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I just found this community through LJ-Spotlight, and went digging for pictures of some of the 'bento' I made to take to school in the past year. [please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, my old camera wasn't very good]

High School:

Lettuce & pepper salad with dressing & popped apple seeds, onigirl with sundried pepper eyes, mini spagetti [molded in a muffin tin then frozen], Arrowroot biscuits, and apple slices.

six different bento )

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Well I need to stop saying "ass" so much. After the 'Marius de Assface' thing, I started to apend it to everything. From Minnow to the band Rolling Thunder. "Ass-Cat" & "Ass Thunder"...Also Ive been tormenting everyone with "giraffes are Kosher" & "where would you buy giraffe?" & "we should go to Chigago!". Ass.

I went to order my new external & I was short $23.90 on my card. So I will have to order tomorrow. [ profile] chipcaramel & mostly me have decided to call it 'SexBeast McHotBox'. ISNT THAT A AWESOME NAME? Or I could call it Dageus McKeltar :-P

I now have a Twitter; lady_noremon

Bacon makes a good air-freshener! The pet pee smell we cant seem to get rid of,has been covered-overed by the smell of the back-bacon we fried yesterday.Eeew...and my hair smells like fried bacon too...Ass. June did stew/bottle some yummy tomato(e)s last night too! Need to stop eating poptarts for breakfast due to sugar-rush.

Im finished with my houseplant-honeys, so Im gonna have a nap, because I feel weak.

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902-840-3774 <---my cell-phone number once again~

I heart Kawachi...but he peed on the King of Monaco...Ive heard public urination wasnt uncommon in Japan...but unzipping in the middle of a group & not noticing when you are peeing on someone?I have no idea.Pierrot has such a good heart. He gave me the creeps though with his "suit"...He is cute without his make-up...I have said before that I have a thing for confident bishonen/bishojo characters with white-hair...Dante,Zero,Pierrot,Etoile-sama,Godot,etc...I REALLY hate Kirasaki Yuuchi from Y!J...atleast how he has become if my hunch is right like it was with Godot...I want to cosplay Azuma or Kawachi next year...I still want to cosplay Maron,`but no cigar`with that. I have 2 user pictures to upload sometime now...I need to fiddle-with my LJ user-pictures btw...

When I have money I want to get a bottle of dark!pop/cola[probably Pepsi as it burns less to chug]& a pizza from Mama Sofia's.I plan to stuff my face to take-care of this craving.

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Well I have failed at using-up my container of sour-cream today. It expired today, and I hate wasting food (I compost like whoa). Im usually alright to eat something to midnight, before tossing it...

I weed a damn lot, and planted some new plants I got today. I got more gin/whiskey begonia (they look like 'gin' begonia, but are called 'whiskey'. I needed to replace the one I stepped-on & killed)-speaking of begonia; my faux rose one bloomed hot pink instead of yellow :-(-, some impatians (which seem different somehow than the ones I had in the past), some Saratoga nicotiana (which I tried to grow from seed but it failed), 3 four-o-clocks, and some marigolds (which I associate with memory...yet another thing I blame on synesthesia...). I LOVE my garden! Once I get the weeding done[and resituate my Zinnia elegans], I will take pictures!

Well I need to call my great aunt Hilda tomorrow to find-out my `father's` middle-name, birthday & birthplace...yeah I managed to get 'Durling' for last-name though?x_x

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Damn; Kristen Holden-Reid is hot...I still dig Jesse Moss though. I think it is my thing for 'Greek noses' and messy hair...

I called Universal Costumes today. They only do rentals...I have no idea what to do for Leorio's wig! I would have asked more on their policies but my mother was bitching in the background so I had to go. I will ask tomorrow. I think we should take gel & hair-cement and plaster my hair to my head? Im out of ideas!

I made a Dr.Oetker cake&sauce 1 dish pudding(dessert) tonight. It was like 11:45pm :-D June even came downstairs to have some. Now I need cream-cheese so I can make icing for my lovely lemon-blueberry cake!~ To go with the cake we are getting haddock-bits! Cake, deep-fried fish, & James Bond for mah burthdai! So full of win ^_^ I wish I could get a screwdriver or some Malibu-with-pineapple juice...I cant afford to fritter my cash on booze though. I also tried to buy my ticket tonight but eventhough the cash is showing on my balance, I need to wait another business day.

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I made the rest of the cards today so I will drop them off at Endless Shores on my way to Dr.Sloma's office tomorrow. I also need to see my seamstress in the morning to get my Shun pants hemmed & a clasp on another pair fixed(if it was a button Id be alright. I can sew easy things like seams, but not much else...). Back to the cards though; I made 2 lupins, a boat, a kinda ugly moth butterfly, and a strawberry. I love the purple lupin card! If you dont know; purple is my favourite colour. I didnt have any patterns, I kinda just made-things-up as I went along. I like the results from when I do that the best. As I was told in college; I am a organic artist. My stuff is never perfect and thus has more life to it :-P

The wig that was for Leorio failed. I checked, and there is a costume shop up-the-line,so I will try to call tomorrow to inquire about a wig.

Im Craving California rolls like whoa! I wish I didnt live so rurally...I cant even make my own sushi as no place near-by has nori...

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