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Good(?) Afternoon, Baby~

Well it is now mah birthday~ though I wont offically be 20 till 4:30pm, so I have awhile to wait. I get to sleep-in [bearing-in-mind what Minnow does], then I get to order some haddock-bits to eat while watching my favorite James Bond movie; "The Man With The Golden Gun"~ [I actually borrowed 4 Bond movies to watch tomorrow; "A View To A Kill" (I LOVE the opening credits & it is very loosely based-off-of my favorite James Bond story), "Casino Royal" (the b&w opening is how written!Bond is), & "Goldfinger" (I blame Armadei fop wanting to see Bond straped to a table...and the movie also has a chick killed by gold paint!). All my Bond movies are on VHS]! *flails* I hope I get atleast 1 phone-call from a friend today :3

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I already sent you a text, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -glomps- ♥
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*flails* THANK-YOU BABES!~

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Happy Birthday Sarah!

-Bond Pose-
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Thank-you! [did you get my txt!e-mail?]


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Daaamn, I didn't think of it yesterday because I was not online!!

I'm so sorry ~.~

So now you get a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY!!! and hugs that are enough for the next 10 years!! O~O
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Im happy to have been thought of :3

*flails then collaspes from all the hugs* THANK-YOU!~♥ *glomps*