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Well today I got up and watched more "Spice and Wolf II". I really am loving it! Lawence I can't help but love, and Holo[/Horo] is a nice & refreshing strong female lead, but not the strong-but-bitchy type :3 I only have 6 episodes left though :(

We found-out Diane is coming down from Halifax on August 8th. This means I -must- clean my room ASAP. I was going to start today, but I was so nice outside I decided to work in my garden. I had a lot of weeding to do because I stopped taking care of it when I got sick last Autumn. I got all but where my strawberries are done.

media2.jpeg ) media4.jpeg )

That picture is of my minnow daffodils, which are in a Triforce arrangement :3 I carted-over a load of fresh soil in our silly heavy & old wheelbarrow. I also dug-up & washed 1 of my bedrails, as they need to be painted in RustCoat. I plan to do so the next fine weather day. I'm doing 1 at a time to make less continuous work. I hurt my back today with bending and lifting. Tomorrow phone calls & probably start cleaning.
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"Kuroshitsuji" [or "Kuro Shitsuji", or "Black Butler"] was wonderful. I haven't been this 'mostly satisfied' with a series or show in a long time. It really reminded me of "FullMetal Alchemist" in that. Hell it even had a character which I found awesome because he reminded me of Jean Havoc--who was/is my favourite FMA character :P [though they aren't really similar characters]

I cried at parts, and eventhough I knew it would end as it did, I just wish more of the loose-ends had been tied-up. I've read that they are making a second series. I hope that they use this as a chance to explain what I want to find-out. I apparently am not to only fan with these issues with it, so hopefully I shall get those answers ;P But I found myself really likeing the characters, though at first I expected them to just be 2-D. I GREATLY underestimated this anime when I first started watching it in December. I've even started to read the manga, which is slow because the anime followed it pretty closely, so there isn't many new surprises. I must say though, that the first episode had a nicer grasp of the feeling than the first chapter of the manga it was based-on. [anime .TORRENTs & manga scanlations] I also noticed that the anime has less references to technology than the manga. Like I guess I was expecting it to be the other way around, but I thought it was set at an earlier time than the manga until the new Effil Tower was mentioned and the date being announced as 1889. The manga has Ciel getting excited over some cowboy-type show being on television & playing 'Nintendo' games ^^;

But yes; I need to get-up at 6:45am to get ready to catch a bus for New Minas, so ciao. Also sorry to Armie especially that I haven't been responding/active. I am still in a rather withdrawn and apathetic state. I am hoping to keep working-on shaking it off, but I feel really bad that I am letting people down like I am. Maybe you should call me? It's more that I can't seem to get myself on the comp' long enough to repond to your comments/posts than not being up to talk to you lovely.

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I downloaded the first episode of "Bartender' because the name seemed interesting. Well I'm only seen 3 episodes of it and already I love it! Each episode is basically one story. It's about people that have problems and they find this hidden bar called Eden Hall and the young bartender instead of just giving them booze and forgetting about them tries to help them. Often it's by making a cocktail that has a flavour to it that makes the person remember good times or that makes them happy and they can then confront their problems.

Because it reminded me of "Gallery Fake" I decided to see if any more episodes of than had been released/subbed. Two years ago I had watched the first 5 episodes of it but the group that was doing it dropped it. Then just before I left for AB a very small group took it on and I managed to see another episode. I completely forgot about checking for more when I got out West. When I saw "Bartender" I really had to see if there was anymore. Well the group has gotten up to #21 and that was released in November. But their site was down when I tried going to it so I'm afraid that they might not sub anymore. Apparently most people don't like it because of all the technical art terms and all the history about artists and such. Also because it doesn't really have a continuing plot, each episode is it's own compact story. These are both reasons why I loooove it O: I also love the characters; 'specially Sara. She is just so optimistic and silly (dispite her tragic past which you can see when she gets so upset when people fight/there is violence). Fujita reminds me of a character from a old movie. He is like a anti-hero (film noir style). He does good things but he uses dark methods (like the black market and theft) to do so. Also it is sometimes just for his own gain.

"Gallery Fake", "Bartender", and "REC" all remind me of the types of movies I love. Like "Roman Holiday", "Arsenic & Old Lace", "The Bells of Saint Mary's", etc. I really doubt that they will get licensed because there doesn't seem to be a high demand for shows like that.


