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lady_noremon ([personal profile] lady_noremon) wrote2010-09-20 01:00 am


Was having issues for the last few weeks with my Journal Layout. In IE & Chrome it would randomly scroll to the top while reading. I stopped reading my Friends' Page because of it. I finally decided tonight to try to tinker with it and get it working, or I would VERY REGRETABLY change my layout (it only seems to be happening with my own). I know many don't like my bright yellow Journal, but I have had it for years, and it always puts me in a good mood. How can you be pissy with cheery yellow? Even when I vent or what-not with it, it eases me. I also just plan still love it. I tried just removing the background image and it still was broke, so I set the alignment to center and now it is loading fine.

Hopefully it will stay fixed now!

And tomorrow/later today I go see Dr. Saxon again FINALLY. I've been having pain from my left back molar. It isn't fully erupted, and it is just starting to get a brown spot in the bit that it partly under the gum. He was away so I had to want almost a month to get in. I do not like going to the dentists because of the mistakes Dell and then Annapolis have made so I get -very- antsy when getting work donw on my teeth now. But Saxon seems like a nice guy. He is Douchette's dentist, and his mom is a perfectionist, so he ust be good. The filling he replaced is all snazzy, so I hope things go alright.

But I must head-off to bed to get up early D:

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