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lady_noremon ([personal profile] lady_noremon) wrote2008-06-20 11:59 am
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Birthday Wishlist~

Originally posted:  May 15, 2008, 11:59

Yep I am bored so here is what I want for mah Burthdai:

Birthday Wishlist:

Interview With The Vampire DVD,
Yakitate!! Japan vol2,
Professor Layton & The Mysterious Village,
"Guide to The Camarilla",
Erasure The Hits! set,
Zinnian fanart/fanfic :3 [I want to commisson the lovely [profile] ahnjehleehn],
dev Lestat&Armadeo!Crack~,
my piercing,
new headphones (semi in-ear with headband...preferably sexy yellow & black),
a cheap in-tube watercolour set [or a G├╝mbacher one if I could since I heart them]

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