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Until Spring that is...
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*baaaaaaaaaah* I am so shy D:
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Picture of my messed hair before my bath )

Sewing my outdoor flag )
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Okay, I am making myself post for a change.

Things...have been...hectic and yet stagnate.

on June )


slightly on Twitter )

I want to also voice that I am an awful friend, and I just keep failing people still. I am too tired to put to words how guilty and like shit I feel for it. I just keep withdrawing more now, because I don't know how to talk.


But anyway:

on WOLFVILLE ADVENTURE, 'Being Human', and sick )


BUT is is FAR TOO LATE to be up for me, and thus I will have to try to remember to post about my garden and such in the morning.

Ciao loves,

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Vote LAWRENCETOWN, NOVA SCOTIA for Kraft Hockeyville 2010!!!~

There are only 3 official ways to vote.:
♦-On this site ( ) from the voting modules
on the Kraft Hockeyville homepage and on the Top 5 Community pages.
♦-By SMS (text message). Text* the word ...“Vote” and the Community
name to 111888.
♦-Call our toll free number at 1-866-533-8066 and follow the
automated voice prompts

[Lawrencetown is where Douchette lives, and the next community over freom Bridgetown]
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Well I went in today to rewrite, and I was A LOT less stressed, and I got 39/40~ I got an answer wrong on the written having to do with Yield signs in place of Stop signs, but I was quite happy that I did so well. And yes, there are mayflowers on Nova Scotia's licenses to prevent forgery. Also it is very rainbowed :3


I also had my doctor's appointment in the morning and got the paper for my chest x-rays, and got a referral to see a specialist in Halifax (the nearest city to me). He also confirmed my breathing test request, and gave me a capsule-type inhaler to help with the shortness of breath a bit. I found after the first dose, that I could breath a bit better, but I find mostly it has helped with the fuzzy feeling, at least until about an hour ago.

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While I eat my pizza with donair sauce, I shall prattle a bit about my day ;P

I went down to Annapolis Royal right early this morning so that I could see the 3 torch-bearers do their little run & witness the burning passion of The Olympic Flame~! Here are the pictures I took today! I love Fort Anne, by the way. I used to go there a lot when I was in elementary school. I have always wanted to go9 sledding there ;)

I also took a few videos, though my 'cell crapped just when the runner was 10 feet infront of me, and my batteries for my camera died too :(

After this my mom took me to Greenwood to see about getting a new cellular-telephone from Bell-Aliant. I have 8 months left on my Telus contract, and it would cost $180 to pay myself out of that. Recently my battery cannot hold much of a charge, and my warrenty on it expired in October :( $60 for a new battery vs. $180 is looking more than tempting, 'specially since Motorola no longer even has RAZR batteries for sale from them directly anymore. Read more... )

It is 2:32am though D: so I finish by mentioning that I went to the local Home Hardware's Ladies' Night. Wherein women get atleast 5% off their purchase determined by scratch-cards, and they also have free gifts & drawings for prizes. I got a free tin cookie-tray & a glass candle holder-thing with my purchase. I bought $0.85 cuphooks for June, a key-wind alarmclock for Kenny for Christmas, and a $1.49 sink plug to replace the one in our bathroom. I was a big shopper XD I did get to say hullo to Jeremy's sister-Kim-who works there though. She told me I should tell him that the free girly gifts I got were his present :P To which he responded something about wanting chocolate pudding. I really wish he was closer so we could have a "Doctor Who" marathon in the same room. Currently we talk by phone/txts while satching episodes. It is fun though. I don't think I mentioned that Bridgetown's Home Hardware moved to where NSLC used to be. I still find it right odd to go there instead of the building they were in since before I was born.

Now it is 1/4 3am though, so Sarah is off to crash into her blanket latibule D: I am planning-on going to see the Torch run through Middleton tomorrow at 3:10pm~ I find this so exciting! I am too patriotic to protest them, but I am right pissed about no women's ski jumping, when they are having men's. Not Canada's fault though, the courts could do nothing to change the Olympic Comittee's planning. I still love every Canadian team though!


I might aswell also add that the Olympic crew guy that presented reminded me of Vince with Sham-Wow! XD

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Tonight one of my few Twitter friend-friends made me a PhotoShop-ped picture, so I have been compelled to share :P

