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lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (OLYMPICS)

I just watched the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies on CTV, and I just wanted to say:


lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Canada)
While I eat my pizza with donair sauce, I shall prattle a bit about my day ;P

I went down to Annapolis Royal right early this morning so that I could see the 3 torch-bearers do their little run & witness the burning passion of The Olympic Flame~! Here are the pictures I took today! I love Fort Anne, by the way. I used to go there a lot when I was in elementary school. I have always wanted to go9 sledding there ;)

I also took a few videos, though my 'cell crapped just when the runner was 10 feet infront of me, and my batteries for my camera died too :(

After this my mom took me to Greenwood to see about getting a new cellular-telephone from Bell-Aliant. I have 8 months left on my Telus contract, and it would cost $180 to pay myself out of that. Recently my battery cannot hold much of a charge, and my warrenty on it expired in October :( $60 for a new battery vs. $180 is looking more than tempting, 'specially since Motorola no longer even has RAZR batteries for sale from them directly anymore. Read more... )

It is 2:32am though D: so I finish by mentioning that I went to the local Home Hardware's Ladies' Night. Wherein women get atleast 5% off their purchase determined by scratch-cards, and they also have free gifts & drawings for prizes. I got a free tin cookie-tray & a glass candle holder-thing with my purchase. I bought $0.85 cuphooks for June, a key-wind alarmclock for Kenny for Christmas, and a $1.49 sink plug to replace the one in our bathroom. I was a big shopper XD I did get to say hullo to Jeremy's sister-Kim-who works there though. She told me I should tell him that the free girly gifts I got were his present :P To which he responded something about wanting chocolate pudding. I really wish he was closer so we could have a "Doctor Who" marathon in the same room. Currently we talk by phone/txts while satching episodes. It is fun though. I don't think I mentioned that Bridgetown's Home Hardware moved to where NSLC used to be. I still find it right odd to go there instead of the building they were in since before I was born.

Now it is 1/4 3am though, so Sarah is off to crash into her blanket latibule D: I am planning-on going to see the Torch run through Middleton tomorrow at 3:10pm~ I find this so exciting! I am too patriotic to protest them, but I am right pissed about no women's ski jumping, when they are having men's. Not Canada's fault though, the courts could do nothing to change the Olympic Comittee's planning. I still love every Canadian team though!


I might aswell also add that the Olympic crew guy that presented reminded me of Vince with Sham-Wow! XD

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For these Olympics, I tried not to dwell with politics and such. I simply enjoyed the Spirit of the games. I never agreed with a boycot, as all those atheletes & their families had so much invested. Not just money-though a lot gets spent in sponsering, training, & facilities-, but emotionally. Unless the atheletes themselves choose not to go, then I will cheer them throughout. Sure I am not happy with some of the crap of that went-on, but it has already been done and I cant do anything personally. Ceremonies were beautiful though! Mascots were well designed~

18 medals total for my country!~ Gold: 3, Silver: 9, Bronze: 6 [which when I scibbled-down, wrote in idea why...], considering Canada had no medals for the 1st week ^^;

I wish I had the money, and was still in good contact with Trevor, so I could go to Vancouver in 2010, but I doubt I will be able to. I would like to see lacross, men's hockey(for if Luongo plays), luge, or snowboarding. I shall watch on CBC though!~ Go Canada!♥~

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Simon Whitfield you are absolutely awesome!!! That sprint at the end of the triathelon was AMAZING! Another silver medal for sexy Canada! Also my wishes go out to Liu Xiang!
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7 medals so far!

Go read about Canada:


Aug. 16th, 2008 12:52 am
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Carol Huynh just gurranteed our first medal win at the 2008 Summer Olympics!!!~ I wish I could stay-up till 5:30am to see the gold medal final match for women's 48kg wrestling...
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Happy 08-08-2008!

Woooo~ OLYMPICS~[yeah Im looking forward to watching them, though I want to see lacrosse in 2010] & Happy Axel Day!~ "Im so FLATTERED!"


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