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2017-08-09 07:55 pm
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2017-07-07 07:32 am
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2017-04-18 04:16 am

Tabular Indent on DreamWidth!


Managed to get Tabular Indent installed as a layout on DreamWidth. I'm not actually moving, but it will help my reading of my Reading page more familiarly. Next job is making my Mood Theme for DreamWidth, or maybe even making a new one.

I used the raw source from InsaneJournal actually:
{ }

And used the guide from here to install it:
{ }

Also I had to replace all instances of "friends" [with the quotation marks!] with "read" [also in quotation marks]. I took the suggestion from here, even though I am using a different layout:
{ }

I eventually plan to get syndication or something up to post my LiveJournal entries there, once I've backed-up my time capsule of up to 2010 at another DreamWidth. The time capsule of before crap happened is why I haven't imported any entries since. It was like looking at the past Sarah. But I've edited and posted some entries there since, so it's the process of deleting the "new" ones at the back-up, and adding the changes before importing again to [personal profile] lady_noremon itself.

I didn't add people during the original big moves to DreamWidth. I only added back if they added me first. I didn't want to just be added as obligation because I was a hanger-on that we'd been friends for years so might as well keep me on since I added them on yet another service. So if you WANT to add me, I'm Lady_Noremon there too.


It's so bright and sunny it makes me feel better. And my ex' hated it. That's Gackt in the background if you're wondering just how damn old it is!

That Community is censored as it has a "no talking about it in public" membership rule.
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2013-12-02 05:55 am
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2010-10-03 01:40 pm
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2010-09-20 01:00 am


Was having issues for the last few weeks with my Journal Layout. In IE & Chrome it would randomly scroll to the top while reading. I stopped reading my Friends' Page because of it. I finally decided tonight to try to tinker with it and get it working, or I would VERY REGRETABLY change my layout (it only seems to be happening with my own). I know many don't like my bright yellow Journal, but I have had it for years, and it always puts me in a good mood. How can you be pissy with cheery yellow? Even when I vent or what-not with it, it eases me. I also just plan still love it. I tried just removing the background image and it still was broke, so I set the alignment to center and now it is loading fine.

Hopefully it will stay fixed now!

And tomorrow/later today I go see Dr. Saxon again FINALLY. I've been having pain from my left back molar. It isn't fully erupted, and it is just starting to get a brown spot in the bit that it partly under the gum. He was away so I had to want almost a month to get in. I do not like going to the dentists because of the mistakes Dell and then Annapolis have made so I get -very- antsy when getting work donw on my teeth now. But Saxon seems like a nice guy. He is Douchette's dentist, and his mom is a perfectionist, so he ust be good. The filling he replaced is all snazzy, so I hope things go alright.

But I must head-off to bed to get up early D:
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2010-09-18 05:29 pm

Last Pearle's in Paradise visit


Until Spring that is...
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2010-09-15 02:19 am
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2010-09-14 06:21 pm
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2010-09-10 01:01 am
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meh Facebook status role-play stuff

I posted a bit of somewhat spoilery "Echo Bazaar" stuff over at my POORLY MADE/UPDATED writing journal-things.

And that is that :P
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2010-09-06 08:28 pm
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2010-09-05 07:24 am
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2010-09-04 11:03 pm
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♪Kukuruu Mountain~♫

Awesome "The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck" Killua & Gon cosplay :3
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2010-09-03 06:57 pm
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2010-08-30 12:19 pm
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2010-08-29 11:24 pm
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Jeremy and I had been dicussing nachos and I took to craving them so when I was out I bought stuff to make some. I had wanted a big bag of tortilla chips to get more than one 'feed' of them, but when I got to the aisel there was also multi-grains and Omega flax ones. I wanted to get a bag of those since I am trying to eat more fiber [taking Iron is awful for things], but the bags were smaller than what I wanted. I finally settled on a some-what larger bag of low-sodium tortilla chips.

I also did not know that we had a few tomatos left over so I made a somewhat guacamole. Avocado, red onion, tomato, garlic, tinned jalapeno peppers, and since I had not planned on making it I used a bit of dill for a herb.

These were so good O:


And there are a lot more peppers on there, but sadly the orange & yellow ones look more like the colour of the cheese.