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"5 Little Roses" was a story I came-up with while reading "For Your Eyes Only" by Ian Flemming; a collection of short stories starring James Bond. 
     It was a slightly windy, somewhat chilly day. A normal spring day. The kind when the air feels like the season of new life and new beginnings, has arrived.

     Outside a small urban center, just in front of a breezeway that connects a couple of office buildings to each other. Two young men stepped out of opposite doors, that are passageways into the many tiny offices and lobbies within. Both wore simple suits; slightly beat-about with everyday wear. One of the men had blackish-brown hair. He was slightly taller than the other. The other man had light brown hair and was closely followed out by another shorter brunet man. Their names were; Cassian, Henry, & Alexander. Henry and Cassian both loosely held guns in their hands, arms relaxed from the shoulder down. Cassian in his left. Henry in his right.

"Good day." Announced Henry as if he was stating a fact. Both raised their guns and fired.

"Good day." Replied Cassian as he slumped down to the pavement, Henry's bullet having hit him in the chest; aways in from his left bicep. Cassian's own bullet was lodged into the door frame behind Henry and Alexander, just inches from Henry's right shoulder.


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