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Finally got a Last.FM profile last night. Feel free to add me peeps:

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I love this live version of "Star" and have had it stuck in my head all night/evening. I even broke into singing it a few times D: The beginning is hilarious too "♫twinkle twinkle little bat ♪"~
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lyrics )

I have had this song stuck in my head all day D: I keep wanting to sing it out loud.
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via [ profile] telophase:

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I just wanted to post this because this is a clip Kasabian preforming my two favorite songs by them:

I tell you I want ya...His moves in madness how I love the rush...Take me to the edge again...How I wish I could )

Ciao mates~

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"Taco Del Mar: home of ripping fish tacos and the wet mondo burrito" just sounds so wrong to me D:

Ahhhhhhhhhh; I looooooove being a Vancouver Canucks' fan right now :D They are playing so well! A little bit of a on-the-road losing streak, buuuuuut at hom is just sooooo much awesome!

Luongo played in top-form tonight :3 I just wish I wasn't catching the game via TEAM1040 radio, and had got to see him play like that :( SHUT-OUT!!!!!!!~

I've been neglecting posting about the games much lately :( Most of that has to do with the games usually fall on nights [ profile] keledron  works from home the next day so I'm usually using all my concentration to watch the game, and chat with him, [ profile] mixed__up  & Douchette. Also listening to the game is harder than watching it I've decided because I have to listen extra hard so I don't miss the score/the action ^^;

But yes, bed for Sarah right now ^^

I welcome The Play-Offs with open arms and am so happy to have such a shot at making them this year :D


ALSO: <---Rock Out @ Rausch Haus in Palmerton, PA -GO IF YOU CAN!
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Pick an artist and, using only song titles from that artist, cleverly respond to these prompts. Then tag 10 friends and see what responses you can get.

I originally was going to use Depeche Mode, buuuut I figured I should use my favorite band

I really like this meme :3 )
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I'm still sick but the cough syrup has done it's job for supressing the cough, but I still feel like I have a gob of something down in the throat/chest. I slept 'till 2pm yesterday and 1pm today D: Oh well the stuff makes me sleepy and sleep + fluids = good so it's alright~

I stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllll need to reply to 2 messages from Armie, but I have been so *blaaaaahhhh/glurrrr* when I've been on my comp, and I can't seem to put my giggles into words to send D: (I looooooved the videos though!)

Yeah hopefully when I'm better I can get out of this rut I'm in. It's not that I don't think of people, it's just that I don't know what to say or can't get the motivation to go online/do stuff. I just need a few kicks because I don't want to be like this D: I also need apparently high doses of sugar.

Btw, "Bartender" is a awesome anime, and "Fringe" is a totally awesome show that scared the crap out of me last night...


I am right hyper at the moment :O AND "Heeeeeeeeey, Mr.Zebra, can I have your sweeeeaaaater?" Wendy was watching American Idol and this guy with white and black face paint and a zebra striped sweater just sung that :O IT WAS HILARIOUS!


It's a actual song by Tori Amos, and this is the guy.

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Sharing because I thought it was very awesome :D [also so I remember it for later!]
read more... )
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'Jet-Star 9' is the name of my mostly-new MP3 player :D

It sounds like a band XD [also Jetstar is apparently a airline in Australia :O]

I kinda just combined the suggestions of 'Gang Star' & 'Jetana', and I added the '9' from the temporary name I haed given it; 'Nine'.
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Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is cheating.
[but you may have too ^^;]

1. "We're the horniest boys, with the corniest ploys."
2. "10:30 on Tuesday."
3. "I waited 'till I saw the sun."
4. "Day-in! Day-out!"
5. "Never let me down." [skipped 1st one]
6. "Everything will be alright, tonight."
7. "Take it off." [oh my :O]
8. "When I'm with you baby, I go out of my head"
9. "Sometimes."
10. "In a place I've never seen, what's left in pray for a waking dream."
11. "Rock me Amadeus!" [*pfft*, noone will ever get THIS one XD]
12. "Boys say go!"
13. "Fragile, like a baby in your arms."
14. "Got your mother in a whirl, she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl."
15. "The sky is red, I don't understand!"
16. "I keep forgetting you don't love me no more."
17. "Do you remember a guy thats been, in such a early song."
18. "Breaking it up, and setting it up in a ri-way." [I think that he said "ri-way" >.>]
19. "I'm your god inside tonight, I run a little piece of heaven through the palm of my hand."
20. "Black night is not right, dont feel so bright"

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Well I got a new MP3 player today, and it needs a name!


It has a cap that goes over the USB plug, that is curved-up like the other end, giving the device the look of a small silver banana >.> And while it may look like the top is silver too, it is actually this white stripe along the device & cap.

So any ideas? In the past I've had Jan-Ken & Nicki, so what shall this one be called?



Maybe it looks like a sports-boat more than a banana?

Also this was the first time I posted something in almost 5 days o_o;

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So yes, I ripped one of my old Pokémon soundtracks tonight. I'm sorry if the track names show-up in Spanish, but Window Media Player seems bent that I have the Spanish version for some reason -_-; [I did change/rewrite the ID3 Tags when I converted to .MP3, but I decided I was too lazy to change the filenames after all that typing...]


Damn I used to listen to this all the time, and had it copied to cassette-tape to use in my ye old Walkman (and also put it on high-speed to hear it like it was sung by The Chipmunks...) :O

"♫and this time don't screw it up♪"

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Can you read my Subject? XD


I finally finished my updated Resumé! So now I must drop-it-off at places in town -___-; The End of The Line Pub, Home Hardware, and Tim Horton's are hiring, and the woman at Cinnamon Creek told me to leave a resumé there too. Tim's might be out though, unless I can get a ride there, since I've tried biking there before and it is too far to do daily.


I've had "I'm Too Sexy" stuck in my head for almost a week ;___; The original & the Spanish cover by Latino...

I think "♪I'm to sexy for my love, too sexy for my love, love, love's going to leave me♪" is a good Lestat lyric >.>


I have decided I don't have time to make my Lady_Noremon RuneScape costume for Haloween. I have since decided to make Void Knight robes. Now I don't have them in-game just yet (takes a crap-load of Pest Control points to aquire), but after I get Mage & Range up I plan to cash-in my points...I need 125 good games per piece...3 pieces to the robes + mace + Melee helm...It is going to take me a loooooooog time...

I love the Void Knights though~♥ I guess my best comparison would be to Keepers from "Theif". The Void Knights are a secret order that works in the name of Guthix to try and perserve order/balance. They are super skilled in like EVERYTHING o_o;

 <---ripped-off-of RS Wiki

For my costume I am just making the main outfit, and maybe the mace if I have time. I went to look at rope today for the dangely-bits, but all Home Hardware had was nylon, and that doesn't knot well & needs to have the ends melted with a lighter to prevent fraying. I need 3-meters of cloth rope ;--; I did find the spray paint I will need to buy though $5.63 at the Hardware :3 I hope I can find a grey skirt, or dress & a black tank to 'enhance' for cheap.


Now I'm going to practive Summoning for a smidge and go to bed ^^;

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Fuck, you, Ramstein.


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