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This is the latest in the long tradition of getting a "The Legend of Zelda" themed birthday cake :3


I also was amazed to find that one of my custom designs from a 'few' [o_o 2004!] years ago was in the Greenwood Dairy Queen's cake design cards!

This one:

I was too lazy this year to make a design, so I just looked through their cards and :D [I will try to sneak a picture someday!]
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HAHPEY BURTHDAI!!!~ [I don't know what one it is, or else I'd be all "happy __th birthday!"]

All the best for the year ahead!~ [I drew a picture but didn't get it coloured yet >:]


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Happy birthday Mike A.K.A. [profile] _ryo_jin_  :D [I don't know if you will read this because you are in the military, but I hope you are doing well and that you take care. I am sorry I didn't talk to you much before you left, and I have sent a few IMs when you were on MSN though, but with the cellphonage & such I don't know if you replied back.]
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Happy June!

Also my birthday is in 20 days now (June 21st) *lmao*

So my yearly wishlist is;

the Bridget Jones movies or "The Holiday" or someother romantic movie ^^ Actually I want "Shaolin Soccer" ^_^ *yarr*,
htmare of Zaoldyeck" (and the "Hunter x Hunter musical") files,
MGS: Twin Snakes,
Odin Sphere,
Eternal Darkness; Sanity's Requem
some new pants

Yes very little for me to ask for. I am also not really asking for this from anyone on LJ ('cept the HxH files). This is mostly for myself ^_^ and is in no perticular order ('cept the underlined things are most wanted).

I will also be 19 then o_o and able to buy booze/drink legally (in Canada).


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