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This sounds so awesome I want to see it, too! =D
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I found video of it, but I still REALLY want to see it for myself!



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When the experiment is performed, the jelly baby bursts into flames and makes a screaming sound.

Now that is just nifty. ^^ (Morbidly amused? Moi? But of course.)

Out of curiosity, how on earth did you hear about this?
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One of the running-things in "Doctor Who" is The Doctor (atleast before 'new' Who) during tense times would go "Want a jelly baby?" and offer them to people. Well I was wondering if they were a UK!only sweet, so I searched them. On the Wikipedia article it mentioned "Screaming Jelly Babies", and I just COULDN'T resist finding-out more :D

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I've never heard the term 'jelly baby' (and didn't pay much attention to the candy isles in the UK beyond Cadbury's), but we do have gummy bears in the US and our German teacher use to give us Gummibärchen (the original German version).


Edit: I found this image ( while checking my spelling for 'Gummibärchen'.
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