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Well technically Im a Poser...

Armiiiie; I require your awesome assistance with Bloodlines! (still stuck and want to know how to make a virtual disk...)

I promise I wont later deny ever getting help and wont disband your coven...and will bake you Internet muffins :3

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Yes, I started playing it again :D

Apparently it is now October in-game. It was April during the plague mission...Did it take me months to complete the mission, or does my Toreador have amnesia o_o;

of awesome hide-a-ways, octopieseses, & 'It's Tradition!' :D )

doesn't the LA Museum of Natural History pay well enough? )

news in a cubicle )

To be continued when I have had some sleep...

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At the begining of this month I wanted to try-on the new pinstripe dress pants I bought for Kio. After deciding that the were damn awesome, I put on my regular Kio outfit and went to look at myself in the mirror. That was when Wendy decided she needed pictures ^^;


The rest of the pictures from the mini-shoot can be found HERE.

I played some Bloodlines since being home, but haven't played on my main game yet (I fear addiction when I have other things to do). I also played Redemption, but I am stuck in Perin(sp?) Hill with Mercurio (that WEASEL!). Armie helped me with ho to revive Wilhim though, so I should have some more luck using her stragety(bah no spelling for me todayz), when I start playing itgain.

Bloodlines screenshots;

And here are a few Redemption ones;

Scenery,  )


Now back to using a cellphone after I finish resumé template finding D:

Meme#4: via Facebook

Comment and I will; 
-Tell you what I find attractive about you.
-Tell you where I would want to go on a date with you to.

In trade, write a note make a post, and I'll comment!

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So I decided to buy a fire-axe since it's Lethality is 12 and my highest melee weapon is only 9.

I was asked by Fat Larry to go steal a suitcase from the Tong [he said he noticed I was buying from him regularly and not just like someone trying to guard their property). I loved how he discribed what he was looking for! It was this convoluted discription that ended in 'yojimbo' :D I said sure!

I think I'd like to re-play this quest just to see if I could get around killing the smoking-guy. I may just since I saved just before entering :D 

I'm debating taking Pisha's quest now while I'm back in the Downtown...should I? I still don't like the idea of sending the poor man to be eaten just because she slipped-up in her 'food harvesting'...

[will continue after I get back from shopping] 

Did Trafik again :D 5mins to get to the man I have to kill [didn't slit his throat this time, I broke his neck blood ^^;]. 10mins after that to steal the briefcase. Then the hard part...escapeing unseen. Took me almost 35mins -___-; but I bet the looks on the faces of the Tong & the gang were priceless :D 

"Where did the briefcase go?" 
"Wait! A Tong is dead!" 
"You planned to steal the case all along right? Didn't want to pay!" 

So now I am taking a break since I am weighing doing Necromatic or not...

[will continue once I decide what to do...] 

Tried playing a character with only 1 the hell do you feed in Santa Monica?! My only plan was to follow a chick down to the Gimble entrance and then I only got like 1/3 full. After I did the medical clinic area I was short after using Blood Buff a lot so I had to resort to crawling down to the sewers and finding as many rats as I could D: [as you can see if I can't seduce I'm useless playing this game] I was scared I was going to Frenzy (I have no idea what triggers it, but I'm guessing going a long-time without feeding while low on blood). I'm glad my main game is a 6 Seduction Toreador~
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Yep decided to make a separate entry for this area.

Also I came acrossed this room that was blocked by clutter. I shot the experiments in this room with my revolver from a safe distance.

There was another explosion that blocked my path back.

escaping! )

I also ran to The Last Round to see about Nines...I don't care for the Anarchs that much, but I am fond of Nines & Jack.

[to be continued in my 04-08-2008 Bloodlines entry]

Also my character is wondering dev's thoughts on his late-Primogen?

(atleast everything will be taken-care-of by the fire...hopefully I am all that escaped...)
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Checked-out the Elizabeth Dane. Finally got to see what the Thin Bloods look like! [E doesn't not look like I thought he would]

So after I checked my e-mail [remember not to touch the butter! Even if it tasted like margarine~] I went back to Downtown LA.

Primogen )

My new Haven is awesome!~♥ [I so want a place like this in real-life someday!~]

Decide(s) I was too curious and had to go use Auspex on the cabby...

So while I was playing, I decided to take a peek of Dr.Grout's house to see what my adventures tomorrow will hold.

I decided to explore the outside before I went in.

I entered.

Speaking of Malkavians I just remember this** painting that Lane showed us, that reminded me of Malkavians?

[will continue when I am done class tomorrow] 

Here is the wraith of Bloodlines...I.E. action games make me drink/need cafeine.

