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Worries about Minnow:

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Origins of Minnow:

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Getting ready to drop Minnow off:

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Minnow's results!:

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She gets tied since she won't stay away from the road or telephone polls :(
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At 1:41am


and at 2:11am

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I bought her a bag of Temptations & a packet of Whiskas turkey & sauce fancy-smancy food...well she was all excited & purry and what-not on the packet, until I put half of it in a bowl for her. Then she smelled it and jumped-off the counter. I then decided to try it with Temptations sprinkled on it. She looked at me as if I had ruined them and wouldn't touch it. So I picked them off and gave them to her. She ignored them like I had defiled them by having them near the wet cat food. Holly ate it all for her though ^^; [then I offered Holly a spoonful of rice and she like gagged]

So yep, here is a picture of my ass!cat sitting in the pot of Wendy's umbrella tree...;

So yeah, Happy Birthday to Minnow~! ;P

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See how orangey she is getting now that her summer coat if coming-in?

The foot-stool is in the chair because Molly is a idiot. She got sprayed by a skunk AGAIN D: [7 times now D:], most dogs learn after once, hell even Belle learned after twice. Molly is either too pig-headed or too dumb to know better. I have to wash her in 'Skunked' tomorrow -___-; ...Smelly-ass dog...
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Pheasants have been feeding off our lawn where the seeds from the birdfeeder fall on the ground. A younger female [(no long tail? that's why we think she is only young)called a hen] & a gorgeous male [called a cock] :)

'You have a fluffy cock' to quote Fred )

I'm too lazy to upload them here unless asked, so I'm just linking from Facebook ^^;

We have since put down some food for them, so we shall see if they come back :)

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I for some reason have the "Mouse" theme stuck in my head D: [I also now have a sudden urge to watch some of it again, man I wish I was a legendary theif :O]


Yeah I was going to go for x-rays today, but it didn't work out so I tried to sleep in. I got woken-up by Sears at like 7:15 to ask if I wanted to get medical insurance for hospital stays. D: I was like "No thank-you......I like um am only interested in of this thing in a....a insurance for...a dental.....?" I then fell back to sleep and then Wendy came in and woke me up to ask repeatedly if sweet potatoes would be alright in a soup. I thus tried to stay awake by watching a bit of "Journey to the Centre of The Earth". I got up to the part just after they see the glowing birds, then June had to take it back to the rental place :( I did get to watch all of "Wall-E" last night before I fell asleep. I actually fell asleep while watching the deleted scenes...


Minnow tried to kill me tonight! I was coming down the stairs and she ran ahead of me and laid stretched-out on the step I was about to step on and grabed at my foot. Then she started rolling around wildly and latched onto the step and started kicking it with her hind feet. I then tried to walk over her and she bit my foot D: The wind is blowing hard though & it is supossed to snow tomorrow, so I can forgive her batshit behavior. She is also now running up-and-down the stairs and around the house. She sounds liek a horse when she does this...


I think I will have to replace my monitor soon -___- it has been going all shakey tonight and degausing doesn't work for long. It is about 7 years old though so I guess it is time anyway...

I want to get a refurbished Wacom Bamboo tablet, but they only ship to America! I wonder if anyone would let me ship it to them, and then they ship it to me? It is free shipping to the US from Wacom, so I would be very happy to pay whoever would for me :D $120 new from Staples in New Minas vs. $50+shipping from as you can see I'd say a lot of money!

My right wrist has been cramping & sore all evening D: It feels like it did last year when I had to start wearing the brace and rest it for 2 weeks...but I haven't been doing much 'cept using my computer -____-; Atleast last time I had been drawing a whole crap load for school & writting!

I had to quit playing RuneScape tonight because of it and I had planned to go do some 'Shades of Mort'ton' mini-game ;____; I had made all these Serums and I even recharged my Sacred Clay armour/weapon ;_____; So yeah I'll have to do some Prayer training later this week as tomorrow is 'Pest Control' with Matt, & Friday is *dun dun dun* 'Dragon Slayer' :O [for those who don't know, 'Dragon Slayer' is the hardest F2P quest and kinda-like a 'right-of-passage' for level 60 players (yes it can be done at around lvl 40-ish, but I wanted to wait)]!~

I also need to work on Runecrafting, and do 'Tears of Guthix' and work on Constuction so I can do 'Cold War' with Matt too...

Yeah, I'm off to bed now D: But I also want to say that I am mailing Amanda's & Trevor's parcel tomorrow! *rawr*

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I have been 'flopsy' about dying my hair again. Part of me wants to go reddish-brown, and part of me likes the mostly-blond! look I've got going. I know one thing; I feel sexier with longer hair >.>;

So yes, I went with one shade darker for the 3-wash tint than last time ^^; [Remind me to take a picture in natural light this time!]


More Pictures Ahoy! )
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I hung my holiday cards up today~ ...all 3 of them. I love getting mail! I also always hand my cards on the wall by my bed with a string. I still have to mail 3 cards and 2 boxes if I can get to town to mail D:

I has been shit weather and isnt supposed to get any better. We lost power for awhile today even. I had to cancel my appointment with Mr.Neville today :-( We were supossed to go over the forms for the interest deferal. Hopefully the government will give me `till the end of January to get them in. Today was like the only time my accountant was able to get me in and it is kinda hard to get to Middleton when we are having a blizzard -_-* I spent most of the day in bed because it was too windy to make a fire. I didnt get my shopping done either ;_; But it was what I was going to get the animals so it can wait until there is better weather. I am going to try and get a toy for Minnow though at the Pharmasave, because she loves all the strange new things that have been brought in.

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I hope [info]alchemy_hisoka likes her parcel with included cat -___-; [I think Minnow wanted to visit you Armadei, but no I didn't send her XD]

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It looks more pink & darker in natural light, but I don't think it looks too bad ^^; I REALLY need my hair thinned though, because it has gotten too thick.

3 pictures )

Now have a picture of Minnow taken last night;

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Minnow is very healthy. Got 3 needles, her check-up, and a rabies tag/certificate. She also is on eardrops for 5 days. She weighs 11lb/5.72kg, and has very bright eyes and coat. She needs to be defleaed again, and have her teeth cleaned sometime. June & I had to get her off the pet-food shelves in the office >.>; Minnow is currently very dozy and smells bad, but is asleep on my chest. It cost me $111.32 :,( I hope the wank is happy I spent so much on her! Im laying-down due to my low!things -_-~

I dyed my hair today. It kinda went more pink than red, and didnt tint my roots. I used that 3washes stuff, because I like being blond atm.

I am now Combat lvl 59 on P2P! Im training Prayer atm in Port Phastmas. Giddy over more exp with Sacred Clay items soon!

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Just 'cause~
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Well it is after 5 D: I am still awake. I have been playing T&T because there was this ghosty chick at the resterant that only Phoenix saw. I was scared I would have a bad dream from it so I decided to play a tad furthur to get it off my immediate mind. I have a thing where I need to avoid ghost-things before bed/when Im so tired. It makes me have bad dreams lol. Then I got caught-up in the case and was all "you are cool Gumshoe!" The I was so tired I kept reading "Byrde" as Bride instead of Bird, thus amusing myself. Then Godot said something that sounded really terrible and I was all "what the hell man?" O: it was something about Gumshoe driving the nails into Maggey's coffin. It seemed really harse! So now I am tryhng to sleep but Minn is being a ass so I am typing till she settles down -_-* Also my hand hurts and my arm is sore[stitches and needle].


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