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I had left Closed-Captioning on and just CBC's is mostly gibberish... It was supossed to say "Hockey Night in Canada!"...but this is some of the most sensical is has had in awhile for sporting shows.


The CANUCKS creamed the Chicago Blackhawks and it was just fantastic~♥ Wellypants [Kyle Wellwood, my fav' player] even got a goal! :D


May. 12th, 2009 12:47 am
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Fuck. D:

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April started-out looking like it was going to be a fantastic month, but a week into it and it just crashed;

Well 'the Al thing' really knocked me off that tower of awesome I was on. Maybe I am not supposed to be in love with people? I don't know, but I do know that I still feel like I was stabbed in the chest with a hammer. I just opened myself up so far and shit, that I just don't know how to get over him/it.

Thus eventhough there was a lot of what I was giddy for, I kinda just stopped. I told Armie I was going to call her in the next two weeks (talked to her on the 5th), and I didn't because I went into myself. I haven't even mailed-out the stuff I have for her :( I feel really bad about that. Though one of the things I ordered never came due to low stock, so I am having it shipped to her directly. I feel like a really bad friend though! I may call her tomorrow in fact now...

"PLANET OF THE DEAD" WAS AWESOME!!!!!! [I need to re-watch it & the confidential, and make a post on it.] I watched it on Easter Sunday :D I will say; "OH MY FUCK! MOTHERFUCKING FLYING BUS!" *ahahaha*

I'm so happy that it's The Stanley Cup Playoffs, because it keeps me from going completely M.I.A. & gives me something to look forward to and to get excited about. I love the Vancouver Canucks' Fan Zone Live Blog to bits! It is a hella-lot of fun bitches. I haven't been as active there as I usually am, but again I haven't been myself (wind-out-of-my-sails), and the games have been to awesome that I don't have the ability to Live Blog, Twitter, watch, eat, and chat on MSN (plus the frequent boucing around & dancing I do) ;P I DON'T KNOW HOW THE PEEPS TO IT D:

THE CANUCKS SWEEPED TONIGHT (yes my Engrish!)! First team to go to Round #02 :D [though again I wish the Blues had played someone else first, because I had wanted to see them go farther in the playoffs ;__;] The players need the break, but I kinda wish they played again sooner :P I hope O'Brian gets a goal soon :D OH! And CBC had a info-thing about how O'Brian does a dance routine to "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa *bwahahaha*, it was told to them by Hordichuk, so I hope O'Brian punches him ;P I also will admit that I love Ohlund >.>; and I made a 'Peanut Butter Burrows Time!' thing for t-shirts/etc. PLEASE USE IT! [but credit 'Lady Norémon' of you do ;P] My skippy mouse killed it though...but I still put a lot of work into it, and I am proud of it :D

AND I got a story accepted into Thaumatrope :D I hope my other one gets accepted too :3 [a hint to the one that got in, is that it is one of these ;P]

Besides from hockey, not a lot has been going-on besides me mourning the end of me having 'my dorky cheeky monkey rockstar sexpot & countertop magician'...I'm going to miss calling him that, I really am. Really I did adore him completely; besides from distance he was 'The Total Package' -____-; And I feel stupid for falling so hard. But atleast this time besides from the minor "I wasn't worth it" thought poking at the back of my mind & feeling very stupid, I don't hate myself. It wasn't my fault at all, and I don't have the blame that it was, or that I am a disgusting retarded pityfuck. So I guess I am confident in myself as alright material. That means a lot, because for the past over a year I have thought that I would make a terrible anything. If I can enthrall the lead singer of The DnA Project for 4 months, I must be rather sexy, hilarious, and wonderful *lmao*

I've been bicycling again :D I had started in late March, but we got FUCKING SNOW-then lots of rain-so this past weekend has been when I could start again. I went to town and got some groceries *hehe*! Biking back was hilarious though, because I was off-balance and thus had a hard time getting back--'specially up the hill I live on! My hips were really sore D: I'm going to go again tomorrow if the weather is better [we got a bunch of rain & it is REALLY windy], and if not I'll go Saturday or Sunday. I WILL MAKE IT TO TIM HORTON'S BITCHES! I am going to go and get a sexy Ice Cappuccino and sit and drink it :P It's about 2km from my house, and kinda uphill so it will kinda take a bit of effort, since I am out-of-shape D: Here is a map to show you the route!

I FINALLY GET MY FILLING TOMORROW [Thursday]! This tooth has been really hurting (though not as much as the one I had a root-canal on in Alberta), and I've been trying to get in since February D: I HOPE I CAN CONTROL MY NERVES! It's also one of the front ones, so I hope the dentist colour!matches the enamel good >:|

Theeeeeeen Friday; Douchette & me are going to New Minas LIKE A BOSS :D I reeeeaaaally need to buy a new optical-mouse ;___; This one has been dying for the past month-or-so. I also need to look at monitors, because mine is on its last legs, and is almost 7 years old so no wonder :,( I also want to look into pre-ordering "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" & see if I can find a cheap PS2 "Guitar Hero" & "Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes" FINALLY.


