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lady_noremon ([personal profile] lady_noremon) wrote2008-06-21 05:27 pm

GO HERE NOW, FTW! Anjeey-baby(if I can nickname you that?) drew me a AWESOME picture, which I heart--eventhough I can only see a 3x2inch version of it on my cell-phone! It has 2 fancy things in it ;3

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Of course you can! i dont mind XDD

AWMAN i forgot you're using your cellphone D8
Hmm... hopefully you can see it in full sometime soon♪ Hahaha~

And im glad you like it! 8D
Happy Birthday~♥ xD
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I did see the "lol butt" thumbnail very well *snort*. Also that the lobster was being rode like a horse!

I always love your art, it always has such character to it. And lobster plus my favourite original character is win together! Thank-you so much!!!♥

I hope to go on a library computer Tuesday :3

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dev approves!

(And lovely art. ^^)