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2017-08-09 07:55 pm
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2017-07-07 07:32 am
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2017-04-18 04:16 am

Tabular Indent on DreamWidth!


Managed to get Tabular Indent installed as a layout on DreamWidth. I'm not actually moving, but it will help my reading of my Reading page more familiarly. Next job is making my Mood Theme for DreamWidth, or maybe even making a new one.

I used the raw source from InsaneJournal actually:
{ }

And used the guide from here to install it:
{ }

Also I had to replace all instances of "friends" [with the quotation marks!] with "read" [also in quotation marks]. I took the suggestion from here, even though I am using a different layout:
{ }

I eventually plan to get syndication or something up to post my LiveJournal entries there, once I've backed-up my time capsule of up to 2010 at another DreamWidth. The time capsule of before crap happened is why I haven't imported any entries since. It was like looking at the past Sarah. But I've edited and posted some entries there since, so it's the process of deleting the "new" ones at the back-up, and adding the changes before importing again to [personal profile] lady_noremon itself.

I didn't add people during the original big moves to DreamWidth. I only added back if they added me first. I didn't want to just be added as obligation because I was a hanger-on that we'd been friends for years so might as well keep me on since I added them on yet another service. So if you WANT to add me, I'm Lady_Noremon there too.


It's so bright and sunny it makes me feel better. And my ex' hated it. That's Gackt in the background if you're wondering just how damn old it is!

That Community is censored as it has a "no talking about it in public" membership rule.
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2013-12-02 05:55 am
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2010-09-15 02:19 am
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2010-09-04 11:03 pm
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♪Kukuruu Mountain~♫

Awesome "The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck" Killua & Gon cosplay :3
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2010-08-27 12:48 am
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"Ask me virtually anything":
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2010-08-06 10:03 am
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15,000 TWEETS~!

EDIT: [ profile] gargantsurprise has a cameo :O

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2010-07-26 04:56 am
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And here are 2 pictures I meant to share awhile ago

#EBz For my fellow Fallen Londoners, here is the old front pa... on Twitpic


The old main page of, I think it provided a good beginning tone for those who have not played "Echo Bazaar". So I am sharing it to everyone [I planned on showing it to Armadei, but they changed their main page so I had to upload it]

A drawing I made of my character: L.S. Cassius. Blocked on colour over a ArtRage pencil sketch.
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2010-07-23 05:34 am
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Finally got a Last.FM profile last night. Feel free to add me peeps:

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2010-06-10 07:32 pm
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This is a picture of the black forest cake I made from scratch for my mom's birthday :)


This is the recipe I used:

But I added about 50ml of cognac to it [2/3 to the batter and 1/3 to the cherry conserve]. I also only used 28oz of canned cherries, and made the remainder with cherries I pitted and boiled for a bit. I also used 2 grated Aero Dark bars for the sides, thus having a 4 layer cake.]
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2010-06-06 03:30 pm
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IWK Telethon for childrens` hospital

Call 1-800-595-2266 or go to to help out if you can! B.C. Childrens` Hospital is also having a telethon this weekend. But the IWK is local for me, and I was born at the old IWK Grace and have had to visit them many times.
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2010-05-29 02:42 am
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Erasure's "Star" live

I love this live version of "Star" and have had it stuck in my head all night/evening. I even broke into singing it a few times D: The beginning is hilarious too "♫twinkle twinkle little bat ♪"~
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2010-05-26 11:20 pm

"Blood of Dracula's Castle" clip via @benchilada

The synthetic blood bit reminded me of "True Blood".
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2010-04-25 11:32 pm

can't stay to talk long, but during Intermission:

I thought I'd post this:


I read it today, and it made me laugh hard. It's from the Windwaker koma manga :3 [scanlation found here]. Link is such a hero!~
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2010-04-13 11:55 pm
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2010-03-29 09:33 pm


Vote LAWRENCETOWN, NOVA SCOTIA for Kraft Hockeyville 2010!!!~

There are only 3 official ways to vote.:
♦-On this site ( ) from the voting modules
on the Kraft Hockeyville homepage and on the Top 5 Community pages.
♦-By SMS (text message). Text* the word ...“Vote” and the Community
name to 111888.
♦-Call our toll free number at 1-866-533-8066 and follow the
automated voice prompts

[Lawrencetown is where Douchette lives, and the next community over freom Bridgetown]
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2010-01-27 03:20 am

long overdue entry

I haven't read your e-mail yet, as I have to keep myself calm so I can pass my re-write tomorrow [and I am scared (I will get to it eventually)]. But I want to apologise. Also the Tracking Number is: "CX 278 716 451 CA" [it was sent on the 20th]


And I guess I should make a post about what I have been doing lately, since I haven't posted a real entry in over 6 weeks.

on Twitter ) 

So I haven't been checking/active on LiveJournal much at all in the past few months, but I want people to know it is not about not wanting to talk to any of you! I just don't know how to go about it. I am going to start being more active around here again though, just as soon as things get a little less busy.

on difficulty talking with text lately )
on my phone or how I do not recommend Bell-Aliant )
on breathing problems )

I also had a very good Christmas. I didn't over-eat this year~ Last year I ate way too much, and gained a lot of my weight back. My pants are a bit snug now, but I don't feel as bloated as I did in 2008. I ate so much because I missed most of Chistmas the year I was in college, and most of the good food that is avalible over the holidays. I got a graphics tablet, and a bunch of games [2 plus 6 months of RuneScape membership], and A LOT of Vancouver Canucks stuff. Avon had a set of NHL team glasses & bowls, so my mom got me a set of Canucks' ones. I think they are right cool~ I also got Christmas crackers this year. Last year I didn't get any, and finally got a box of party ones at Easter-time. They have become a kind of tradition with June, me, & Wendy. We open a box on Christmas Eve and on New Years' Eve :3 I like the popping sound the best, but I also love getting a real-life party hat [party hats are old, rare, and expensive items in RuneScape]

on video-games )

on 'Doctor Who' )
on the #Twubquiz and mail from QI )


But I should be getting to bed now, as it is later than I planned-on, and I need to go to a doctor's appointment and then rewrite my license test. And THEN hopefully I can get back with TELUS and be settled finally.

Ciao, and I hope not to disappear for another 6 weeks loves,

Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon

**what I imagive Google Wave must be like, though I have yet to activate my invite for it, as I heard it is really laggy, and I don't have a lot of RAM :(