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I'll try to respond to my e-mails and such sometime this weekend, but just a short post to say "*weeeeeee* Layton for Sarah~"


Also; I apparently weigh as much as Michael Phelps** and I am 162cm tall.

**I used my phone to convert my weigh using Google, and the first search result was on his weigh :\


Oct. 26th, 2008 06:05 am
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The Canucks won 6-3 over the Oilers tonight.

I forgot to post it as I was playing PH...which I had to use a wallthough for tonight. I havent used a walkthough with a Zelda game since OoA D: I tend to be stuborn with using them 1st time playing through anyway. I am using one with DMC though, as I want to catch all the Secret Missions! So yeah used a walkthrough on the puzzle with the closing the DS to transfer the symbol to the seachart. HOW THE HELL IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO THINK OF THAT? Like I realized the map was upside-down, but how was I to get that I needed to shut my DS?! I almost got it by accident though, as I tend to close my DS instead of shutting it off while on a binge. So yes, back to that door.

Im going to guess that Clefa is related to the sun crest in some way...or is like a Spirit herself...because it happened with Nayru, Tetra, Midna, ect. No one is who they/you think it seems D: I wish I were that cool too...I want to be a Sheikah ;_;
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Yep been playing Phantom Hourglass like whoa the past 2 days. I wanted to record a scene from T&T and my batteries were dead so I popped-in PH instead.

I'm actually done Isle of Gust, and am headed back to the Ocean King temple.

D: FISHING IS SOOOO HARD! It took me a shit-load of effort to catch this Rusty Swordfish! I was like pulling and going into danger a shit laod of times! I took it to that Wayward guy and got this fancy prowl(sp?) though~ Now I'm hunting this legendary fish. I think I saw it on my map, but I finally got close to it after chasing it acrossed the map, and it disappeared -____-;

Those bouncing stone things give me such joy! :3 *BOINNG! BOINNG!* I wish they had The Eye of Truth on them though...They looking kinda like Wario instead O:

Now  I'm off to watch hockey :D


I forgot about WHALE ISLAND :D It's a uncharted whale-shaped island :3

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I went to Matthew Doucet's house today. I heart "Devil May Cry 4"!~ Nero is alright but he lost a lot of his Dante!points when he made fun of Agnus' stutter. Dante would be a asswipe like that you douche! I made fun of his ridiculas halo & how he fought me from behind the glass; not brave enough to fight me himself...It shows how Nero is a boy. I LOVE Dante~ I would say something to show how cool Dante is but it is a spoiler for the 2nd part of the game (like 2nd after the tutorial). The whole area of the church&labratory&mansion is similar to the first part of DMC1, that I want to say it is the same area...How many times has Dante been impaled on a sword? Nero's arm has so much in it! How does it all fit? Lesbian!blizzard!devils GO! Nero's love interest is named Kyrie & I thought of Armie's Nosferatu ^^ Can that Kyrie sing?

I wish I had a friend to play video games with within biking distance...I hadnt played a non DS or PC game since January and eventhough I felt it in my arms I had a lot of fun!~


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