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Yeah, I am soooooo tired D:

We [[ profile] xiuuxiu & [ profile] fox_avenger] went to Greenwood on a whim yesterday and played Laser Tag. My legs are killing me (actually, I haven't had my thighs this sore since October ;P) from all the crouching/running/rolling/hiding/ducking/sliding/etc.!

Seriously, if I had known it was only $5 per person to play, I would have been played a whole lot more. I think I thought it was expensive, because when they built the place, $5 was a lot of money to me. So Amanda & me were on one team, and Trevor was by himself. We ended-up losing by like 70pts...I don't know why I didn't get more points because I kept following Trev around and shooting him in the back -__-; "you are hit" Amanda had never played before, so she just hide and Trevor hit me in the head with his gun D,: [by accident; I decided to crouch&hide, and he came around the corner and I scared him and he flailed and hit me with the gun ;__;]


Today we went to Hampton Beach, and The Morse Road. I heart the beach; seriously :3 I took lots of pictures, and hope to upload them some-time-relatively-soon. Trevor's old house has really been let, let-go T_T* I wish I had a whole fuck-load of money, so I could buy it...and pay my Telus bill...and buy a XBox360 >.>


So yeah I think they are back with food (they took our bikes and biked to D's Chicken Place, while I stayed home. My legs are sooo sore D:), so I am going to go. I HOPE to be able to make Clan Wars tomorrow though!


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