Jul. 23rd, 2007 07:53 pm
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Killua -grin-)
Yes yes, I am online much sooner than I had though would be the case. I am on for a short while via my Uncle's computer ;3

Yeah I have a miserable day. Got 31/2 hours sleep, along with like maybe 45mins of lobby chair sleeo, which isn't really sleep at all -_-;

Anyway I started crying when I got to the post of sitting on the operating table, and being told the side effects that were not included in the pamplet >.> like how the numbness in my jaw/mouth/tongue could be perminate if they messed-up a nerve(s). I'm starting to get feeling back in my tongue, so I hope I'm not part of the rare 1-2%...only time will tell.

My jaw hurts, and I need to take some pills in a few minutes, so I might lose some of the pain.

I did fall asleep during the operation, eventhough I was just sadated...I think it was the lack of sleep.

I did wake-up when they were pulling the last tooth; and I said something like "Hey.....hun'...I'm bisexual......" or something like that, 
only to get the reply of "It's alright dear, we are on the last one." So yeah good thing my mom wasn't allowed in the room once it began. I guess I can just chalk-it-up to being in a 'happy place' ^^;

I woke-up crying next. I had blood all over my hands, and was wet and miserable. Apparently my mom was telling me again that no eventhough I had asked the nurse, Dr. Robertson, & the male secretary if I could keep my teeth, the attending had tossed them, and now they were too unsanitary to take home. Man I'm still pissed.

I just got done eating a banana&coconut custard babyfood container. So I guess it isn't so bad, besides from the freezing, swelling, and pain.

I might be onine sooner that a week.

So yeah g2g take pills & try and log onto MSN/Windows Messenger.

Lots of love, and take care,

--- Sarah-Sarah♥

I think sedation is like Red Kryptonite >.> but yeah it was 'blood-drool' not all blood.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 05:14 pm
lady_noremon: Snake from 999 looking exasperated. (Minn)

Yeah now it is good-bye for around a week. That picture is from Koyukiful (I wish I had a shirt with it on it).

So take care, and I'll make a Voice Post when I'm well enough to!

*lots of hug and a few kisses*


I made this with Blingee XD 
I wish I was just that Gangsta...

HxH gangsta
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Oh and Armadei, you box just needs to be addressed (NY ok?), and I'll mail it when I get to town next.


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