pumpkin can be found here**



Oct. 2nd, 2006 08:19 pm
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Well I've decided for my school costume, I shall be simply buying 2 sheets of bristil board, and making something inspired by this;


Only mine shall say; "HELLO MY NAME IS; n00b"

I've had too much cold medicine/caffine :3


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