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So Amanda-pants & Trev-poo just left [[ profile] fox_avenger  & [ profile] xiuuxiu ]. I was getting rather mad at his sister&friends, because they kept bailing on them/wating a ridiculas ammount to drive like 11/2 hours. So now they are all gone to Bridgewater, and I am again alone.

Yeah I am happy to have been promised contact, and excitedly told to come visit in BC [which I might do in 2010, as 2009 is mah PortCon-sexy trip]; because it eased my mind a bit. I am not as uncertain about shit now.

When I pretty much lost contact with Trev, I thought I had been dropped. I at first used to try Amanda's number, but after a few months I didn't know if he was still staying with her so I started trying his cell-phone. I e-mailed, I sent MSN offline messages, I txted, and I Skyped. I got 1 MSN message asking for my phone number/address & 2 txts in over 7 months. I was really worried/upset and it caused a few panic attacks [usually they happen (and I've only been having them as of late last year) when I have a dream or remember something, which causes everything to come-back and the whole fear and shit kicks in. I can't breath, and everything goes tight. I cry a lot too. When I first started having them I was scared because I didn't know what to do. Now I usually maul Minnow then go play RuneScape >.>]. I didn't know if he was alright or what. Or if he even wanted to talk to me. Now I feel hearted :3

So I hope that we can work-on mending things more when he gets back, and stay in contact more/better. I am very happy to have met awesome Amanda too~♥

I am hoping to get a job soon and see about what the hell I'm going to do for school next semester/term. I will need to start paying-off my ass student loan too. First I need to pay Telus fully, and get my Lestat outfit commission/get like $120 for my passport.

This is a picture Trev drew me of D20 Lylat Zinnian :3

 <------he likes to always draw Zinn wearing fishnet!arm-warmers with belt-things...

So I am content, and I didn't cry 'till after they left ^^ now I am going to play a tad of RuneScape, then probably go to bed as I am tired :O

I am glad I have a appointment at Valley Chiropractic Services tomaro D: I am still stiff from Laser Tag.
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Trevor and his friend Amanda, decided to come to Nova Scotia kinda spurr of the moment. They tried my house early in the morning today, but I was not up [I was up late because of a panic attack, and was planning-on sleeping-in till noon-ish], so they asked around town if I still lived at June's. Well June met this woman who asked if Sarah was still in town, and June was like tell him to come back. So June & Wendy ran in, made me get-up and get dressed because some people were coming to visit. Now they were REALLLLLLLY excited, and I was like "who the hell could it be?" When Wendy mentioned a "good friend" I was like "It could be ether Trevor or Armie, because I think I'd have to actually be dead before Matt bothered. Armie has no reason to visit, so it must be Trev. He told me he was sending a parcel, and it should arrive 'around the 19th."

So Trevor & his awesome friend Amanda hung-out today, and a bit with Shannon Maidens. We went to the pub, and even went and sat on the old train bridge. I had fun but now I'm pretty tired with a headache.

They are staying in our trailer for awhile-either a few days to a week-before they leave for Bridgewater and then Halifax. I feel kind of bad I have nothing much to offer them, but it was a suprise and I was not prepared D:

I missed the wank. I missed him so damn much. I wish Matt wasn't such a bastard though [memories about the times we spent together as a group still upset me, and thus I can't seem to enjoy this visit as much as I would like. (Actually that was the reason for my panic attack last night...)].
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Yeah single now.

Also Matthew wants me out of his life completely.

So I've also lost my very best-friend. 

I feel sick and cold right now.

Nothing more I can really say.
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Got it right with Treovr again! [sure it will take awhile till it is 100% again (maybe 340%? was how it was before...) but still!] 

I made Matt worry so bad though because of how depressed I have been. I feel like a ass for making him shake like a dildo over me. I wish I didn't have to talk about my problems with him as he has his own but I can't help it sometimes.



I was busy with personal reasons! [talking to my best friend whom I thought I had lost, and letting Matts know that I was not 'suicide' depressed. I was just self-loathing & guilty depressed with a smidge of futility there aswell]

Because of this I am going to get 20% off of it as I won't be home tomorrow Night ;3 [this is also for a fun personal reason]


I got a new plant! His name is Frederick and he is a white Spathiphyllum (like a lily mixed with a foilage house-plant)! I SHALL type up his 'back-story' later-on :3


I heart him! [and he cost me over $20 if you include the pot & potting soil I had to get to transplant him]

Oh! And techinically he is a school supply as I drew Hibiki several times for school :3

"Spathiphyllum is mildly toxic to humans and animals when ingested." Good to know that I shouldn't be tempted to eat him >;P


Oh and I read Vol.#06 of "Loveless" today while I ate my eggs&bacon&ketchup&toast&jam :3 and a few pages of chapter#01 of Vol#07...thank-you Armadei for rekindling my Kio love :P [I still say we have a lot in common...we both like suckers, are fine art students, and are occasional perverts...oh and the glasses XDDD]


Now I am off to bed!!!!!!!

[I love sex-pot, Cheeseboy & Armie; you guys really‚ô• helped me this weekend!!!!]


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