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Tonight I got to the end of The Shuttered Palace "Nemesis" arc Ambition in "Echo Bazaar"...well not quite the end. I have another thing to do when I get higher Dangerous and I have a feeling I will be back.

#EBZ Here is the iconic pouring off of an spoon shot. It real... on Twitpic


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So yes, that was my evening. I think that this -should- be Part #3 of what I plan to type-up sometime. But I just finished this section so I thought it best to type it up now.


And! If anyone has a Twitter [and very soon Facebook account will do] account, and would like to join me in The 'Neath, just go to

and yes, my Twitter name is still "Lady_Noremon".


via @Bostonbookworm:
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70 Agility~!

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68 Agility! )

60 Magic! )

50 Range! )

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I don't know what is up but I just feel so blah when I go to reply to comments/entries, and post an entry...So I'm doing this in rambling point-form: 

on 'Second Life' )
on apathy & 'Plenty of Fish' )

on my mother ) 

on yardwork, a flower, & job interviews )

on games & RAM ) 

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now, I'll hopefully get into the habit of posting again...


If the images aren't working, just click on them and it will take you to them on my TwitPic.
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I feel so sexy/1337 right now!~♥ [I may try for level 70 in the next 2 weeks...]

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61%/level 99




I also beat this guy 3 times today in Clan Wars. He was a higher level than me, but he kept wanting to 1vs1, well I kicked his ass. Not just with my granite maul (which is so slow, but really strong), but with my rune dagger too :O He wanted me to join him though and kept saying I must have 60 Defense >.> I have 52 Defense ;P I just plain rock! The game even told me so :D

'You rock, Robertbemer clearly does not.' )

So overall a pretty good RuneScape day :D NOW I'M OFF TO WATCH VANCOUVER PLAY PHOENIX!!!~


Jan. 17th, 2009 01:31 am
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Okay I made a list tonight of the quests I apparently have the levels for. There are 56 on this list including 7 parts of 'Recipe For Disaster' (which I remember when it came out :O)! I have started some of these quests, and should finish them...and there are 3 F2P ones on it :-|

I will be doing 'Tears of Guthix' tomorrow. I. Must. Do. That. Quest. I should also try to finish 'Ghosts Ahoy' as I am almost done it...I just need to finish fixing the toy ship and do the stuff to defeat Necrovarus(sp?)...I actually only stopped because I was too lazy to go get dye...but now there is The Grande Exchange! I also have 4 Hard quests that I might be able to do. I reeeeally should finish the 1st part of 'Rag and Bone Man' (another quest I remember when it was released!), as I almost have all the bones [I think I just need the bear bone(s?)], and just need to clean them; then I can have my bank space back! Yeah, Lady needs to be more 1337!

EDIT---Finished 'Tears of Guthix' and I had miscounted last night and there was only 55 quests I can do.

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Yeah finally did it! :D I am soooo 1337 ^___________^ I didn't need as much as I did bring infact o_o; And ripping off her head at the end was "hardcore" according to Matt O: Yeah I owe a lot to Matt for his help with this! I also slew a Lesser Demon :O

I must mention that Melzar is one of my favorite characters in the game now :O "custard!"

I gained a Combat level from the quest and now have 51 Attack & Strength, and 50 Defense!~

I slayed Elvarg! )


Nov. 28th, 2008 12:48 am
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Would anyone want to join me for when I reach level 60?~


I may be the only one who cares [XD] but Zezima just logged into the new Fun Orb zombie game :P (I added 'him' because I was curious, and because I deleted a lot of my Buddy List) *hehehe* (I find this more amusing than I should XP)


IT IS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL :O I just met [ profile] crazie_kid134  in world 60 at Port Phasmatys!
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Finally cleared "Trials and Tribulations" today! I felt really bad over finding the real killer, but I think he wanted to be caught...atleast there is the argument that it was to protect life, so I don't think he would get too long...Don't you just love how I've stopped posting massive spoilers, and instead am posting vague ones? XD

I got "Justice for All" & need to pay for PW1 so I'll have all but "Apollo Justice" :3 Atleast I don't have to worry about going months without playing my DS again because it makes me upset :P

Well I am 10k from lvl 58 Agility :D [I have failed at my goal, so I guess I'll have to postpone it for a long time], I'm guessing maybe Saint Valentine's Day now...WILDY AGILITY IS SOOOO GREAT :D [been doing in PK worlds]

I got the horn-thing and the emote from killing turkeys, but is it the same as if I had gone and found all the hidden ones? [also got it on Edwardochan :3]

I organized and cleaned my bank!~ I have like 21 free spaces now (I'll have more once I finish cooking and Prayer training...I'd have a FUCK LOAD more if I actually trained Farming XD)! I wish I had 200k more so I could buy a Regeneration Bracelette >.> (Lady never has a lot of gp...)...

I need to finish my shopping so bad and get my parcels sent-out -___-; I fail at it...Like I even failed at getting my thank-you cards sent-out from when I went to America...I think I'll send them with the parcels so to save shipping...I also need to wrap what I have bought D:

Oh and we got like 4 feet of snow this past weekend, and I just wish it would finish melting so I could go bicycling ;__;


Happy Thanksgiving!~

I'm not American, but still hope you had a good one and got to do what you enjoy and spend time with those you are thankful for ^_^ *wooo*
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'Grats lady!!! Stop jamming on!!! XD' )



Sep. 7th, 2008 12:16 am
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175 tickets till level 52 Agility!~ I cant wait :3 My goal is level 60 by Halloween. See? I can do it if I put in a few days of Brimhaven. I usually will go to there and stay for a few logins anyway. Now that [ profile] mixed__up has shown me the bank near-by [I was always scared to enter the volcano dungeon] I can easily get food & gp without leaving the island~

I may go back on this; but I hope to have 99 Agility by next Christmas. You guys had better atleast still have your accounts by then!

Void Knight equipment (thus needs 42 Mage, 42 Range, & 625 good Pest Control games), 99 Agility, full Guthix Rune, 70 Combat, 40 Prayer (going to kill some baby dragons, so cb & pray should go up) and 99 Cooking are my VERY long-term goals ^^;


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