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Okay, I am making myself post for a change.

Things...have been...hectic and yet stagnate.

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I want to also voice that I am an awful friend, and I just keep failing people still. I am too tired to put to words how guilty and like shit I feel for it. I just keep withdrawing more now, because I don't know how to talk.


But anyway:

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BUT is is FAR TOO LATE to be up for me, and thus I will have to try to remember to post about my garden and such in the morning.

Ciao loves,

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FINALLY got the shoes my mom had on lay-away :D

I've never had 'skater' shoes before, but at the times they were only $15 and I needed a pair of sneakers that I could use for not-good. Well after my mom put my good shoes through the washer [when I went to the beach I got them salty & damp and was GOING to just clean them with a damp cloth & let them dry out good...but she took them while I was out and completely ruined them :( I paid a fair bit for them in AB and loved those shoes...], I was in need of a new pair of sneakers. So I have some piratey-hooves now :P They are comfy even without dreaded socks, but I'm still getting used to having flat bottoms. I have a purse & wristband to match them lol.


I also got some camo' laces to make my shoes all fancy :P


Yep now to break them in, and I CAN'T WAIT to ride my bike again :C

Random: David Bowie's "China Doll" & "Sound & Vision" sound very similar to each other O:

I also need to upload pictures of the books I bought at the book sale :)

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I want to buy a pair of shoes from Sketchers, but they only ship to the United States of America. So would anyone be kind enough to let me have them ship to you and then mail them to me? I'd pay all costs ^_^

I'm torn between these two styles;


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