Yes on to the episodes of "Gallery Fake" I've seen in the past 3 days.

cut for spoilers for episodes 2, & 8-10...and because I'm rambling... )
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I for some reason have the "Mouse" theme stuck in my head D: [I also now have a sudden urge to watch some of it again, man I wish I was a legendary theif :O]


Yeah I was going to go for x-rays today, but it didn't work out so I tried to sleep in. I got woken-up by Sears at like 7:15 to ask if I wanted to get medical insurance for hospital stays. D: I was like "No thank-you......I like um am only interested in of this thing in a....a insurance for...a dental.....?" I then fell back to sleep and then Wendy came in and woke me up to ask repeatedly if sweet potatoes would be alright in a soup. I thus tried to stay awake by watching a bit of "Journey to the Centre of The Earth". I got up to the part just after they see the glowing birds, then June had to take it back to the rental place :( I did get to watch all of "Wall-E" last night before I fell asleep. I actually fell asleep while watching the deleted scenes...


Minnow tried to kill me tonight! I was coming down the stairs and she ran ahead of me and laid stretched-out on the step I was about to step on and grabed at my foot. Then she started rolling around wildly and latched onto the step and started kicking it with her hind feet. I then tried to walk over her and she bit my foot D: The wind is blowing hard though & it is supossed to snow tomorrow, so I can forgive her batshit behavior. She is also now running up-and-down the stairs and around the house. She sounds liek a horse when she does this...


I think I will have to replace my monitor soon -___- it has been going all shakey tonight and degausing doesn't work for long. It is about 7 years old though so I guess it is time anyway...

I want to get a refurbished Wacom Bamboo tablet, but they only ship to America! I wonder if anyone would let me ship it to them, and then they ship it to me? It is free shipping to the US from Wacom, so I would be very happy to pay whoever would for me :D $120 new from Staples in New Minas vs. $50+shipping from as you can see I'd say a lot of money!

My right wrist has been cramping & sore all evening D: It feels like it did last year when I had to start wearing the brace and rest it for 2 weeks...but I haven't been doing much 'cept using my computer -____-; Atleast last time I had been drawing a whole crap load for school & writting!

I had to quit playing RuneScape tonight because of it and I had planned to go do some 'Shades of Mort'ton' mini-game ;____; I had made all these Serums and I even recharged my Sacred Clay armour/weapon ;_____; So yeah I'll have to do some Prayer training later this week as tomorrow is 'Pest Control' with Matt, & Friday is *dun dun dun* 'Dragon Slayer' :O [for those who don't know, 'Dragon Slayer' is the hardest F2P quest and kinda-like a 'right-of-passage' for level 60 players (yes it can be done at around lvl 40-ish, but I wanted to wait)]!~

I also need to work on Runecrafting, and do 'Tears of Guthix' and work on Constuction so I can do 'Cold War' with Matt too...

Yeah, I'm off to bed now D: But I also want to say that I am mailing Amanda's & Trevor's parcel tomorrow! *rawr*

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I first must talk about "Yakitate!! Japan" :O

Basically this anime is full of crack, well the last few episodes I saw really crossed a line I never have with my Crack. Pot. Specifically a pot doughnut was made that caused time travel...yes read that sentence again.




I have almost got my shopping done 100% :D I just need to find something for the animals, & 2 people :( I don't know what to buy and don't want to seem cheap by only buying $5 giftcards and a ornament...

I did a lot of wrapping Friday night O: So I just need to find some boxes and ship what needs shipping! I apologize to my away-peeps ahead of time if it doesn't arrive by Christmas ^^;


I'm going to go visit Matt [Matthew Doucett, the only Matt I know now] Tuesday! :D Going to play some DMC4, MGS4 demo, and Twin Snakes~!♥ All on a new 40inch HD television :D  *weeeee~*


Now I'm going to either make some peanut butter balls or have a bath~


Jul. 31st, 2008 09:58 pm
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I went to see "The Dark Knight" today. I found it good, but I'm not going to review it or anything...I suck at reviews...I did think that they could have done more with Harvey's descent. Also poor Scarecrow :( I bought a medium popcorn & Mountain Dew and THEY WERE HUGE =O like $10USD though...the popcorn-I found-wasn't that good, and the pop was watered-down, but t'was s'lgood.

