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2010-08-28 09:29 pm
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2010-08-28 09:17 pm
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2010-06-20 01:48 pm

Mah burphdae cake~

This is the latest in the long tradition of getting a "The Legend of Zelda" themed birthday cake :3


I also was amazed to find that one of my custom designs from a 'few' [o_o 2004!] years ago was in the Greenwood Dairy Queen's cake design cards!

This one:

I was too lazy this year to make a design, so I just looked through their cards and :D [I will try to sneak a picture someday!]
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2010-05-29 12:29 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ahnjehleehn!!!!!~

This is based off of the picture I drew last year, but never got scanned and now I can't find it :( I wanted to try a new colouring style as it has been a long time since I've drawn anything on the computer. I drew this in OpenCanvas 1.1, and did the cop-out background in OpenCanvas 3.03 :3 I tried to draw your character Jack, but I'm not sure if I got it right. I remember saying you liked ducks once, so I wanted to have him riding an orange duck XD The duck is angry because of his rider's recklessness :P


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2010-04-04 04:37 pm
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for [ profile] alchemy_hisoka


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2009-06-22 11:51 pm
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Mah Birthday Celebration: pictures


The gallery can be [[HERE]] found on Facebook. I will be uploading more pictures of the decorations tomorrow, but here are some from today. Yeah we totally had phats :D [from Christmas crackers no less :3]~!

Also here is a short video of the sparkler on my cake.:

0:17 of mini-firework & candles )
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2009-04-20 12:20 am
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My cat is now 5-years-old :O

I bought her a bag of Temptations & a packet of Whiskas turkey & sauce fancy-smancy food...well she was all excited & purry and what-not on the packet, until I put half of it in a bowl for her. Then she smelled it and jumped-off the counter. I then decided to try it with Temptations sprinkled on it. She looked at me as if I had ruined them and wouldn't touch it. So I picked them off and gave them to her. She ignored them like I had defiled them by having them near the wet cat food. Holly ate it all for her though ^^; [then I offered Holly a spoonful of rice and she like gagged]

So yep, here is a picture of my ass!cat sitting in the pot of Wendy's umbrella tree...;

So yeah, Happy Birthday to Minnow~! ;P

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2008-11-09 05:56 pm
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*makes party noises*

Happy Birthday Amanda!~ [[ profile] xiuuxiu]
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2008-08-28 08:41 pm
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*moose noises*

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2008-08-15 09:18 am
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Well today is the fictional birthday of my lovely character Zinnian~ So I plan to eat his previous favourite food of a bacon cheeseburger & wear peridot eventhough my birthstone is alexanderite. Im a dork :-P
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2008-08-14 05:11 pm
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Here is wishing some Calorie Mate & such Mikey-boy~

Happy birthday Mike A.K.A. [profile] _ryo_jin_  :D [I don't know if you will read this because you are in the military, but I hope you are doing well and that you take care. I am sorry I didn't talk to you much before you left, and I have sent a few IMs when you were on MSN though, but with the cellphonage & such I don't know if you replied back.]
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2008-08-12 02:41 am
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Big happy birthdays to [ profile] hyukta & Matthew Doucet [Menta_Maulin]!!!~
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2008-06-22 10:53 pm
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My Horoscope from The Chronicle Herald:

"Cancer (June 21/22-July 22): When work is done, look for fun. The Summer solstice may offer a perfect excuse to escape from a high-tension situation. Leave business and personal pressures behind; concentrate on hobbies at home."
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2008-06-21 05:27 pm

GO HERE NOW, FTW! Anjeey-baby(if I can nickname you that?) drew me a AWESOME picture, which I heart--eventhough I can only see a 3x2inch version of it on my cell-phone! It has 2 fancy things in it ;3
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2008-06-21 01:57 am
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Good(?) Afternoon, Baby~

Well it is now mah birthday~ though I wont offically be 20 till 4:30pm, so I have awhile to wait. I get to sleep-in [bearing-in-mind what Minnow does], then I get to order some haddock-bits to eat while watching my favorite James Bond movie; "The Man With The Golden Gun"~ [I actually borrowed 4 Bond movies to watch tomorrow; "A View To A Kill" (I LOVE the opening credits & it is very loosely based-off-of my favorite James Bond story), "Casino Royal" (the b&w opening is how written!Bond is), & "Goldfinger" (I blame Armadei fop wanting to see Bond straped to a table...and the movie also has a chick killed by gold paint!). All my Bond movies are on VHS]! *flails* I hope I get atleast 1 phone-call from a friend today :3
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2008-06-20 11:59 am
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Birthday Wishlist~

Originally posted:  May 15, 2008, 11:59

Yep I am bored so here is what I want for mah Burthdai:

Birthday Wishlist:

Interview With The Vampire DVD,
Yakitate!! Japan vol2,
Professor Layton & The Mysterious Village,
"Guide to The Camarilla",
Erasure The Hits! set,
Zinnian fanart/fanfic :3 [I want to commisson the lovely [profile] ahnjehleehn],
dev Lestat&Armadeo!Crack~,
my piercing,
new headphones (semi in-ear with headband...preferably sexy yellow & black),
a cheap in-tube watercolour set [or a Gümbacher one if I could since I heart them]
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2008-06-20 01:50 am
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ActorsxNo LuckxPudding

Damn; Kristen Holden-Reid is hot...I still dig Jesse Moss though. I think it is my thing for 'Greek noses' and messy hair...

I called Universal Costumes today. They only do rentals...I have no idea what to do for Leorio's wig! I would have asked more on their policies but my mother was bitching in the background so I had to go. I will ask tomorrow. I think we should take gel & hair-cement and plaster my hair to my head? Im out of ideas!

I made a Dr.Oetker cake&sauce 1 dish pudding(dessert) tonight. It was like 11:45pm :-D June even came downstairs to have some. Now I need cream-cheese so I can make icing for my lovely lemon-blueberry cake!~ To go with the cake we are getting haddock-bits! Cake, deep-fried fish, & James Bond for mah burthdai! So full of win ^_^ I wish I could get a screwdriver or some Malibu-with-pineapple juice...I cant afford to fritter my cash on booze though. I also tried to buy my ticket tonight but eventhough the cash is showing on my balance, I need to wait another business day.