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lady_noremon ([personal profile] lady_noremon) wrote2009-06-22 11:51 pm
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Mah Birthday Celebration: pictures


The gallery can be [[HERE]] found on Facebook. I will be uploading more pictures of the decorations tomorrow, but here are some from today. Yeah we totally had phats :D [from Christmas crackers no less :3]~!

Also here is a short video of the sparkler on my cake.:

Man, it took 4 matches & a lighter to get it lit, and damn it lasted around a minute or more :O

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Happy (belated) birthday!

The design on your cake is very cool. And yay for sparklers! Did Link taste good?

I hope you enjoyed yourselves. ^^

I kept an eye out for anything you might like at PortCon, but nothing stood out; someone in Artists' Alley had Hetalia keychains, but no Canada. Unless there's something you'd like to request, I'll wrap up the present I already had and send it off to you once my current sickness is over. (Germs are never a good present.)

Just to let you know, the video says you have to log into Facebook to see it.