After the movie we went to the library, and Armadei took-out "Blood and Gold". I might look-into it myself, but it would be a audiobook, since I like to 'read' while gardening&such. I read a snippet from "The Vampire Armand" and started giggling as it was like 'let us have sex on the 3rd page' >.>;

"Your hair's like something spun from amber, as if the amber would melt and could be drawn from candle flames in long airy threads and let to dry that way to make all these shining tresses"___Marius

Also my Lestat!Muse found "You're sweet, boylike and pretty as a girl." hilarious aswell...*snerks*

After we went to Chez Daisie for supper. I got this delicious crêpe called-something-like-'Péline' (it had chicken, stuffing, a cranberry mousse, and a pumpkin sauce & a slice of sweet potato) & a too-rich-and-not-that-good éclair.

After we went to Wal*Mart :3 I originally just planned-on buying Kylie Minogue's "X" album (which I didn't get in GP as the price hadn't gone-down, and then the whole 'Matt thing' made me forget about a lot of things I liked). I ended-up buying "The Batman Movie" [1960's version], "Batman & Robin" [1940's version], "Fight Club" (which I have planned to buy for years, but the price hasn't seemed to drop much at Zellers. I love that movie. I wonder if I can get Armie to watch it with me? :3), and the 1st 4 volumes of "Vampire Knight"! I love VK, and the 'good' scanlations have been taken-down due to the licensing. I plan to have a VK marathon/binge when I get back to NS :D I HEART ZERO!♥ The manga was only $8each, where it would have been like $15each if I ordered them from The Inside Story Bookstore in Greenwood when I got back...I downloaded the 1st season from Shoku-Dan too :D

Now I really should go to bed soon, as we want to go on our picnic earlier in the day to avoid rain...*flails*

I had "1040's version" typed, and that has now been edited...though I'M SURE Batman was around in the 11th century >.>;
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902-840-3774 <---my cell-phone number once again~

I heart Kawachi...but he peed on the King of Monaco...Ive heard public urination wasnt uncommon in Japan...but unzipping in the middle of a group & not noticing when you are peeing on someone?I have no idea.Pierrot has such a good heart. He gave me the creeps though with his "suit"...He is cute without his make-up...I have said before that I have a thing for confident bishonen/bishojo characters with white-hair...Dante,Zero,Pierrot,Etoile-sama,Godot,etc...I REALLY hate Kirasaki Yuuchi from Y!J...atleast how he has become if my hunch is right like it was with Godot...I want to cosplay Azuma or Kawachi next year...I still want to cosplay Maron,`but no cigar`with that. I have 2 user pictures to upload sometime now...I need to fiddle-with my LJ user-pictures btw...

When I have money I want to get a bottle of dark!pop/cola[probably Pepsi as it burns less to chug]& a pizza from Mama Sofia's.I plan to stuff my face to take-care of this craving.

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I didnt get hardly anything done today. The computer I was booked on was laggy & kept freezing. I was really disapointed. I wanted to play RuneScape so bad! I know exactly where Lady Noremon is though--The Games Room ^^; Im sorry Sensei!

I didnt order anything for Leorio, but Im just going to go with the cowboy hat idea if anyone wants a HxH photoshoot...Im nervous about going now I think. Im also worried about my birth certificate. If it doesnt arrive Tuesday morning-at the very latest-I wont be going to America this Thursday...Im not going to lose $100 for not showing-up at the ferry. Im pissed at Service NS! I paid $34.85 around June 27th to recieve it within 10 business days. They told me it was done processing on July 8th...that I should have it in 3-5 business days. It is now the 19th! Fuck!

Atleast I had anime to watch and "Goldfinger" in a bit...Dante is super-awesome! I also think Pierrot may be replacing Kawachi as my fav' Y!J character...I think I heard Hisoka's actor in DMC episode05...^^;

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Well besides from it being quite windy, it is a nice day. I have decided to channel my Lestat!muse today for the yard sale. By that I mean that I am being very charming, clear spoken and seemingly lively & "I am gorgeous". It must work as I made $12 in less than a hour from 2 people. I need to practice anyway for July--though Im not being cocky today!

I watched the 1st episode of "Strawberry Panic!" last night. I want to finish the series, but the last time I tried I found the characters to be cliche D: I do like Etoile(I cant remember her actual name...), & I forgot about the green-haired!glasses!purple-eyed girl though. I love St.Lilim's uniforms too. I tried to watch it last Summer, but found it boring. [Etoile = (seme + one of my types) :3] YJ is still win! I want to show Armie the clown character that is kind of like Hisoka in looks & personality when in his stage!presence(when not acting I really like him). Perriot Bolneze~ Kawachi is still love<3 I also watched some YNSH("The Wallflower") last night~


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