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Managed to get Tabular Indent installed as a layout on DreamWidth. I'm not actually moving, but it will help my reading of my Reading page more familiarly. Next job is making my Mood Theme for DreamWidth, or maybe even making a new one.

I used the raw source from InsaneJournal actually:
{ }

And used the guide from here to install it:
{ }

Also I had to replace all instances of "friends" [with the quotation marks!] with "read" [also in quotation marks]. I took the suggestion from here, even though I am using a different layout:
{ }

I eventually plan to get syndication or something up to post my LiveJournal entries there, once I've backed-up my time capsule of up to 2010 at another DreamWidth. The time capsule of before crap happened is why I haven't imported any entries since. It was like looking at the past Sarah. But I've edited and posted some entries there since, so it's the process of deleting the "new" ones at the back-up, and adding the changes before importing again to [personal profile] lady_noremon itself.

I didn't add people during the original big moves to DreamWidth. I only added back if they added me first. I didn't want to just be added as obligation because I was a hanger-on that we'd been friends for years so might as well keep me on since I added them on yet another service. So if you WANT to add me, I'm Lady_Noremon there too.


It's so bright and sunny it makes me feel better. And my ex' hated it. That's Gackt in the background if you're wondering just how damn old it is!

That Community is censored as it has a "no talking about it in public" membership rule.


Aug. 22nd, 2008 05:35 pm
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May I have your address again? I cant find the paper I had it on, and the entry is deleted ^^; I want to add it to my book...
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902-840-3774 <---my cell-phone number once again~

I heart Kawachi...but he peed on the King of Monaco...Ive heard public urination wasnt uncommon in Japan...but unzipping in the middle of a group & not noticing when you are peeing on someone?I have no idea.Pierrot has such a good heart. He gave me the creeps though with his "suit"...He is cute without his make-up...I have said before that I have a thing for confident bishonen/bishojo characters with white-hair...Dante,Zero,Pierrot,Etoile-sama,Godot,etc...I REALLY hate Kirasaki Yuuchi from Y!J...atleast how he has become if my hunch is right like it was with Godot...I want to cosplay Azuma or Kawachi next year...I still want to cosplay Maron,`but no cigar`with that. I have 2 user pictures to upload sometime now...I need to fiddle-with my LJ user-pictures btw...

When I have money I want to get a bottle of dark!pop/cola[probably Pepsi as it burns less to chug]& a pizza from Mama Sofia's.I plan to stuff my face to take-care of this craving.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 12:44 pm
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My only Internet is the built-in browser on my cell-phone. [I pay $7 a month for unlimited browsing, to any site.] Because of this what I can do is rather limited. I hope to hook-up Aliant high-speed soon, but do not know when. My number is 902-840-3774 if you need me for something.
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via [personal profile] snowtigra:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here on my LJ. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days of this post.

The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

[P.S. if you have already posted this Meme in your blog than you have to choose the next 3 people who responded to your original post and send them a handmade gift too. :P ]

My e-mail is ladynoremon at gmail dot com to send your address to :3
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Well I'm packing my computer within the hour and shipping it. [I'm just burning a few disks to watch until I set-up my Internetless computer when it arrives]

I will still be reachable by e-mail, and phone though. I can still read my Friends' Page, and can make voice posts. I will post my new cell-phone number as soon as I get it!

Sarah Dumphy
P.O. Box 221
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
B0S 1C0

Anything sent to my old Dorm address will not be recieved ;___;

E-mail me to ask for my house number if you need it, but will post my new cell' number when I get it. [Kun you can get my house number from Armadei.]

I leave you with a panel that made me snicker for the wrong reasons. [I will say that "Tasty, and easy. and warm" sounds so wrong...though a little bit after this Kio mentions that he hads sexual innuendos *bzut?!*]

I'll also try to book mah reservations and ferry ticket once I get settled :D

It seems strange that this is the last time I'm going to be able to make a post here, or that last night was the last time I got to sleep in my bed here (I'll sleep on the couch tonight). I'm sad.


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