[will continue after I pack my art supplies]

[Continued here**]

**"Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

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No more glitches! (*knocks on wood*) [I thought I had the latest driver for my NIVIDIA video-card, as I just updated around Valentine's Day. Guess I was wrong after reinstalling DirectX for the 3rd time I decided to re-check the updates. No more graphical glitches! Though my RealPlayer has had the music shuffled-all-up in a weird order now.]

[will continue this when I play tomorrow, bed for me now] 

Here are 2 .MP3s I captired of the conversations with Jezebel Locke & Brother Kanker [so I can convey how creepy they are...'specially the "fleeeaaassh" part with Brother Kanker]

I am now off to hunt zombies with a shotgun (after I visit Fat Larry yet again). 


[will continue once I figure-out what to do...and buy more shotgun shells...]



Now I am heading back to Santa Monica to my lovely ladies, and to check-out The Elizabeth Dane.

Taxi! [yes I know I am supossed to ride in them, not go car surfing...]

I also must say the Regent is growing-on me. [though the item he gave me reminds me of bunny-ears attached to a bag of blood...]

[to be continued...]
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*does a little "I shotgunned Jezebel Locke dance*

One of the attemps I made [before I started using Celerity to run around while reloading...took 10 shots at close-range D:], when she was talking to me it glitched and she kept using Presence almost made her look pretty. 

Regent )


On-ward to Victory Damsel! 

Damn I'm getting glitches in the other sewers!!! 


[will continue up until the Canucks' game]
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Decided to keep exploring what I found-out is a abandoned hospital. Discouvered that it is what I am guessing to be a Nagaraja...a messed-up Nagaraja that appears to eat more than she needs to, and is very....gruesome with it. She goes by the name of a old lover; Pisha. I told her that I'd go get Millton (so I could escape from her), but I told him to run-like-hell D: I felt bad that the door was locked and I couldn't save goth-guy...[I didn't save, because I plan-on finishing with Jezebel Locke first].

Pisha )

Speaking of the 'Oh. My. Fuck. I hate that bitch' Jezebel Locke, I am having a hard time beating her. I think I may need to return to Fat Joe (is that is name?) and get some more ammo for my 12-gauge...I can only get her down to about 1/3 health with what I have now. I can't do very good with melee ether. My revolver isn't very lethal on Kindred, so I'm stuck to my shotgun....

I shall have to try and beat the Plaguebearer(s?) tomorrow as I am exhausted for tonight.

[will continue this tomorrow]
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I used Seduction to get the information about Hannah's work from her >.> [I've also gotten 1 willing chick in Confession, and 2 in The Asylum. I also had that "I'm waiting for a car mechanic." guy as part of my 'Herd', until he disappeared after the Warehouse mission ;___; I am afraid to drink from most of the people in Downtown because of the sickness...] --Player!

I actually asked around the Homeless AND went to Skylines. I'm avoiding the sewers though because I fear glitches like from Santa Monica. [EDIT---> They due cause the glitchs D:]

Is it wrong I only feel bad about killing (I drained her >.>) Patty because I lost 2 Humanity for it? Like I even thought about knifing her, but that would leave too much blood. Shooting would make a noise, and thus get those thugs on my case (they are the worst thugs ever! They watched a chick dressed in designer clothes walk into a dark alley, and just went back to smoking D:). Then again I could get in trouble with Kent Ryan Allen later-on for draining her because of the handiwork....I should have punched her....

Of course I talked to her before I killed her, so she would have a chance to be scared and run ^^;

I 'took care' of Boris :3


And I think the Jewish homeless women resemble The Sherif somewhat >.> I also can't find a dance-thing in The Empire Hotel so I can boogie D:

Also the Tremere's Regent is very creepy, and I think they are more like Tzimisce then they know D: [I need to find another adjective besides 'creepy' to start I don't hate them, I'm not scared of them, I just am off-feeling about them] --I have deemed LA Regent the Squeaky Regent because he looks to be dressed in shiney vinyl, and must make sqeaky-noises when he walks >.> (then again I'm not Tremere so I am not privy to their secrets such as what noise the Regent makes when he walks....)

[Will update as I continue tomorrow]


Apr. 2nd, 2008 01:34 pm
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I love how things keep trying to kill me D: 


I thought here was beautiful.
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 Armadei commented that my Toreador Zinnian reminded her somewhat of Jeanette from "Vampire: The Masquerade; Bloodlines" well tonight I find-out they even have the same eye-colour(s) o_o;


I find this very creepy O_o;

Also Blood-Bank-Guy is batshit and creepy D:


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