Soooo Wendy is going away this weekend, so anyone want to hit me up [Warning: NO ACTUAL HITTING OF SARAH D:]? I plan to watch "Moonlight", "Kuroshitsuji", and play "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines" & "RuneScape", and just stay-up all night hopped-up on sugary food >.> Call my 'cell if you want, or catch me on MSN or Gizmo :D

Ciao mateys, and I hope that I will be more active again...,

---Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon [who will be 'Lady Sarah of Sealand' in the near-future :D (sooner if anyone wants to surprise her ;) )]
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I drew this for Douchette :P It is me riding an orca. Because today is the first day of the 2009 Play-Offs and the Vancouver Canucks totally rocked it :D I coloured it kinda half-assedly in Gimp while trying the kill the last 30mins before game time. As you can see I just blurred the outline 'cause I paint-bucketed most of it :P

doing flips and shit♪ )

I also took a picture of what I was decked-out-in [hat, jersey, and blankie] to make a new Twitter user-picture;

sup'? )

Night mates!~
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Okay, I TOTALLY forgot about the Canucks' playing the Blackhawks tonight. I tuned in at about 9:55pm and for a change had a working stream for it :D So I tuned-in and was greeted with a brawl D: Liek I didn't know what the fuck was going-on! I heard something about Luongo getting punched and Bieksa's jersey was gone and his undershirt was in tatters and just the refs were holding guys down and...damn. I didn't know what to think D: I later was linked to the following by Mozy [mozy19 on Twitter A.K.A. Richard Loat]:

Yeah the Canucks won 4-0, but I just want to ask; "who thinks it is a good idea to hit a goalie?" like D: *gah*
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5-2 Vancouver!

I'm exhauted so not yping much, tyoing is a chore.

Daniel got hit, lost a tooth, blood all over the place and scrored D:

But yep bed for Sarah, glad team won. *whiney monkey noises*

Also MSN games are ADDICTIVE D: Played 'Flowerz' & 'Uno' with Douchette for over 3 hours. The computer in Uno tend to kick our ass a lot.
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Canucks) feels like that game was me eating air. All 'where did it go?'-ness

5-1 Phoenix Coyotes ^^;

BUT Luongo was on "After Hours" so it wasn't so bad. Vancouver is 4th in the Western Conference too ;P

Here (I love this commercial, it always makes me laugh-out-loud :D):

Luongo has some great hair by-the-way ;) [I still think he looks like Adrian Paul too, in a way...]
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"Taco Del Mar: home of ripping fish tacos and the wet mondo burrito" just sounds so wrong to me D:

Ahhhhhhhhhh; I looooooove being a Vancouver Canucks' fan right now :D They are playing so well! A little bit of a on-the-road losing streak, buuuuuut at hom is just sooooo much awesome!

Luongo played in top-form tonight :3 I just wish I wasn't catching the game via TEAM1040 radio, and had got to see him play like that :( SHUT-OUT!!!!!!!~

I've been neglecting posting about the games much lately :( Most of that has to do with the games usually fall on nights [ profile] keledron  works from home the next day so I'm usually using all my concentration to watch the game, and chat with him, [ profile] mixed__up  & Douchette. Also listening to the game is harder than watching it I've decided because I have to listen extra hard so I don't miss the score/the action ^^;

But yes, bed for Sarah right now ^^

I welcome The Play-Offs with open arms and am so happy to have such a shot at making them this year :D


ALSO: <---Rock Out @ Rausch Haus in Palmerton, PA -GO IF YOU CAN!
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3-1 Kings :(

From Canucks live blog: "Whatever.. you'd want Ohlie to get himself a match penalty just so you could join him in the showers early."
"I know.. but we all know you would be wearing appropriate shower clothing. "

Also "peanut butter Burrows time" seems to be the new hit thing to say:

Yeah 3rd period coming-up, hope it goes well :D

I will say I am happy they didn't trade any of the main team. I like this year's team so much :) ['cept I miss the last back-up goalie]


LA Kings won :( 3-2

I followed it with TEAM1040 tonight again because no streams would work :( I also chatted on the official live!blog which was pretty snazzy. I'll probably join earlier next time though :)


Feb. 24th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Yeah the winning streak is over, BUT they did tried, and the goalie for Montréal was just so good tonight.

3-0 Montréal Canadiens

I need a friend to buy/send me the McDonalds' Luongo helmet toy! Pleeeease? It's like sold-out near me and I have the stick from last year...

ALSO Al [keledron] is now nicknamed 'Sexpot' and he has called me 'luscious' & 'sizzlicious' o_o; Word.

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3-0 Vancouver at beginning of 2nd! is working for my tonight :D


4-0! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D Henrik Sedin!~


:( 4-1 Senators scored. But I don't dislike them and I wish more Canadians liked them lol


4-2 Canucks, Ottawa's Dany Heatley scored


5-2 Canucks, scored because no-one was in the net :(

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Since does not have non-iTune friendly links I went through the massive "" page and sorted it. I am working-on the post-game interviews & such for the future, but it will be more work. I couldn't find episode 10 for last year ;___;

Read more... )


Feb. 18th, 2009 01:30 am
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Such a snazzy winning streak :3 I am very, very proud :D GO CANUCKS~♥


Dec. 28th, 2007 12:04 pm
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Well the Canucks won 5-3 last night. Luongo is now back after a rib injury (was back last game). My springkink got through. One of the mods replied asking, and I can reply with my e-mail link. Now I have till Feb 1st & Feb 3rd :D In other news my mobile phone must go back to Telus as the OK button is stuck-under the metal keypad...there goes $150 :-(


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