I went as The Eighth Doctor for Hallowe'en this year. A costume I decided on basicall the day before and bought a suit vest & jacket from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I went to the Dracula's Castle Haunted Tour at Family Adventures/Roo's Playhouse in the Greenwood Mall. It was FANTASTIC :D I had sooo much fun, and wish I hadn't taken the last tour of the day, because I would have liked to have gone on it again. Apparently Dracula has a 5 room house, and shares it with 4 other 'people'--a ghost, 2 wolfmen, & his girlfriend. This does not include his various experiments. SEE ARMIE I TOLD YOU HE WAS TZIMISCE ;P I kinda went through it 'in character', but I would have been all curious & big-grins anyway :3 The only problem I had was that they had waaaay too much fake smoke/fog & it make me cough a lot/filled-me-up, and it smelled like dust & burnt treacle [not the good kind of 'burnt' though :( ] I also carved a Seal of Rassilon jack-o-lantern/Pumpkin of Rassilon. Pictures I took on Halloween can be found in this album. I wish we had, had more kids though. We only had 7, and 5 of them were neighbours'. I like doing 'door duty' because it gives me something to do, besides mope-about and long to go Trick-or-Treating. I really wish I had a friend or two to go out with :(

I've been listening to a lot of Big Finish audioplays lately. Mostly Eighth Doctor ones, because I am so enjoying Paul McGann's character. But maaaaaaan The Divergence arc I'm on is kinda trippy/difficult. "Scherzo" was a big huge pile of mind-fuckery!!! I listened to it on the transit bus on my way to view Kentville's Pumpkin People, and my face was mostly in odd expressions the whole way. That trip didn't go as planned I shall add. It was going fine until the 2nd bus was late and didn't arrive at Wal*Mart until the sun was down :( I only managed to get a few blurred pictures as we were driving by. The Photobucket Album of the pictures can be found here as soon as the pictures finish uploading, but if you would like to see the pictures from that day here is my Facebook album of them.

Yeah I am totally around, just not very active online lately/the last few months :( I am also waaaaay behind in commenting/replying to things. I haven't even replied to very awesoem e-mails yet! I DO READ THOUGH! I read my Friends' Page atleast once a day, and have only missed a few days back when I was mostly bedridden with that high-fever in August. So I do mostly know what is going on with my peeps ^^ I don't know if I will get caught-up, but I want everyone to know that I do care! If you want me just try my cellular-telephone [New Scotland+BAO-ETTA] or hit-me-up on MSN ^_^ [ladynoremon at]

But it is like 1/4-to-1:00am, so I should get to bed, so I DO NOT end-up falling asleep on Douchette's chesterfield again when I visit him tomorrow. I AM GOING TO ROCK AS RIOS! [we are on the last level of "Army of Two", and I am playing Tyson Rios :3] I actually am really sucking at shooters again :(

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Today was the lovely day for this lovely country. For people who know me, they know that I am very proud of the fact that I am Canadian, and I love my country very much. I didn't do much today besides from cook pasta, play "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" & eat strawberry shortcake :3 [I got really down in the afternoon because some prick deleted the journal entries he had about me being awesome, and it really hurt]





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SERIOUSLY, this** has got to be one of the funniest & more awesoem things I've seen in a loooooong time!

It really is so true of what Canada stereotypes itself as XD

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We have like 3-feet already and it is STILL snowing D: *will never get her pre-Winter bike ride*
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Who could this be?

Playing With Uranium -- Duran Duran

Today I saw what I am calling "that Malkavian-like house"/The Innocent Rose, creatures made of glass, and a windmill.
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Kio -sing-) Anjeey-baby(if I can nickname you that?) drew me a AWESOME picture, which I heart--eventhough I can only see a 3x2inch version of it on my cell-phone! It has 2 fancy things in it ;3
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Pictures from my first Andromeda Shun photo-shoot are HERE [must explain that the picture without a top is based on a scene from the anime, but that I sadly made it flirtier than it should be. I am also fat with 'junk in mah trunk' >.>]

The pictures of 'Gangsta'!Waya in my Leorio suit are HERE [and button-up shirts make my neck disappear...]

Pictures from my bike ride a few days ago are HERE [and various out-and-about that day pictures too]. Cemetary ones are HERE.

Goldfish Fountain/Pond at the Greenwood Mall are HERE~ *♫fishy, fish, fish~♪*


The LJ 'Publish to web' thing didn't work for some, so I will fix later
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I am a idiot. I was in a hurry and didnt put sunscreen on--eventhough I considered it. I now have a sunburn. My right arm got the worst of it. My right knee has this round burn on it; like a 3inch circle o_o; It is my own fault.

I watched like 5 episodes of YJ last night...I meant to only watch 1. I love that anime!~ I have 31 episodes left ;_; I planned-on cosplaying Azuma next year, but I think Kanmuri would be easier to get the outfit for...though I would need a pink wig...Though Azuma does have other outfits besides the purple Pantasia one. Armadei, please bring Yakitate!! Japan ;3 Man, I rewatched the episode where we find-out about Meister Kirasaki's scoring-system. "Crow; caw, caw"! I love this anime! Kawachi is Kansai-ben love♥~

There is a unicycle race/marathon going though Nova Scotia soon! It is called "Ride the Lobster"! I think that is a damn awesome name! I think Im going to miss the stage that goes through Bridgetown however. I think the whole idea is great fun! Wooo~!


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