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"The personal, versatile, countertop magician!"

Okaaay, I frequently mention this infomercial. Tonight 'GDSG' and me were talking (more on him later), and I got informed that it was on Google Video :O Watch it!

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I better stop watching it before I break down and buy it! I have seen it before and the more and more I see it the more and more I want it. It looks handy, but I doubt you can do all of that in 10 seconds, as it advertises, unless you have everything out and ready to go. Thanks though.
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I think is sounds like a cool product, but I think the infomercial is hilarious ^^; Sooo many 2-D characters! I love it though :3

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lol, everyone hates on these xD
i.. actually own a Magic Bullet XD;; It's OK.. i only use it for making a single serving of smoothie... It doesnt blend very well, and it has a hard time crushing ice, grapes, and somtimes chopped up apples... LOL
if you want an awesome blender, go for the Vita Mix 8D lolol
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I don't actually have anything against the actual product, I just find the cheesy infomercial hilarious as can be :3

Does it make it in 5secs or less? ;P Naw just kidding, but I think it's a cool idea.