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Presidents and PMs: The long-term relationship

Poor Pearson D:

Also the menu for the food being served during Obama's visit today is like a group of people decided to list every Canadian food and cram it together...


I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but I think I did on Twitter; Bonhomme is awesome.
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Seeeeeeee? Canada is damn fine :D

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A Federal Election for Canada was called. Yes, the time our Prime Minister is in power is not set. A election can be called whenever ^^; I have no idea who Im going to vote for yet. Im leaning towards NDP, because I dont want to get into the whole Carbon Tax jazz. Personally it wouldnt effect me much as I bike or take the bus when I can. It would be bad though for my household. We kinda cant bike and such. The Tories have been on this attack on Dion for months though, and have been rather nasty about it. So yes, I want to vote, but am not too happy with my options. So it is ether NDP or Green Party...I still find Layton alright, but kinda a pussy.

Im most likely sick. My temp' is 99.2 in one ear & 99.4 in the other. I feel weak & so cold. My throat is sore. And I vomited earlier. Ass.

Im trying to catch-up with DW before the new season starts next Friday :D So have been watching it a lot. "Girl in the Fireplace" was so trippy o_o and "The Imposible Planet" & "The Satan Pit" were too...


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