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Yesterday was the Febuary B.R.H.S. after school Anime Screening :) And we watched;

Samurai 7,
Blood: The Last Vampire,
Yakitate! Japan,
Rizlemine, &
previews for Hellsing; Ultament, Poniponi Dash, & Nerima Daikon Brothers

Mr. Melanson did not leave us with his speaker, so we had to use the classrooms hearing difficulty audio system. 

Our AV set-up;

I brought in 10 apples, and around 10 oranges & tangerines. I also was hired to buy/pick-up pop and popcorn. Chad aquired the styrofoam cups.

We didn't just watch anime though. Cullen & I also came-up with trivia questines so we could give away "Maho Sensei Nagima" sticker sheets (the Fundamation parcel comes with extras).

"What movie is Samurai 7 based off of?" = "The Seven Samurai"
"What does 'pan' mean in Japanese?" = bread
"What was the first mainstream anime?" = "Astro Boy"/"Tetzuwan Atom"
"What style did Sarah(me) use for the drawlings on this month's posters?" = chibi
"What 1996 anime revolutionalized the what anime was made?" = "Neo Genensis Evangelion"
"What show had robots that have inspired mech' designs since then?" = "Transformers"


In between "Samurai 7" & "Blood: The Last Vampire" we played PAPER SUMOS!!!!! That was the shiznit :3 We had a tournament-type thing which I organized. Cullen made a ring/platform, and handed out paper. I lent-out my markers and we cut out and decorated our 'warriors'. I made it to the finals, but my angry duck lost to a two-headed dinosaur. i'm glad though because the victor gave the prize (a chibi Kurama rubber keychain) to Melanie a loner girl (she looks lonely). I think I would have done the selfish thing and kept it <.<


After the 'event' I had Cullen over to my house, since he would have had to wait outside, in the flurries, and the wind, for over a hour, because he was taking the transit bus. I hadn't had company over for over 6-months -__-; and Ijust took him on a tour of my many cool things, and my manga collection :3 Though no worries, since I'm only interested in one guy atm, and I find Cullen way too dorkish.


I have now recieved a message from the Annapolis Valley Regional Libray Anime & Manga Club that I have won the "Thanks for answering the questionnaire" draw. So now in a few days I have to go to the town libray to pick-up a "packet of goodies" >^____^< *squee*

I am definatly having a super good month :D *knokes on wood*




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