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This is from August 2008-the time of this post. [from oldest-newest]:

"You can't put crazy in a box." and my random response was; "Of course you can! You're just not trying hard enough!" I have no idea...bwzut?

I dont know if blonds have more fun, but I know they need to use more that fun?

I dont know how I'll take on today. But it must be done.Now I hope nothing cracks,because it is easy to shatter it seems. Just there always.

"Hmf...The thing is most Tremere-well Kindred in general-dont have a temperment for least not the typical type..."
"...With some, you really dont want to find it out either."

"Next Monday? Back again? Like the sea; But I am just sand along the shore. And the waves came so soon." written after I died on Waterbirth.

Reminder to we to post the scary dream I had to LJ later; "What do you mean 'they come back?!'" "The dead come back, they always come back."
"But Doctor; on this planet, the dead always come back." with lots of stiff people & 'back to the wall and stare straight ahead' protection.

So beautiful, but so dangerous. Caricaturers of humanity, but so much more like concentrations. All that love & cruelity amplified to a point of unreality. Taken too far with the lose of limites. They are gorgeous & they defiantly know it. The rockstars of Kindred. But they are so much more. They are all unique in the end.

"Im still not used to this whole thing. It's been around 3 years and it still sometimes scares me to wake-up cold."

I had to force my eyes to stay open. All my body wanted to do was sleep now that the sun was up. If only my landlord hadnt left a note

Damn, what the fuck was that? I felt the rattle as I hit the ground, but I managed to kick and slide a foot farther away. I guess I need to replace my jacket now.

March 1st, 2009:

The landscape was eteral in it's beauty. The way the planet's surface seemed to glow[ed] against the contrasting darkness of space. And these shoes! Fuck, so bouncy.
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 finished 'All Fired Up' & partly did a Clue Scroll...[only 2 screens] )EDIT---

I read the RuneScape Wiki on it and in the Trivia was:

" On the day of the release, the spoilers said, "Blaze got a bit carried away and incinerated the spoiler scroll in a frantic effort to set his shoes on fire, so you'll have to wait a day for Reldo to make us a new copy." "
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"As a matter of fact, it is the nicest hat I have ever known."

I discovered that UPN38 is still airing older episodes of "South Park"! I also forgot about the egg-project/gay-marriage episode; eventhough it has one of my favourite quotes in it...I am now watching a movie where there is a universidy called "Oxbridge" :D I wondered if there is a "Camford"[with Cam Clarke? ^^] to go with it...I want to go to Oxbridge!~ I also WTF-er-ly read "maraschino" as "Malkavian-'o's"...are the cereal!bits covered in rainbow sparkles? "Silly Toreador, rainbow sparles are only avaliable to the batshit insane! *beeeep!*" I. Have. No. Idea. Why. Anymore. D: I think I need more than 4-hours of sleep...

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Thanks to Heather I'm on one of my "I want a Ninth Doctor action figure" kicks again. I shall put-it-off till I'm back in Nova Scotia however ^^; I also want to get one of those nifty TARDIS USB hubs :3 [for purely funtional reasons, including that all my USB ports are in use currently, and I have to un-plug something to plug-in my jump-drive...].

So I shall be ordering; a Ninth Doctor action figure, and a TARDIS USB hub, and most likely a Dalek figure as the online-store I found has them for $6USD...and maybe a sonic screwdriver ^^; [total $52.76USD+shipping]

But this is a later thing, and won't be done till after I'm bask East & after I book everything for PortCon2008 and such :3


I'm a sloth. I'm blah & lazy and apparently storing food as I'm not hungry and I've only had supper and a snack today, compared to yesterday's semi-gluttonish evening...


Armadei is full of win I must say repeatedly. Hopefully tonight will contain more crack however. Also I want more dev as I'm a dev fangirl :P [I want to draw him, but I don't have enough reference ;)]


I made some wallpaers for my phone :D [176pxX220px is the size that will fit good. 200pxX250px also works, but it a picture is too big my phone will crop only the top corner of it...]


The daffodil one I made for a more Spring-type wallpaer for my cell-phone, and the 3 Vampire: The Masquerade Clan ones I made...currently only the Toreador one is being used as my screensaver, but Armie likes Malkavian (I do too) & Tremere (which I find creepy and not very trustworthy...).

I went by the colours on the letterhead for these. I want to make the rest of the clans, but I'm having a hard time finding pictures of the letterhead so I know what colours to use. I do have pics of Brujah & Gangrel's letterhead so I'll make thise next. I want to make a Ventrue one though. [I have found another letterhead but I'm not sure what Clan...]


Oh and Happy Easter~!♥

I wish I had ham & pineapple sauce to eat...I'll have a ham sammich instead though ;___; and maybe some pineapple chunks with it...

I did cook a awesome dinner for myself Friday. Pork-roast with a maple-garlic glaze, a AWESOME salad (mixed greens, grated carrot, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, blueberries, bacon, cabbage, red onion, and poppyseed vinegarette), and some 'Uncle Ben's' rice. Chocolate-marble cheesecake for dessert with maple-syrup & blueberries. I'm having the last of it for lunch tomorrow ^^;


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